Bit: 20s College Pranks

Episode 1003- Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders

Transcribed by Coolg82


(Mike is swallowing a goldfish)

Mike: Come on little guy you'll be fine. (Gulp. To Cambot.) Oh, Hi everyone. Welcome to the Satellite of Love. As you know, we like to be as trendy as possible up here, so lately we've gotten into 1920s college pranks. I'm taking care of swallowing goldfish and, uh, Servo here is, uh, stuffing phone booths. (To the right of Mike is a phone booth full of Servos)

Tom: (From inside phone booth) Ohh man, I got my face stuck in my own armpit here, why didn't anybody tell me I smell like gouda?

Mike: And, uh, Crow's into the old flag pole sitting, I better check on him. (To the left of mike is a flag pole which Crow is sitting on. Mike picks up a bull horn. Into bullhorn) How's it going up there, Crow?

Crow: (From the distance of the top of the flag pole.) I'm cold and I'm lonely. Haven't I set the record yet?

Mike: (Into bullhorn) Yes, if the old record was 37 seconds. Heh, Heh, Heh

Crow: (Still on flag pole) I just can't take it anymore. The isolation. I-I'm commin' down guys, I just gotta whoa, whoa,whoa, AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Mike: Be careful! look out! Gotten into some bad habits. We'll be right back.

Tom: (From in phone booth) Mike, can I borrow your Mitchum roll-on, please.

Mike: (Into bullhorn) Sure. (Servo winces, Mike pulls away bullhorn) Sure. (Crow still falling and screaming)