Bit: Suggestions for Japan

Episode: 819- Invasion of the Neptune Men

Transcribed by Brian Lafferty


(Crow is standing next to a suggestion box while Mike and Servo walk in.)
Crow: Hey, Mike, how are you doing. Oh, hi Servo.
Mike: Hey, Crow, what are you up to?
Crow: Well, I noticed the suggestion box was full.
Mike: Hey, I didn't know we had a suggestion box.
Crow: Oh, well I suggested that we get one. Anyway, Mike, I've been looking at the suggestions that I have filled the suggestion box with and I couldn't help but notice that all these suggestions are for Japan.
Tom: Oh, yeah, sure.
Crow: Yeah, yeah, look (reading a suggestion): "Japan, please stop making movies". I might want to think about that.
Mike: Hey, that's really good. Can I read one?
Crow: Sure.
Mike (reading a suggestion): "Japan, please reconsider cartoon gun-toting, big-eyed, prepubescent blondes as your national hero." Like Sailor Moon.
Tom: Grab me one of them bad boys (reading a suggestion): "Dear Japan, maybe it's just me and the rest of the world, but huge fat men hitting stomachs is not a sport."
Crow: Hey, food for thought, eh?
Mike: You know, Crow, you don't have to take it out on the whole country just because you had to sit through a bad movie.
Crow: You know, Mike, not all of these suggestions are for Japan. I took the liberty of penning a suggestion for Luxembourg. Here it is now (reading a suggestion): "Luxembourg, please get down on your bony European knees and thank your lucky stars that you're not Japan."
Mike: Crow, now--
Crow (interrupting, looking peeved): Hey, are you from Luxembourg?
Mike (hesitating): Uh, no.
Crow (yelling furiously): Then shut up! Anyway, Luxembourg.