Bit: Crow Goes Hollywood, Part 2

Episode 704- The Incredible Melting Man

Transcribed by Tim Walsh


(Papers litter the counter, as well as a plate of bagels. Mike is wearing a Kevin Bacon nametag, and Servo is humming "Are You Happy In Your Work" from "I Accuse My Parents.")

Crow: OK, listen up everyone. Our film execs, Pearl and Clay, thought it would be a good idea to use a small 45% of the budget and take a shuttlecraft up here and have a little script confab.

Mike: It's a one-page script, can't we handle this b--

Crow: Aw, button it, meat puppet, or I'll make sure you can't even get a job in TV when this is over.

Tom: Woo!

Crow: Pull the middle out of those bagels. (Mike digs the bread out of the bagels as the shuttlecraft docks) Aah, they're here! Clay! Pearl! Welcome! (walks off-screen)

Pearl: (off-screen) Uh-huh, sure, whatever. We've got a busy day. What have you got for us?

Crow: (off-screen) Well, to start, why don't we grab a seat and I'll just nip off for some Pellegrinos. (We hear him exit the ship. Pearl and Dr. F approach the counter with papers and a bigger water bottle.)

Tom: Heh-heh. Hi.

Mike: How was the--did you have a good flight up here?

Tom: Introduce me.

Mike: Oh, right. Clay, Pearl, have you met Tom Servo?

Pearl: No. Let's go.

Mike: Uh, OK, great.

Tom: Start with page 1A, with the script changes.

Pearl: Uh, I don't have 1A, I just have 1. Did you guys fax us the changes? (looks to Dr. F who shrugs.)

Tom: Yeah, sent those off a while ago.

(For the next minute or so, they all take at once, confusedly, as they exchange papers, trying to get eveything in order. Eventually, they seem all set, but Pearl's beeper goes off and she looks at it.)

Pearl: OK, people, we've got a screening to get to. Great meeting, I really think we're getting there. (They leave and Crow reappears.)

Crow: Hey, wait!

Mike: We got commercial sign.

Crow: We'll call you!

Tom: Great meeting.