Bit: Music from Some Guys in Space

Episode: 303- Pod People

Transcribed by Jonathan Hogg


(Joel is standing by huge array of keyboards, Crow enters, holding sandwich)

Joel: Oh, hiya, Crow...
Crow: Oh hi, whatcha doing?
Joel: Oh, we were just inspired by the cool New Age music of this movie, so we decided to use the Wall O' Keyboards to make our own great new New Age music, you wanna help?
Crow: Sure, uh, what can I do?
Joel: Well, I could teach you how to play the keyboards
Crow: Will it take long?
Joel: No, of course not, come on over here. Here, check this out, okay, put your hand over here.
Crow: Okay.
Joel: Put your finger down, see?
Crow: Like that? (puts finger on a random key, a single note is heard) Oh!
Joel: Yeah, you're playing a New Age chord now, okay? Just like Yanni. Alright now, put another finger down.
Crow: Okay. (presses another random key, a second note plays with first one, and persists throughout the rest of the scene)
Joel: See, now you're playing a Yanni lick, now hold it down for an hour...
Crow: Yeah?
Joel: Now hold it down...until you get a record contract from Wyndham Hill!
Crow: OH, hey cool! Servo, check it out, it's my new New Age Yanni lick! Uh, Joel, hold down my new New Age Yanni lick, I gotta put my sandwich down.
Joel: Okay, got it. (holds it)
Crow: This music's kind of dull, isn't it?
Joel: Yeah, but it's a good way to make a lot of money without a big initial investment. (lights dim, "music" swells, Cambot zooms in on Tom Servo)
Tom: (clears throat loudly) Okay... (in laid back DJ voice) And now, "Music From Some Guys In Space." Tonight on "Music From Some Guys In Space," more fine new New Age music and sounds from super-progressive Bay Area New Age keyboardist, Joel Robinson. Joel will be accompanied on the Wall O' Keyboards by veteran minimalist Crow T. Robot. We invite you to sit back and enjoy more repetitive New Age music, as we cruise the spaceways. Come along, fellow travelers, and enjoy "Music...From...Some Guys...In Space.

(Movie sign lights and claxons begin, we can see that Crow has fallen asleep)

Joel: Hey, we got movie sign, you guys!
Tom (Shatner voice): It's...Movie time...on...Emergency 911! A duck...with an arrow through it's neck...
Joel: Tom, you're stuck in Shatner mode! Come on, snap out of it! Crow, wake up!

(all scream, head into theater)