Song: Riffing "OK, Connery"

Episode: 508- Operation Double 007

Transcribed by Susan Paine


Crow: [humming "Rockin' Robin"] Deedly deedly dee dee dee deet down -

Joel: Stop.

Tom: Hey, "Assault on a Queen."

Singer: HE told me -

Crow: [credits read 'Daniela Bianchi'] The Danny Bonnaduce Story.

Tom: [credits read 'Adolfo Celi'] Ahh.

Singer: HE keels me, HE keeps me believing maybe it's love -

Joel: Mutiny on the Betsy.

Singer: HE charms me -

Crow: Good thing they have an expresso machine.

Tom: Mm hm.

Singer: HE sends me, when HE looks in my eyes -

Tom: Get over here, and turn the music down!

Singer: And tells me it's love -

Joel: Uh, like this?

Singer: HE holds me, HE [coming aboard whistle] -

Joel: All hands on ME!

Singer: HE knows how to make the girls fall in love -

Tom: HE eats tuna salad sammitches -

Singer: HE tells me, HE loves me -

Tom: [credit for Guido Lollabrigida] Guido?

Singer: And I -

Joel: Honey.

Singer: - look in his eyes and give him my love -

Crow: Is there anything this guy doesn't do?

Singer: HEY! OK, Con-nery -


Singer: Enough for me, heh heh, OK Connery -

Tom: I sailed to Tahiti with an all-girl crew, and all I got was this wet t-shirt.

Singer: Anyone can SEE, HE is the man for me - OK Connery -

Crow: Uh oh, you know when there's four people on a screenplay, there's gonna be trouble.

Tom: Yep.

Singer: Hey he he, the one for me, heh heh, OK Connery, OK Connery, the one for me, anyone can see, HE is the man for me -

Joel: You know, I'm suddenly hungry for Cracker Jacks and I don't know why.

Crow and Tom: Hmm.

Singer: Because -

Tom: Hmm.

Singer: HE holds me, HE wants me -

Tom: HE sat on his glasses once!

Singer: - ever fell in love with -

Crow: Sure would like to get permission to come aboard.

Singer: - Got to - falling for him -

Joel: HE likes to wear mittens!

Singer: The only one -

Crow: HE'S got a deviated septum!

Tom: HE'S a real big fan of Delta Burke!

Joel: HE gets his hair cut on Tuesdays!

Crow: HE prefers stuffing to potatoes!

Tom: HIS favorite movie is Turner and Hooch! Hey!

Singer: Hey! OK, Connery -

All: HOORAY FOR SANTY CLAUS! [clap clap clap clap]

Singer: The one for me, OK Connery -

Crow: This guy can't possibly live up to the song they wrote about him. Probably just an accountant named Wally.

Singer: Anyone can see, HE is the man for me -

Joel: So you're saying you *like* this guy?

Singer: Because HE holds me, HE trusts me -

Tom: No, no, please, don't hold back. How do you really feel?

Singer: He is the only one I ever fell in love with and -

All: Ehh, ehh, uhhhh ughhhhhhh -

Crow: Women who sing too much.

Tom: And the men they sing about.

Singer: HE is the man, the man for me -

Joel: Port of call -Cindy.

Singer: HE is the man [coming aboard whistle], the man for me -

Tom: Oh, Ennio.

Singer: HE is the man, the man for me, he is the man -

Tom: Now this is one naughty navy.

Crow: We do more hair and makeup before breakfast than most people do all day.

Singer: HE is the man, the man for me!