Bit: Summer Blockbuster Review 2 Theme

Transcribed by Zachariah M. Smith

[As clips from the summer movies roll by...]

Tom (singing): Kiss your self goodbye! A meteor's a-fallin' down from the sky!

Crow (spoken): Twice! (singing) Say goodbye to life!

Mike (spoken): See ya!

Crow (singing): A crazy guy is after you now with his big knife!

Mike (singing): It's the end of the summer as we know it!

Tom (singing): And the movies, that they show it! (spoken) 2... 3... 4... (singing) Gave us lots of fears!

Crow (singing): And really hurt our ears.

Mike (singing): Scary pictures of war, and a Bruce Willis playin' on a meteor!

Tom (singing): And conspiracies from space and Matt Damon's big face!

Crow (singing): And a being murdered by a nut and, uh, Jim Carrey's butt!

Tom (singing): So if you wanna know what's true, sugar!

Crow and Tom (singing): It's the Mystery Science Theater 3000--

Mike (spoken in deep voice): Summer!

Crow and Tom (singing): --Block Buster Review!