Bit: School Lunch Time

Episode: 312- Gamera vs. Guiron

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(Crow and Servo with open lunch boxes)
Crow: ...No, I can't eat cheese. It blocks me up like you wouldn't--(realizes they are on the air. To Cambot.) Uhh..Hi, there. Crow T. Robot here with Tom Servo on the Satellite of Love and were about to enjoy our lunches our moms or dads made for us. Joel's down in the galley cause Gypsy's on a hot lunch program so he's making her a sloppy joe and tater tots.
Magic Voice: Commercial sign in 30 seconds. Recess is at 1:00.
Crow: And Servo's trying to palm off his crummy bologna and cheese on white bread for my chicken leg. (To Tom.) Nothing doing. Tommy!
Tom: OK, forget the sandwich, what else you got in there?
Crow: Uhh..lets see. Peanut butter and gamey horsemeat..uh. half an apple..bag of barbecue ram chips and Oh, one of those jock shakes. Hey, whole stick of butter in every can.
Tom: No, no, no. I can't have that. My dad says I'm too husky so I got one of those fat free creamy snack loaves. Yuck, it tastes like a chocolate covered urinal cake.
Magic Voice: Commercial sign in 15 seconds.
Crow: Hey, what's that piece of paper?
Tom: What? no..nothing
Crow: Hey, c'mon. It's a note from your Mom, right?
Tom: Maybe.
Crow: What's it say? What's it say?
Tom: Okay, okay, it says 'I love you, you make me so proud' Okay? Are you satisfied? (Starts crying.)
Magic Voice (sighs): Aww..Commercial sign in 5...4...3...2....commercial sign now.
Crow: Servo you dont have a mother.
Tom: WHAT? NO! (cries loudly)