Satellite News -- Ward E -- Bit512d

Bit: Buzz off, Kid!!

Episode: 512- Mitchell

[in the theater]

(Kid approaches Mitchell's car on a skateboard)

Joel: Adam Rich!

Crow: Oh...(groaning sound in his voice)

Kid: Hi.

Mitchell: Hi.

Kid: Are you the man from the insurance?

Mitchell: Nope.

Kid: He came last night.

Mitchell: Yeah?

Kid: My mother doesn't like you.

Mitchell: I don't like your mother.

Kid: Why not?

Mitchell: Why not?

Kid: No, why not?

Mitchell: No, why not?

Kid: Why are you repeating what I'm saying?

Tom: Tonight on "Crossfire"...

Mitchell: Why are you repeating what I'm saying?

Kid: I'm not.

Mitchell: Well, I'm not.

Kid: You are. (Joel sighs and leans forward as if to lay down on his arms.)

Mitchell: Buzz off.

Kid: What?

Mitchell: What?

Kid: What did you say?

Mitchell: What you say?

Kid: Did you say something?

Tom (screaming in exasperation): Aaaaahhhh!!!

Mitchell: You say something?

Kid: You said buzz off.

Mitchell: You're lying through your teeth.

Kid: You're lying through your teeth.

Mitchell: Buzz off, huh?

Kid: Buzz off!

Mitchell: Buzz off, kid!!

Crow (as kid gets on his skateboard and "buzzes off"): The inspiration for cop and a half...