List: Tom Servo's Favorite Host Segments, Volume 3

1. Crow's mission to Deep 13 ends in failure; Mexican festival with a Dr. F. piñata, letter, Dr. F. has a Frank piñata 615- KITTEN WITH A WHIP

2. Song: "Sidehackin'"; 202- THE SIDEHACKERS

3. At Auntie McFrank's bed and breakfast, Dr. F. demands that M&TB provide some "local color"--and soon regrets it; tea time in Deep 13623- THE AMAZING TRANSPARENT MAN

4. Invention exchange: Candy adding machine, water-polo foosball; 205- ROCKET ATTACK USA

5. Coming out of the robot closet; 420- THE HUMAN DUPLICATORS

6. Mr. B. Natural: man or woman?; Drowsy from movie, letters with Glen and Frank shot at again; 319- WAR OF THE COLOSSAL BEAST

7. Pearl is sick, and M&TB make things worse as a fast food restaurant; 703- DEATHSTALKER AND THE WARRIORS FROM HELL

8. Song: "My Wild Irish Ireland"; 516- ALIEN FROM L.A.

9. The meaning of the Hercules movies; 408- HERCULES UNCHAINED

10. Ed Sullivan presents "Gaos the Great"; 308- GAMERA VS. GAOS

11. Servo builds a death ray for peaceful purposes, but can't resist using it on Crow; Crow's designs for sunglasses seem a bit woman-ey; 620- DANGER! DEATH RAY

12. The golden age of the "doughy guy"; The first deli in space; 522- TEEN-AGE CRIME WAVE

13. Invention exchange: Boil-in-a-bag IVs, pop-up books for adults; Song: "Master Ninja Theme Song!", letter, Frank turns the tables on Dr. F. 322- MASTER NINJA I

14. Men's night on the SOL; Dr. F. has a plan to boost ratings: Timmy Bobby Rusty; 705- ESCAPE 2000

15. Mike demonstrates chin puppetry; 518- THE ATOMIC BRAIN

16. Joel gets a haircut; 105- THE CORPSE VANISHES

17. J&TB concoct the Killer Shrew drink; The shrewbots attack scientist Joel, letter, Frank isn't feeling good; 407- THE KILLER SHREWS

18. Dr. F. tries pin-point cigarette marketing; 603- THE DEAD TALK BACK

19. Joel gets to see what Crow is dreaming...and soon regrets it; 423- BRIDE OF THE MONSTER

20. Daktari stool; the Mads are being audited, so they've hired a temp by the name of Mike; 512- MITCHELL

21. Invention exchange: Clay & Lar's Flesh Barn, toilet paper in a bottle; 104- WOMEN OF THE PREHISTORIC PLANET

22. Scale model of Gamera; Football talk, then Kenny and Helen visit on the Hexfield; 316- GAMERA VS. ZIGRA

23. Song: "The Gypsy Moons"; John Banner-grams; Letter, John Banner visits on the Hexfield; then the SOL sends Deep 13 a Banner-gram; 417- CRASH OF THE MOONS

24. Invention exchange: Lederhosen-hosen, Sara the bobbin' buzzard; Joel tries to hypnotize Tom, Torgo returns; 508- OPERATION DOUBLE 007

25. Joey the lemur; 210- KING DINOSAUR

26. orgo the White arrives to take Frank to Second Banana Heaven; Song: "Who will I kill?"; The 'Bots read their letters to Frank, who visits Dr. F. and pushes the button one last time; 624- SAMSON VS. THE VAMPIRE WOMEN.