Bit: Is It 11:30 Yet?

Episode 621: The Beast Of Yucca Flats

Transcribed by Ben Wink


(Mike is reading a book and Crow comes over.)

Crow: Uh, lunch is at 11:30, right Mike?

Mike: Yeah. Yup.

Crow: So is it 11:30 Mike?

Mike: (Checks watch) No. (Long pause)

Crow: Now is it 11:30?

Mike: No.

Crow: Well how soon to 11:30 is it?

Mike: Oh, you don't wanna know. (Long pause in which Crow makes squeaky noises)

Crow: It has to be 11:30 now.

Mike: It is so not 11:30.

Crow: (Sighs) It can't not be 11:30.

Mike: It couldn't be less 11:30. (Long pause. Crow hums that Yum Diddy Tee Tee Hooah Hooah ditty.)

Crow: Is it almost 11:30 noooowww?

Mike: It is so not 11:30.

Crow: You can't tell me it's not 11:30 yet.

Mike: It has never been less 11:30 than it is right now. (Long pause. Crow sighs and looks around.)

Crow: Is it 11:30, Mike?

Mike: Ah, it's completely 11:30.

Crow: Awhoo! (Dashes off comes back with a sandwich) Hah hah. (Munches) MmmphÉah...mmph, when will it be 11:30 again Mike?

(Movie Sign goes off)

Mike: (Flustered) Well, we just went through thisÉohÉIÉwe've got Movie Sign. Take your sandwich and comeÉ

Crow: Whooagh!