Bit: Singing along with the Final Justice Theme

Episode: 1008- Final Justice

Transcribed by Courtney Enlow, with an assist from Mike Richardson and Erika Riggio.

[In the theater]

(credits rolling, music playing)

Crow: Ah, you know, this music makes me wat to put a triangle over my privates and squirm around.
Mike: (laughing) Like in the movie?
Crow: Like what? What the hell are you talking about?
Mike: (laughs) Nevermind...
Crow: I want to put a triangle on my privates and squirm around.
MUSIC: You better run...
Crow: (singing)...Or he'll steal your lunch.
MUSIC: You better hide...
Tom: (singing) ...Your lunch.
MUSIC: You better run...
Mike: (singing) 'Cause he's got the runs.
Tom:...Or your lunch! (guitar playing)
Crow: Oh yeah.... play it! Listen to that guitar solo; it reminds me of Eric Clap... yeah, Eric Clap.
Mike: (sees name of the prostitute character) Hey, Joe Don's personal prostitute made it in the movie!
Crow: (singing) ...Take the roast and wrap it in bacon...
Tom: (singing) ...But there's potatoes on the side... whoo!
Crow: Yeah! Pass the gravy now!
Mike: You know, maybe we should lay off the food jokes guys.
Crow: Yeah. I guess it's not really fair to Joe Don Baker.
Mike: Yeah, I mean some people just metabolize slower that others...
Tom: (cuts him off) Meatballs fried in lard!
Crow: Alright Servo! Sorry Mike, all bets are off.
Mike: Oh come on now...
Crow and Tom: (chanting with music) Eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat. Munch, munch, munch, munch. Chew, chew, chew, chew. Gorge, gorge, gorge, gorge. Burp, burp, burp, burp. Stuff lots of food in your meat baby (?) face!
Mike: Oh now you guys prepared that!
Crow: C'mon, it's an obvious line Mike.
Tom: (singing) Pork chops, cream puffs, candy bars...
Crow: (singing) Meat sauce, Cheetos, Mallomars...
Tom: (singing) He won't stop 'til he eats it all!
Crow: Oh yeah!
Mike: Yeah, that's it. I'm going you guys. (gets up and exits) You and your food jokes...
Crow: (as Joe Don) Yeah! Gimme seconds baby!
Tom: (as Joe Don) Hey baby, you gonna finish that?
Crow: (as Joe Don) Anyone gonna eat that last piece of cake? 'Cause I will!
Tom: (as Joe Don) Ah! Somebody give me a napkin!
Crow: (as Joe Don) Hey, hey, hey... (normally) Hey, where'd Mike go?
Crow and Tom: Mike? Mike?
Crow: He ditched us! (leaves)
Tom: (struggling) What do I do?! Uh!