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Song: The MST3K Theme song with guitar chords.

Note: This was originally sent to me years ago by a person whose email address was, and it sat on my computer, because I don't know anything about the guitar. I finally submitted it to review by some MSTies who claim they do, and this is the result. If you have further refinements or clarifications, please email me.


Chord Definitions (from left to right: EADGBE):

E=022100, A=x02220, F#m=244322, B=x24442, D=x0023x and E7 022130.

The x denotes a string which isn't played.


[E]In the not to distant [A]fu[E]ture

Next Sunday,A.[A]D.

[E]There was a guy named [A]Jo[E]el

Not too different from you or [A]me

[E]He worked at Gizmonic [A]Ins[E]titute,

Just another face in a[A]red[E]jumpsuit,

He did a good job cleaning [A]up [E] the place,

But his [F#m]bosses didn't like him so they

[E]shot him into [A]spa[E]ce

We'll send him cheesy [A]mo[E]vies,

The worst we can [A] find,

[E] He'll have to sit and [A]watch [E] them all,

And we'll monitor his [A] mind,

[E]Now keep in mind Joel [A]can't[E]control,

Where the movies begin or [A]end,

[E]Because he used those [A]special[E]parts,

To[F#m]make his robot [B] friends:






Tom Servo!



[E]If you're wondering how he [A]eats[E]and breathes,

And other, science [A] facts,

[E]Just repeat to yourself its [A]just[E] a show,

I should [F#m] really just re[B]lax,

[E]For [D(A)] Mystery Science Theater 3[E]000 [E7]