Bit: Frank the Bomber Attacks

Episode 613- The Sinister Urge

Transcribed by: (I didn't save your name! Sorry!)


(Mike and ‘bots are about to leave
, when an explosion rocks the SOL.)

Mike: Whoa!

Crow: Whoa!

Tom: Whoa!

Crow: What was that?

Mike: What the heck was that?

(door sequence)

(SOL bridge)

(Smoke floods the SOL bridge. Mike, Crow, and Tom come in coughing due to the smoke.)

Tom (partly garbled): Wha happa?

Mike: Some sort of an explosion! Doesn’t seem to be much damage though.

Crow: Uh, looks like a bomb was sent up through the Umbilcus! Uh, you don’t think that…

(telephone ringing off screen)

Crow: Uh…

(camera pans to view a pay phone to the right of the theater door)

Mike (surprised): Since when did we get a pay phone?

Crow: Oh, you know, I had that put in. There have been a lot of personal calls lately. I’m not naming any names…

Tom: Shut your pie hole Crow, we’ve got bigger things to worry about!

Mike (takes receiver from phone and answers): Hello?

Frank: (through phone, sinister sounding): Hello Nelson. Did I catch you at a bad time? I’ve heard about your…explosive temper, hahahaha! Did you get the little present I sent up? It’s a little preview of what I’m going to do to Deep 13!

Mike (disgusted): Frank! You stop your terrorist activities right now!

Frank: (through phone): Tisk, tisk, Nelson! That’s not how the game is played! You forgot it is I who make the rules! You know Nelson, you and I are quite alike really!

Mike: Oh Frank, would you put Doctor Forrester on, please?

(Deep 13)

(We focus on Frank with a cordless phone)

Frank: Dr. Forrester? Oh, he can’t come to the phone right now. He’s a little (camera zooms out, showing Dr. F, tied to a chair with bundles of dynamite tied to him.) tied up at the moment, hahahahahaha! (Dr. F struggles to get out and get at Frank) Now, now, behave Doctor, hehe! I must say, Forrester, you really are quite a piece of work, hahaha…

Dr. F: Frank, if you don’t cut it out, I’m gonna kill you!

Frank: No Doctor Forrester, it is ‘you are going to kill me!’ Hahahahahahaha! You’re stuck here!

Dr. F: Frank, you’re going to blow up Deep Thirteen, aren’t you? (Frank nods) Could I use the phone for just a sec?

Frank: Doctor Forrester, I must say, you are a worthy adversary! (Gives Dr. F the phone) Here, take the phone! Have a nice chat! Then…you will die!

Dr. F: Oh, thank you! (starts talking on phone) Mike, Crow, Servo, how are you doing?

Mike (through phone): Uh, well we’re fine Doctor Forrester, how are you?

Dr. F: Oh I’m fine, fine. Oh say, could you do me just the teensiest little favor?

Mike (through phone): Uh, sure, what is it?

(SOL bridge)

Dr. F (through phone): HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!!! (Mike, Crow, and Tom are startled)

Tom: Wow!

Mike: Well, well, what about that, huh? Doctor Forrester’s asking for our help.

Tom: huh.

Crow: If Frank goes through with his plan that means no more mad scientist!

Tom (enthusiastically): Which means no more evil experiments!

Mike (enthusiastically): Which means no more Deep 13!

Crow: Which means no way we can ever, ever get down to Earth!

Tom: Which eventually means no more Satellite of Love!

Mike: Which means no more…(realizes what will happen)

Mike, Tom and Crow: Uhhhhhhhh (all three faint)

(commercial sign flashes)

Crow (getting back up): We’ve got to help Doctor Forrester save Deep 13! Uh, uh, uhhhhhhh… (faints again)