Episode: 624- Sampson vs. The Vampire Women

Dr. F: Wait! I can't imagine. I shan't! Because it isn't true! But it is! Oh, this sucks! (music starts) Who'll be my guinea pig for my gene splicing? My fingernail transplants? My fajita? Who will I blame my mistakes on?! Who will I...Who will I kill? (singing):

I've destroyed and I've maimed and I've kicked him
Now I'm a bully with no victim
No adrenaline thrill no screams that are shrill
Who? Who will I kill?
I've crushed his head a few times
Memories like nursery rhymes
No one died like my TV's Frank
No sweet blood to distill
No cute tummy to drill
Who? Who will I kill?
When I look upon the first evening star
I remember when I hooked his liver to the engine of my car
I could pickle my Aunt Lil
Give my dog a cyanide pill
But what Frank-shaped void could they possibly fill?
Here's my money. You can bank it.
I'm no good without my Frank; it
Seems he could die
Without batting an eye
Now it seems I must take my own bitter pill
Tell me who? Who will I kill?

(Crying) Goodbye Frank! And remember, whereever you are, I WILL KILL you!