Song: Merry Christmas, If That's Okay

Episode: 521-Santa Claus

(Mike & Bots in sweaters & scarfs with Christmas carol books...)

Mike: Crow, Tom and I have written and are going to perform an original Christmas Carol.
Crow: Uh, Mike, it's NOT just for Christmas It's for holidays of ALL faiths.
Tom: And don't call it a 'carol' because Carol is a woman's name and we want this to be all-inclusive.
Mike: Okay, why don't you hit it, Cambot? (Music starts)

Mike (singing):
Let us all now sing our praises to the Lord today!
Although you may not share our beliefs system
Which is perfectly OKAY

Maybe you worship an abstract being that is kind of vague
Or maybe you just worship a guy who's name is Greg

Perhaps your religion doesn't include a time called 'Lent'
But whatever your religion is, we support you 100 percent!

Mike (as Tom harmonizes):
So sit around the fire
And have a chestnut roast
Or raise a glass in toast

To Happy Day's Donnie Most!

But if you prefer to eat Indian food on Christmas Day
I can only shrug my shoulders and say "Namuste"

Crow (as Mike harmonizes):
Personally I prefer
Turkey, gravy and salad
But let's never forget

All cultures are valid!

Mike: So let's have peace on earth and cut out all the bull.
Crow: Moooooooo!
Mike: Let's have a holiday season that's multi-cultural.
Crow: If there's one point we'd like to make
With this festive holiday song
Tom: It's that Christmas comes
Just once a year
So for a few days
For crying out loud!
All: Can we all just get along?!?