List: Tom Servo's Favorite Host Segments, Volume 5

1. Crow is reading when Tom runs him down!; 604- Zombie Nightmare.

2. J&TB's tribute to Ro-Man baffles the Mads; 107- Robot Monster.

3. Gypsy "doesn't get" Crow (or is it Tom?); 421- Monster A-Go-Go.

4. Invention exchange: Pork-orina, replacing Frank's blood/Frank's fluid change; 506- Eegah!

5. Wash and wax day for the Bots/Gypsy is the Hellenistic ideal; 408- Hercules Unchained.

6. Joel switches Crow's and Tom's heads (it's Servo-Crow-ation!); 103- Mad Monster.

7. A rehearsal for Crow's one-man show about Keanu Reeves starring Mike!; 610- The Violent Years.

8. The "Mirror-Mirror" sketches; 611- Last of Wild Horses.

9. Tom gets a "haircut"/The Civil Defense Bowl; 205- Rocket Attack USA.

10. Joel is an evil supervillian!..."I know!"; 508- Operation Double 007.

11. Invention exchange: Cheese phone/J&TB read through Crow's screenplay, "Earth vs. Soup"; 313- Earth vs. the Spider.

12. The Demon Dog sketches; 102- Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy.

13. Invention exchange: the Vend-a-gut; 516- Alien from L.A.

14. Inappropriate gifts are exchanged; 521- Santa Claus.

15. Joel attempts a spit-take lesson, but the dumb guy from the movie keeps appearing on the Hexfield viewscreen; 307- Daddy-O.

16. M&TB sign a card for Frank, then interview him/song: "The Greatest Frank"; 523- Village of the Giants.

17. Gamera songs; 312- Gamera vs. Guiron.

18. Wallpapering the SOL; 621- Beast of Yucca Flats.

19. Patches the leech; 406- Attack of the Giant Leeches.

20. Invention exchange: Cake 'n' shake/digging out Rodney; 507- I Accuse My Parents.

21. Crow abandoned his "Batman" screenplay, but neglected to tell Tom and Mike; 604- Zombie Nightmare.

22. The bots are playing soap opera, but Joel won't play; 413- Manhunt in Space.

23. The Servo-Gypsy date sketches; 503- Swamp Diamonds.

24. Christmas essays; 321- Santa Claus Conquers The Martians.

25. Invention exchange: Virtual comedy/J&TB read through Crow's latest screenplay: "The Spy Who Hugged Me"; 504- Secret Agent Super Dragon.

26. Invention exchange: Easy-to-make Halloween costumes; 212- Godzilla vs. Megalon.

27. Song: "The Fugitive Alien medley"; 318- Star Force: Fugitive Alien 2.

28. Song: "A Patrick Swayze Christmas"; 321- Santa Claus vs. Martians.

29. Gypsy's tea party; 524- 12 to the Moon.

30. "Who is Merritt Stone?"; 419- The Rebel Set.

31. J&TB sign the "no cop/donut joke" pledge, cops in Deep 13; 409- The Indestructible Man.

32. Song: "Will There Still Be a Clown in the Sky?"; 303- Pod People.