Bit: Games with the Space Children

Episode: 811- Parts: The Clonus Horror

Transcribed by Brian Lafferty


Crow: Huh, I wonder what's going on down there.
Tom: Oh, maybe they're down on their butts playing Candyland.

[Camping Planet]

Darlene: One, two, three.
Buddy: Grandma Pearl, I have to go.
Pearl: I am not your grandma and besides, going is for babies. (Observer secretly moves his piece, but Darlene catches him)
Darlene: Hey, you moved that, I saw Uncle Brain Guy!
Observer: Can you back that up, Shrimp?
Darlene (beginning to hex him): Nanana boo boo, you're in the chocolate lake.
Observer: All right, all right, I'm in the chocolate lake! My own personal hell!
Darlene: Hey, Uncle Brain Guy? Why do you always carry that salad bowl with a wrinkled ball in it?
Observer: Because I don't like you.
Buddy: Grandma Pearl, it's your turn. (Darlene begins to cry)
Pearl: Well Grandma Pearl says it's butt-kicking time. (Camera pans to Scooter and Bobo, who are playing catch.)
Bobo: We're sure having some fun, aren't we sport? Let's throw Bobo the ball. (Scooter throws the ball hard, directly at Bobo's crotch. He winces in pain.) Oh, jeez. You hit tante Bobo right in the upper thigh.
Scooter: Throw me again, Tante Bobo.
Bobo: You delightfull moppet. (Throws it back.) Here we go again. (Scooter throws it right at the same spot. Bobo doubles over in pain.) Oh, right in the tender middle.
Scooter: You're fun, Tante Bobo!
Bobo: Well, Tante Bobo has to go see...Uncle Reconstructive Urologist (falls down).