List: Riffs about the Preppie-looking guy

Episode 815: Agent For H.A.R.M.

Transcribed by Matrixgirl04K10

Mike: Dad! Dad! I passed the bar!

Mike: Yeah, Dad, let's make a shaker or a martini.

Crow: Marmy, old chum!

Tom: Mm, good as done, old foot.

Mike: Better be careful running with a gun; wouldn't want to put a lead pill in the family jewels.

Tom: TTFM!

Mike: *gasp* Oh, mummery! Posh and bother!

Tom: Pops, there's a man giving the squish-squash to the old wind tube.

Mike: Damn, that puts a crease in the old Wescott, doesn't it?

Tom: Uh, I think it may be Wednesday before I can get the suit back, no, no, maybe ThursdayÉ

Crow: Say, the old top-knot seems to be in flames, old trench.