Satellite News -- Ward E -- Bit820c

Bit: The Bots Bulk Up

Episode 820- Space Mutiny

Transcribed by Colin


(Crow and Mike are standing on the bridge. Crow is standing behind the desk in a workout shirt with one arm raised in a flex position. There is a tiny bump on his upper arm.)
Crow: So, so whaddaya think? Am I buff or what? Am I blue, twisted, cold-rolled steel or what?
Mike (apprehensive): You sure you've lifted already? You're not planning to lift at some future date? Ah! Nope, I see it, I see it... Your arm goes along and then there's a little bump there...
Crow: Nah, there's this little ripped bicep you mean! Poindexter Crow, you're gone! No more the pathetic weenie to be pushed around at will.
Mike: Yeah, great... (to Cambot) Hey, Cambot, why don't you zoom in there with a macro lens? Maybe we can get a shot of that...
Crow: (cutting him off) You don't need no macro lens, Nelson! I am superbly buff and that's that. (Tom enters. He has huge arms and his hoverskirt is massive.)
Tom: (clears his throat--deep voice) Hey, Mike, can I get a spot over here, man?
Mike: (surprised) Uh, Servo... You're, uh...
Tom: (deep voice) Yeah, I know. I've got eight arms and a colossal tuckass, and all this from one leg press! I am quite susceptible to bulking up.
Mike: Well, maybe you've done enough for one day then there...
Tom: (deep voice) Well, probably, but I'm addicted now. If I don't lift, I die... So if I, I could get a spot over here?
Mike: (mimicing Tom's deep voice) Yeah, sure, no problem man. First I gotta talk to Pearl though, alright?
Tom: Yo. (exits)
(Mike hits the button)
Crow: See, see I was going for tone... (Tom grunts as he benches offcreen)