Bit: Gutter-Bumber-Shoot

Episode: 513- The Brain that Wouldn't Die

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(Mike and the bots are taking a breather from training Mike. The red light goes off.)

Crow: You seem pretty non-chalant.
Mike: I've achieved a state of clear.
Tom: Well, anyways, the mads are calling.
Mike: So do we just hop to it? Let 'em wait!
Crow: Really? Radical! (Mike casually caresses the button, and finally he presses it.)

[Deep 13]

Dr. F: So, Mr. Nelson! Mr. El Relaxo. That's nice. Maybe I'll just have you do your...(suddenly shouting) INVENTION EXCHANGE FIRST! FIRST! DO YOU HEAR ME?? FIRST!!
Mike (unperturbed): Great!
Tom: Good luck, buddy!
Crow:: Take it away, Mark.
Mike: It's Mike.
Crow: Whatever.
Mike: Anyway, I've always been annoyed by umbrellas, the way the water just washes off and gets you back all wet anyway.
Tom: I didn't know that about umbrellas!
Mike: That's right. So I've added a gutter system around the outside edge, and a spout leading down.
Crow: Toward your shoes. (Gypsy looks behind Mike.)
Tom: Crow!
Gypsy: Great Scott! He's right!
Mike: No, no, no, no. I've got that covered too. You just point it out the back.
Tom: Well, look at that! This is a good idea! Simple...
Crow: Definitely simple!
Tom: But good!
Gypsy: Can you make me one?
Mike: Sure.
Tom: Hey, attago, man! Whaddaya call it?
Mike: Uh, how about the gutter...
Crow: Bumber?
Mike: Shoot.
Tom: Hey gutter-bumbershoot, I like that. (Chanting) Gutter-bumbershoot! Gutterbumbershoot! Hey! (Crow and Gypsy join in) Gutter-bumbershoot! Hey! Bum-Bumba Gutterbumbershoot! Gutterbumbershoot! Whoo-hoo! (Mads start calling again but Mike again doesn't care.)