List: Tom Servo's Favorite Host Segments, Volume 1

1. Tom hits on a blender; 103- MAD MONSTER

2. For the Mads' new neighbors from Deep 12, M&TB present topical comedy show: "Supercalifragilisticexpeali-wacky!"; 617- THE SWORD AND THE DRAGON

3. Invention exchange: Cartoon eyeglasses, screaming cotton candy; 108- THE SLIME PEOPLE

4. The United Servo Academy Men's Chorus performs; 612- THE STARFIGHTERS

5. "The Godzilla Genealogy Bop"; 213- GODZILLA VS. THE SEA MONSTER

6. Dr. F. interviews Torgo; 523- VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS

7. Invention exchange: Radio controlled circular saw, Dr. F.'s head is fused to a sax; 203- JUNGLE GODDESS

8. Throwing pop singers from a lighthouse; 414- TORMENTED

9. Song: "Tibby"; 302- GAMERA

10. Nuveena pops in; 524- 12 TO THE MOON

11. Song: "Hike Your Pants Up"; 307- DADDY-O

12. Dr. F. makes the bots pretentious poseurs; 606- THE CREEPING TERROR

13. Trooper Tom presents: "Why Don't They Look?"/Hypno-helio-static-stasis; 520- RADAR SECRET SERVICE

14. Snacks in space; 404- TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE

15. Crow and Tom are looking at Christmas catalogs; 321- SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS

16. Crow shoots his movie; 704- THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN

17. Dr. F. leads a focus group; 704- THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN

18 The "guess Kathy's emotions" game; 516- ALIEN FROM L.A.

19. Crow and Tom's wedding ends in chaos; 616- RACKET GIRLS

20. Too much wrestling, letters, Lisa Loeb gets into Deep 13; 616- RACKET GIRLS

21. Hugh Beaumont visits on the Hexfield; 208- LOST CONTINENT

22. Crow has new hair--and calf and hinder implants; 703- DEATHSTALKER AND THE WARRIORS FROM HELL

23. Song: "Oh, Kim Catrell!"; 403- CITY LIMITS

24. Decorating with phones; 701- NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST

25. Invention exchange: Tank tops, tickle bazooka; 204- CATALINA CAPER

26. Joel gives Crow and Tom new arms, the Jet Jaguar fight song is translated, the Mads are playing video games; 212- GODZILLA VS. MEGALON

27. 5000-piece fightin' men & monster set; 304- GAMERA VS. BARUGON

28. Invention exchange: Cellulite phone, miracle baby growth formula; 306- TIME OF THE APES

29. The mads are fighting; 315- TEENAGE CAVEMAN

30. Song: "Danger to Myself And Others"; 406- ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES

31. Invention exchange: Atomic powered hair dryer, razor-back; 515- WILD, WILD WORLD OF BATWOMAN

32. Dr. F. sends a matter transference device to the SOL during an ion storm. It's "Mirror-Mirror" time!; 611- LAST OF THE WILD HORSES

33. The bots are shown what it would be like to live with a Crash Test Dummy, then they are shown what it would like to live with the Frugal Gourmet, these are, oddly, followed by the first segment in this group, in which they see what it would be like if Mike wasn't nice; 608- CODE NAME: DIAMOND HEAD.