Episode: 414- Tormented


Joel: Oh there's a marshmallow rainbow waiting for you, with kitties and doggies too.

Crow: And a Super Soaker 200, too and I just got ten dollars from Grandma, and I don't have to share it with no-one.

Tom: And we all get to go to the Bali Hai Drive-In in our pajamas, and watch the Star Wars triple feature dusk to dawn.

Joel: And my dad just became really good friends with Mike Connors of "Mannix" fame, and he's got me a triple-decker treehouse, and I'll swing down on my vine to my own zoo.

Crow: I'm having Libbyland dinners for breakfast, and King Vitaman for dinner, and the Good Humor truck rolled over in front of my house

Tom: And I live in the world of Super Mario Brothers, and we captured Rommel, and gave him to the President, and he gave me my own half-hour sitcom following "Cheers."

Crow and Tom: And there's no such thing as girls!

Joel: Oh, wait - I think you wanna think about that.

Tom: Hmn?

Joel: Whaddaya think, sirs?

[Deep 13]

Frank (believing he is unobserved): And Mister Dr. Clayton Forrester will switch trains at the trainyard and there will be a horrible accident, for which Dr. Forrester will be blamed -- posthumously, of course. And then the robots and I will become really good friends and we'll be roommates with triple bunk beds, and we will stay up all night talking about really cool stuff [Forrester enters left, drops live grenade on floor, exits right] and they'll think I'm really neat, and then I'll invite them over to my house [Frank notices grenade] and we' [to camera] Poopie!

[Button, love theme up, off-screen explosion, roll credits]