Episode: 523- Village Of The Giants

Frank: Hi Mike. Hi Bots. Just called to say goodbye. You guys have been the best victims a fella could ever want. Thanks!

Mike: Ahh, Frank. We'll miss you too! But we'll always remember the good times!

Crow: In fact We HAVE remembered the good times Cambot, helped us. Hit it (music begins) TV's Frank - This one's for you!

Tom (spoken): This is going out to a very special friend
(singing) Frank, the sun never shone upon our love before, until there was Frank!

Crow: "Eeeyuck-guyeeu!" from me to you sweet floppy Frank. We've had a lifetime of Frank!

Mike: Endless Frank will always flow for all we know!

Tom: For all we know! Right from the first day I knew your name, I never knew love was the same!

Mike: Never knew love was the same!

Tom: Hopiní ta find sweet Frank on the line
Nothing but sweet loving Frank!

Crow: Because it's Frank!

Mike: Knowing that love could be Frank! If only the sun and the moon would collide to be Frank! Let me be frank about Frank!

Tom: Let me be frank about Frank!

Mike: Let me be frank about Frank!

Mike and Tom: Cause Frank is the best Frank that has ever happened to me!

Crow: (Crying) Please Please Don't go!

Tom: Nothing but sweet loving Frank (Music fades)

Mike: (spoken) Buh-Bye, Frank! You were enjoyed!

(Thanks to El Mystico for the corrections!)