Satellite News -- Ward E -- ListShrt

List: Commercially Available Shorts Tapes

Tape 1 (Rhino):

  • The Home Economics Story (from episode 317- Viking Women vs. Sea Serpent)
  • Junior Rodeo Daredevils (from episode 407- The Killer Shrews)
  • Body Care & Grooming (from episode 510- The Painted Hills)
  • Cheating (from episode 515- Wild, Wild, World of Batwoman)
  • A Date With Your Family (from episode 602- Invasion U.S.A.
  • Why Study Industrial Arts? (from episode 609- Sky Divers
  • Chicken of Tomorrow (from episode 702- The Brute Man)

Tape 2 (Rhino):

  • Catching Trouble (from episode 315- Teenage Caveman)
  • What To Do On A Date (from episode 503- Swamp Diamonds)
  • Last Clear Chance (from episode 520- Radar Secret Service)
  • A Day At The Fair (from episode 608- Code Name: Diamond Head)
  • Keeping Clean & Neat (from episode 613- The Sinister Urge)
  • The Days of Our Years (from episode 623- The Amazing Transparent Man)

Tape 3 (Rhino):

  • Speech--Using Your Voice (from episode 313- Earth vs. The Spider)
  • Aquatic Wizards (from episode 315- Teenage Caveman)
  • Is This Love? (from episode 514- Teenage Strangler)
  • Design for Dreaming (from episode 524- 12 To The Moon)
  • The Selling Wizard (from episode 603- The Dead Talk Back)
  • Out of this World (from episode 618- High School Bigshot)
  • Once Upon A Honeymoon (from episode 701- Night of the Blood Beast)

Mr B's Lost Shorts??!! (sold by BBI only)

  • Mr. B Natural (from episode 319- War of the Colossal Beast)
  • X Marks The Spot (from episode 210- King Dinosaur)
  • Hired!--Part 1 (from episode 423- Bride Of The Monster
  • Design for Dreaming (from episode 524- 12 To The Moon)
  • Johnny At The Fair (from episode 419- The Rebel Set)
  • Are You Ready for Marriage? (from episode 616- Racket Girls)

Assignment Venezuela and Other Shorts (sold by BBI only)

  • Assignment: Venezuela (never shown on TV, originally slated to appear on the now-abandoned MST3K CD-ROM)
  • Century 21 Calling (from episode 906- The Space Children)
  • A Case of Spring Fever (from episode 1012- Squirm)