Bit: Gypsy's Shower

Episode 613- The Sinister Urge

Transcribed by: (I didn't save your name! Sorry!)


(The bridge is decorated with streamers and balloons. Over the door is a sign that says “CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES ON YOUR SHOWER.” Wrapped presents are sitting on the desk).

(Mike, Tom, and Crow are laughing)

Mike: Hi everyone, welcome to the Satellite of Love, where Tom and Crow have planned something that is apparently lovely!

Crow: Oh and darling and just so lovely!

Mike: That’s right! (Calls off screen) Oh Gypsy!!

(Gypsy comes in)

Crow (to Gypsy): We’re giving you a shower!

(Gypsy is quite surprised.)

Tom: Oh look, she’s surprised, isn’t that just darling?

Gypsy: I’m not getting married…and (confused)…am I pregnant?

Crow: Oh Gypsy, every woman gets a shower and it’s just so lovely!

Gypsy: Well, I’m pretty sure I’m a woman…

Crow (giggles): Open that one first Mike, it’s from me! Doesn’t she look lovely?

Mike: It’s… (opens it up and takes out the contents, a pair of pinking shears) pinking shears!

Gypsy: Oh! Thank you, how very thoughtful, and lovely!

Tom: Oh, those are just darling crow! (Mike takes another present and shakes it) OK, this is from me…

Mike: And it is… (opens present, which is again, pinking shears) pinking shears!

Gypsy: Oh! Oh!

Crow: Just like mine! How darling and lovely!

Tom: Well yeah, Gypsy! I saw that Crow got you the same thing, and that gave me the idea!

(All laugh)

Mike (getting another present): OK, this one is from Cambot, and it is (opens it up, it’s pinking shears, again!) pinking shears!

Gypsy: Oh! I can get pinky! (laughs briefly)

Mike: OK though (gets the last present), Tom and Crow went on one more…

Gypsy: Oh let me guess, let me guess!!! (pause) Pinking shears?

Mike (looks in it): Nope…

Gypsy: Oh…

Mike (realizes): Oh I guess it is! (commercial sign flashes) Pinking shears! (removes the contents of the box, none other than pinking shears!).

(Gypsy laughs)

Crow: Well Tom saw them and I had to agree!

Tom: How lovely and darling!

Mike (playing with the pinking shears): Pink, pink…