Bit: Mike is the Gesture Professor

Episode: 803- The Mole People

Transcribed by Brian Lafferty


Crow: Alright, hit me.
Tom: I can't. My arms don't work.
(Hexfield light flashes)
Tom: Oh, Mike. Someone's calling from the Hexfield.
Mike: Could you get it? I'm super awfully busy right now.
Tom: Alright, I'm your slave. (Hits the button with his head. Hexfield opens with Mike dressed as a professor and a drawing of layers of the Earth.)
Mike (In a deep voice): Hi, it's me the gesture professor from the beginning of the movie. We're going down, down, down...
Tom: Uh, Mike.
Mike: No, it's me, the gesture professor... (Bots go over to where Mike is standing.)
Tom: Mike, stop. Mike, stop!
Crow: Mike, I'm a guy seeing you do this impression. Where do I...laugh? Mike, what makes this funny to *me*?
Mike: (embarrased) I don't know. (suddenly angry and defensive) Well, you guys get to do your funny things like your creemhorns and your crumhorns and I don't say a word about one. Then I try to add a little levity and you jump all over me.
Crow: Maybe you're right, Mike. But, come to us with that stuff. Talk to us. 'Cause this, this, this...this is no good.
Tom: So you wanna finish your little skit honey?
Mike: No.
Tom: Now give me a hug. (Mike hugs Servo) Now say you're sorry to Crow.
Mike: Sorry, Crow.
Tom: Now, why don't you sit here and think about it for a while. (they leave, Mike pouts)

(Commercial sign button flashes)

Mike: We'll be right down, down, down...

Tom and Crow: (from off camera) MIKE!!