Bit: The Legend of Bobo Creek

Episode: 1006- Boggy Creek 2

Transcribed by Eric "The Trade Rat" Perel

[Castle Forrester]

Pearl: To get it all going, Country legend Hank Brain Guy Jr. has penned a haunting, evocative song about said beast.

(Brain Guy, on a stool with a guitar, begins playing)

Observer: (half-singing, half-talking) You putt around these parts long enough and you might hear a tale 'bout some skulking creature, wanderin' 'round the wooly swamp, hairy and beastlike. Set in a mess o' heapin' trouble among the good folks livin' up yonder. Now, some folks don't pay no mind. Other folks'll tell ya, "It don't mean no harm." You ask Miss Fidey Lou, she'll look away with her bad eye, and she'll look at you straight on with her good eye, and she'll tell you she don't know nothin' 'bout it. But then she gives ya a little shudder like she might... she just might know somethin' 'bout it. (singing)
Gather 'round, all ye friends and neighbors and children
There's a creature who lives in the swamp. (Brain Guy stops singing and playing guitar) That's it.