List: Other Shorts

Episode 514- Teenage Strangler (with short: Is This Love?)

The name of the transcriber of this item has been lost. If this was yours, let me know.

(Mike and the bots prepare to leave the theater, they happen to notice, during the credits of the short, a series of titles about marriage and love, this inspires riffing !)

Tom: (Right off the credits) How Much Affection?

Crow: (Again, off the credits) When Should I Marry?

Mike: Know Your Ointments.

Tom: What's That Down There?

Crow: When He Wants It Rough.

Mike: Procreation, Not Recreation.

Tom: Oh, No! Pleasure!

Crow: McClintock!

(For those who are curious, here is the rest of the films the short listed.

  • Family Portrait
  • It's A Date
  • Seeing Double
  • With This Ring
  • Future In Hand