Bit: Mike Shares

Episode: 513- The Brain that Wouldn't Die

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Mike: So, the guy seeks out the woman with the scar and begs her to trust again, when all along he plans to take her head off with a bow saw.
Tom: That's about the size of it.
Mike: So, then, the director's whole point, if I'm not mistaken, is, in this often cold and lonely world, don't reach out for love and human understanding, or you'll only become part of a grisly lab experiment.
Crow: Well, I think you're selling it short, Mike. There's also the strong anti-women message.
Tom: But, mostly it is a celebration of betrayal.
Crow: Right, right.
Tom: But don't lose hope!
Crow: Noooo--no, no.
Tom: You can trust us!
Crow: Yeah! I mean, we don't know you that well., Mike.
Tom: Enough to say, "Hi" in the hallway.
Crow: Right. But you can trust us.
Tom: All the way!
Crow: In fact, why don't you share something with us right now?
Tom: Oh, perhaps an embarrasing moment!
Crow: Oh yeah! A shameful thing you may have done or said.
Tom: It's up to you, of coarse.
Crow: You'll feel better.
Mike: You think so?
Tom: I know so.
Mike: Well, there is this time when I was nine years old and I went on a walk-a-thon for some charity.
Crow (indulgently): Oh, sure you did.
Mike: It was a 21-mile route from Batavia to St. Charles, and uh...
Tom: Go on...
Mike: But, it ended up at a McDonald's, and the plan was to call home, cause I was still miles away. Well, I wasn't thinking and I, uh--I uh, spent my phone money on an ice cream cone for myself and my mom, and I was too shy to ask anyone to use the phone so I just started walking.
Crow: Of course, you did.
Mike: Well, I stopped along the way 'cause I had to go to the bathroom, but it was at a gas station and you needed a key, and I was too shy to ask anyone for the key and so...
Tom: Yes, Mike?
Mike: Well...
Crow: You wet 'em, didn't you, Mike? (Mike nodds.)
Mike: Yeah. So, I had to walk home with wet pants and by the time I got there the ice cream cone had melted anyway, and I cried.
Tom:, Mike. That took courage to tell that story. (everyone sighs) HEY GYPSY YOU MIGHT WANNA GRAB A RAG IN CASE OL' FAITHFUL HERE BLOWS AGAIN! (Tom leaves while laughing.)
Crow: Hey Tom, grab Rusty Zipper there and let's get back into the theather! (Crow leaves while laughing.)
Mike (to Cambot): This isn't going to be that easy.
Tom (offstage): Don't stand under him! (Bots continue laughing.)
Mike: We'll be right back.