List: Star Trek (and B5) Actors Who Have Also Appeared in MSTed Movies

Compiled by Sarah "Bookworm" Heiner

Have you ever watched a MiSTied movie and suddenly thought, 'I know I've seen that actor or actress before, but where?' Then you remember, 'Oh, yeah! In that one Star Trek episode...' Or vice-versa. You haven't? Well, I have. So I finally went through the cast lists of the MSTed movies, seeing which actors and actresses were in which 'Star Trek' episodes. I also threw in 'Babylon 5,' just to be fair.

The listing will appear like this:

MSTed Movie

  • Actor's name (character played in MSTed movie)--NAME OF SERIES (character played in Star Trek or B5 episode), "episode name", (episode number if known)

NOTE: This list is only as accurate as the Internet Movie Database is. Take that for what it's worth.


World Without End (Live show, 1992)

  • Booth Colman (Mories)--ST:VOY (Penno), ep. "Nemisis" (ep. 4.4)

K02- Revenge of the Mysterons

  • Ed Bishop (Captain Blue)--ST:Animated (Megan Prosecutor), ep. "The Magics of Megas-Tu" (ep. 1.8)

K10- Cosmic Princess

  • Nick Tate (Alan Carter)--ST:TNG (Dirgo), ep. "Final Mission" (ep. 4.9); ST:DS9 (Bilby), ep. "Honor Among Thieves" (ep. 6.15)

K13- SST: Death Flight

  • Barbara Anderson (Carla Stanley)--ST:TOS (Lenore Karidian), ep. "The Conscience of the King) (ep. 1.13)
  • Richard Derr (Governor Stensky)--ST:TOS (Commodore Barstow), ep. "The Alternative Factor" (ep. 1.27); ST:TOS (Admiral Fitzgerald), ep. "The Mark of Gideon" (ep. 3.16)
  • Robert Ito (Roy Nakamura, Flight Engineer)--ST:TNG (Lt. Chang), ep. "Coming of Age" (ep. 1.17)
  • John de Lancie--ST:TNG, DS9, VOY (Q), recurring
  • Brock Peters (Dr. Ralph Therman)--Star Trek 4 (Admiral Cartwright); ST:DS9 (Joseph Sisko), recurring

K15- Superdome

  • Susan Howard (Nancy Walecki)--ST:TOS (Mara), ep. "Day of the Dove" (ep. 3.7)
  • Michael Pataki (Tony)--ST:TOS (Korax), ep. "The Trouble with Tribbles" (ep. 2.15); ST:TNG (Karnas), ep. "Too Short a Season" (ep. 1.14)
  • Jane Wyatt (Fay Bonelli)--ST:TOS (Amanda), ep. "Journey to Babel" (ep. 2.10); Star Trek 4 (Amanda)

K19- Hanger 18

  • William Schallert (Professor Mills)--ST:TOS (Nilz Baris), ep. "The Trouble with Tribbles" (ep. 2.15)--ST:DS9 (Varani), ep. "Sanctuary" (ep. 2.10)
  • Bill Zuckert (Ace London)--ST:TOS (Johnny Behan), ep. "Spectre of the Gun" (ep. 3.6)

104- Women of the Prehistoric Planet

  • Paul Hampton--B5 (senator), eps. "The Gathering" and "Midnight on the Firing Line"
  • Robert Ito--see K13- SST: Death Flight
  • Adam Roarke (Centaurian)--ST:TOS (C.P.O. Garison, First Crewman), ep. "The Cage"

108- The Slime People

  • Bob Herron (Monster) --ST:TOS (Pikes stunt double), ep. "The Cage"; ST:TOS (Kahless), ep. "The Savage Curtain" (ep. 3.22)

110- Robot Holocaust

  • Rick Gianasi (Torque)--ST:VOY (Gigolo), ep. "Lifesigns" (ep. 2.19)

202- The Sidehackers

Michael Pataki (J.C.)--see K15- Superdome

204- Catalina Caper

  • Peter Duryea (Tad)--ST:TOS (Jose Tyler), ep. "The Cage"
  • Venita Wolf (Tina aka Bunny)--ST:TOS (Yeoman Teresa Ross), ep. "The Squire of Gothos" (ep. 1.17)

208- Lost Continent

  • Whit Bissell (Stanley Briggs)--ST:TOS (Lurry), ep. "The Trouble with Tribbles" (ep. 2.15)
  • John Hoyt (Dr. Michael Rostov)--ST:TOS (Dr. Boyce), ep. "The Cage"

302- Gamera

  • Alan Oppenheimer (Dr. Contrare)--ST:TNG (Koroth), ep. "Rightful Heir" (ep. 6.23); ST:DS9 (Captain Keogh), ep. "The JemHadar" (ep. 2.26); ST:VOY (Nezu Ambassador), ep. "Rise" (ep. 3.19)

305- Stranded in Space

  • Sharon Acker (Dr. Bettina Cooke)--ST:TOS (Odona), ep. "The Mark of Gideon" (ep. 3.16)
  • Glenn Corbett (Neil Stryker)--ST:TOS (Zefram Cochrane), ep. "Metamorphosis" (ep. 2.9)
  • Steve Marlo--ST:TOS (Zabo), ep. "A Piece of the Action" (ep. 2.17)
  • Tim O'Connor (Dr. Revere)--ST:TNG (Briam), ep. "The Perfect Mate" (ep. 5.21)
  • Arch Whiting (Mike Frome)--ST:TOS (assistant engineer), ep. "The Alternative Factor" (ep. 1.27)

311- It Conquered the World

  • Dick Miller (Sgt. Neil)--ST:TNG (vendor), ep. "The Big Goodbye" (ep. 1.10); ST:DS9 (Vin), ep. "Past Tense" (eps. 3.11 and 3.12); ST:DS9 (security guard), 1995

315- Teenage Caveman

  • Sarah Marshall (The Blond Maiden)--ST:TOS (Dr. Janet Wallace), ep. "The Deadly Years" (ep. 2.11)

317- Viking Women and the Sea Serpent

  • Michael Forest (Zarko)--ST:TOS (Apollo), ep. "Who Mourns for Adonais (ep. 2.2)

319- War of the Collosal Beast

  • Charles Stewart (Captain Harris)--ST:TOS (Captain Ramart), ep. "Charlie X" (ep. 1.2)

320- The Unearthly

  • Arthur Batanides (Danny Green)--ST:TOS (DAmato), ep. "That Which Survives" (ep. 3.14)

324- Master Ninja 2

  • David McCallum (Castile)--B5 (Dr. Vance Hendricks), ep. "Infection"

401- Space Travellers

  • Mariette Hartley (Betty Lloyd)--ST:TOS (Zarabeth), ep. "All Our Yesterdays" (ep. 3.23)
  • Nancy Kovack (Teresa Stone)--ST:TOS (Nona), ep. "A Private Little War" (ep. 2.16)

405- Being from Another Planet

  • Shari Belafonte-Harper (Linda Flores)--B5 (Dr. Elizabeth Trent), "Thirdspace"
  • Antionette Bower (Dr. Hayworth)--ST:TOS (Sylvia), ep. "Catspaw" (ep. 2.7)
  • Gerard Prendergast (Greg)--ST:TNG (Bjorn Benson), ep. "Home Soil") (ep. 1.16)

411- The Magic Sword

  • Gary Lockwood (Sir George)--ST:TOS (Gary Mitchell), ep. "Where No Man has Gone Before" (ep. 1.3)
  • Liam Sullivan (Sir Branton)--ST:TOS (Parmen), ep. "Platos Stepchildren" (ep. 3.9)

501- Warrior of the Lost World

  • Persis Khambatta (Nastasia)--ST:The Motion Picture (Lieutenant Ilia)
  • Fred Williamson (Hechman)--ST:TOS (Anka), ep. "The Cloudminders" (ep. 3.19)

511- Gunslinger

  • Dick Miller (Pony Express Rider)--see 311- It Conquered the World
  • William Schallert (Sheriff Scott Hood)--see K19- Hanger 18

512- Mitchell

  • Jerry Hardin (Desk Sergeant)--ST:TNG (Radue), ep. "When the Bough Breaks" (ep. 1.15); ST:TNG (Samuel Clemens), ep. "Times Arrow" (eps. 5.26 and 6.1); ST:VOY (Dr. Neria), ep. "Emanations" (ep. 1.8); Gary Combs (Helicoptor officer); Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (stunts); Dick Ziker (Alley Hood #1); Star Trek V (stunts)
  • Robert Phillips (Chief Albert Pallin)--ST:TOS (Orion space officer), ep. "The Cage"

513- The Brain that Wouldn't Die

  • Jason Evers (Dr. Bill Cortner)--ST:TOS (Rael), ep. "Wink of an Eye", (ep. 3.13)

523- Villiage of the Giants

  • Rance Howard--B5 (David Sheridan), eps. "Severed Dreams," "Interludes and Examinations," "Rising Star"

601- Girls Town

  • Elinor Donahue (Mary Lee Morgan)--ST:TOS (Comissioner Nancy Hedford), ep. "Metamorphosis" (ep. 2.9)
  • Phyllis Douglas (Eleanor)--ST:TOS (Yeoman Mears), ep. "The Galileo Seven" (ep. 1.16); ST:TOS (Girl #2), ep. "The Way to Eden" (ep. 3.20)

602- Invasion, U.S.A.

  • William Schallert (TV newsman)--see K19- Hanger 18

607- Bloodlust!

  • Lilyan Chauvin (Sandra Balleau)--ST:DS9 (Vedek Yassim), ep. "Rocks and Shoals" (ep. 6.2)

608- Code Name: Diamond Head

  • Ward Costello (Captain Macintosh)--ST:TNG (Admiral Gregory Quinn), eps. "Coming of Age" and "Conspiracy" (eps. 1.17 and 1.32)
  • Alex Henteloff (Edward Sherman)--Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home (Dr. Nichols)
  • Ian McShane (Sean Donovan)--B5 (Dr. Robert Bryson), "The River of Souls"
  • France Nuyen (Tso-Tsing)--ST:TOS (Elaan), ep. "Elaan of Troyius" (ep. 3.14)

610- The Violent Years

  • Glenn Corbett (Barney Stetson)--see 305- Stranded in Space

614- San Francisco International

  • Cliff Potts (William Sturvesant); ST:TNG (Admiral Kenneally), ep. "Ensign Ro" (ep. 5.3)

615- Kitten with a Whip

  • Peter Brown (Ron); B5 (Minister), ep. "Intersections in Real Time"
  • Gary Lockwood (?)--see 411- The Magic Sword

618-High School Big Shot

  • Stanley Adams (Harry March)--ST:TOS (Cyrano Jones), ep. "The Trouble with Tribbles" (ep. 2.13); ST:animated (voice of Cyrano Jones), ep. "More Tribbles, More Troubles" (ep. 1.5)
  • Virginia Aldridge (Betty)--ST:TOS (Lt. Karen Tracey), ep. "Wolf in the Fold" (ep. 2.14)

802- The Leech Woman

  • Arthur Batanides (Jerry Laundau)--see 320- The Unearthly
  • Kim Hamilton (Young Malla)--ST:TNG (Chariman Songi), ep. "Final Mission" (ep. 4.9)

803- The Mole People

  • Bob Herron (Mole Person)--see 108- The Slime People
  • Kay E. Kuter (Priest)--ST:TNG (Cytherian), ep. "The Nth Degree" (ep. 4.19); ST:DS9 (The Sirah), ep. "The Storyteller" (ep. 1.14)

806- The Undead

  • Dick Miller (The Leper)--see 311- It Conquered the World

807- Terror from the Year 5000

  • Ward Costello (Dr. Robert Hedges)--see 608- Code Name: Diamond Head
  • Salome Jens (The Visitor/nurse)--ST:TNG (the humanoid), ep. "The Chase" (ep. 6.20); ST:DS9 (Female Changeling), recurring

809- I Was a Teenage Werewolf

  • Whit Bissell (Dr. Alfred Brandon) --see 208- The Lost Continent
  • Joseph Mell (Dr. Hugo Wagner)--ST:TOS (Earth Trader), ep. "The Cage"
  • Michael Rougas (Frank)--Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Lt. Cleary)

810- The Giant Spider Invasion

  • Robert Easton (Dan Kester)--Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Klingon Judge)
  • Leslie Parrish (Ev Kester)--ST:TOS (Lt. Carolyn Palamas), ep. "Who Mourns for Adonais?" (ep. 2.2)

811- Parts: The Clonus Horror

  • George P. Wilber (Walker man)--Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (stunts)

814- Riding with Death

  • Alan Oppenheimer (Dr. Hale)--see 302- Gamera
  • Andrew Prine--ST:TNG (Suna), ep. "Frame of Mind" (ep. 6.21); ST:DS9 (Legate Turrel), ep. "Life Support" (ep. 3.13)

815- Agent for H.A.R.M.

  • Mark Richman (Adam Chance)--ST:TNG (Ralph Offenhouse), ep. "The Neutral Zone" (ep. 1.24)
  • Barbara Bouchet (Ava Bestok)--ST:TOS (Kelinda), ep. "By Any Other Name" (ep. 2.22)

904- Werewolf

  • Richard Lynch (Noel)--ST:TNG (Baran), ep. "Gambit: Part 2" (ep. 7.5)

908- The Touch of Satan

  • Robert Easton (Mr. Keitel)--see 810- The Giant Spider Invasion

913- Quest of the Delta Knights

  • Sarah Douglas (Madam Maaydeed)--B5 (Deathwalker/JhaDur), ep. "Deathwalker"
  • Robert Miano (Incense merchant)--ST:DS9 (Frankie Eyes), ep. "Badda-bing Badda-bang" (ep. 7.15)
  • David Warner (Lord Vultare and Baydool) --ST:TNG (Gul Madred), ep. "Chain of Command" (eps. 6.10 and 6.11); Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (St. John Talbot); Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Chancellor Gorkon); B5 (Aldous Gajic), ep. "Grail"

1010- It Lives by Night

  • Paul Carr (Dr. Kipling)--ST:TOS (Lt. Lee Kelso), ep. "Where No Man Has Gone Before"
  • Stewart Moss (Dr. John Beck)--ST:TOS (Tormolen), ep. "The Naked Time" (ep. 1.4); ST:TOS (Hanar), ep. "By Any Other Name" (ep. 2.22)
  • Michael Pataki (Sgt. Ward)--see K15- Superdome

1012- Squirm

  • William Newman (Quigley)--ST:TNG (Kalin Trose), ep. "The Host" (ep. 4.23)