Bit: New Mexican American Food

Episode: 319- War of the Colossal Beast

Transcribed by David Boyle


Joel: Hey. Hi, everybody, welcome to the Satellite of Love. I'm Joel Robinson and these are my bloods Tom Servo and Crow.
Tom: Yo.
Crow: Word.
Joel: And we decided to take the prefixes, root words, and suffixes of Mex-American food, add some new food types, mix 'em all up and do what Madison Avenue does and find a whole new way to love the same old crap.
Crow: Yeah, like the pundits say: Invent a new type of Mexican junk food, and the world will make a run for your border.
Joel: Right. Check this one out, ok?
Tom: Oh, look. Spicy, peachy, battered chonga. Oh, that would be a spicy, lightly battered peach in a delicious, chewy chonga.
Crow: What the hell is a 'chonga?'
Joel: Hey. Leave him alone. He's just getting into it. Try this one, Crow.
Crow: Oh. Uh--Chickeny, Gatorade-arita. Crispy, dead chicken; Gatorade marinade. All wrapped in a tasty, toasty, tacorita pita.
Tom: Ooo--Ok. What do we have here? Bel Grande, cheesy-
Joel: Did we use 'cheesy' yet?
Tom: Yeah...uh--no. It's right there. Beefy, blue-steak taco. Oh good, we're on a roll! Bel rocco, poco, loco, rococco-
Joel: I'm runnin' out of room.
Tom: That's ok. Keep flowin' with a taco!
Crow: Ooo! It's coco moco good!
All: Ole!
Magic Voice: (annoyed) Oh-lay off. Commercial sign in fifteen seconds.
Joel: Oh, well here's my favorite one right here. Check this out. Beefy, peanut buster bel grande.
Tom: Yuck!
Crow: Oh, you get a MSTie misdemeanor for that beater.
Joel: All right-a
Tom: All rita!
Joel: Good-night-a!


Joel: This one's the Pat Morita Fajita.
Tom: Oh, that's cute.
Joel: And then there's the Maria Conchita Alonzarito.
Tom: Cute. Cute.
Joel: And here's one of my favorites: The Emperor Hirohito-rito. (Crow and Tom chuckle.) And the Curly Joe Dorito. And lets not forget the Ed Herlihy-to-ito Dorito.
Tom: Made with fine, Kraft jet-puffed, miniature marshmallows. He he he. Oh say, Joel, why do Americans rename Mexican food dishes?
Joel: Oh, it's just part of the American. Turning a neighboring country, rich in culture and beauty, into a goofy appetizer. Oops, I think the Mads are calling.