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Pearl: And now, a very special preview of a special pledge week special, we are so fortunate to present to you, our viewer, "Pearl, Pearl, Pearl, Pearl, Pearl."
[cuts to same PPTV background, dimmed light, Pearl is in green dress]

Pearl: When loving lovers love,
and loving love on wings of golden loving love we fly above
their love is such a soft and precious love, it's love
a loving love is all we seem to need when we're in loving love,
but then, it's gone, it is nothing but a memory

Observer: Memory
Pearl: Memory
Observer: Memory
Pearl: and then it's back, and loving lovers love again!
Observer: who knows where it flies
Pearl: the lustrous love must rise
Observer: into the endless skies
Pearl: a new day shining bright
Observer: Your heart has wings to fly
Pearl: and no one else can fly
Observer: I really can't say why
Pearl (uncertain, obviously out of lyrics): I really do like pie
Observer: I know a.... couple guys
Pearl: They really do like pie
Both: and loving lovers love as loving lovers love
Golden, shimmering, lustrous, lovely, loving, loving, love
[cut back to Pearl in pledge drive scene]

Pearl: Mm! what a performer. The lovely, leggy, Pearl Forrester
[Bobo jumps in front of camera]
Bobo: Hey, I can sing, too!
[stomps foot on the ground, sings off-key]
And now you find yourself in '82!
[Pearl pulls his head down and knees him in face]