Episode: 519-OUTLAW

(with corrections by Justin Butela)

Tom: Say, fellas. There sure is a lot of skin in this movie, id'n't there?
Mike: There sure is!
Crow (as Jimmy Durante): Yet, despite all the acres of flesh, in this film I just can't come up with a word to describes it.
Tom: Well, I can!
Mike: You can?
Tom: Why sure! (singing)
It's breastakaboobical, chestakamammical,
pendular globular fun!
Mike: Fleshical orbulal, moundula, scoopula?
Tom: Right-o! That's the one!
Crow: Is it gluteal maximal, tushital crackular, bunular morning 'til night?
Tom: Well you're absotiglandular, fanny-fantastical, mastokafleshular right!
All: It's an arealogical autoerotical tubular boobular joy!
An exposular regional, batchical pouchular fun for girl and boy!
A litisimal dorsical, hung like a horsical, caliphyligical ball!
Crow: The most bunular funular!
Mike: Fruit of the loomular!
Crow: Frenchical tongular!
Tom: Wabitaboobular!
Mike: Movie of them alllllllllll!!!!!
Tom: Funular bunular, fruit of the loomular, frenchical tongular, wabitaboobular! Fleshical orbicle, smorgasti-boobular, tushobutt cheekular ball!
All: Hey!!!