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Goodbye Sci-Fi

Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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Episode guide: 819- Invasion of the Neptune Men

Movie: (1961) When robot aliens attack Japan, Space Chief takes to the air to battle them.

First shown: 10/11/97 Opening: Tom and Crow worry about Mike’s eyelash mites. Intro: The nanites take on the mites; The Mad Goth (Bobo) is getting more attention than goddess Apearlo Host segment 1: Mike’s love of […]

Episode guide: 818- Devil Doll

Movie: (1963) The relationship between a ventriloquist and his dummy is even creepier than it seems.

First shown: 10/4/97 Opening: It’s Friday at the dorm and M&tB have a window! Intro: Tom agrees to send the window back, but a drunken Crow smashes it; meanwhile Apearlo and Brainguyus liven up a dull […]

Episode guide: 817- Horror of Party Beach

Movie: (1964) Teeners in a beach community are oblivious when dumped radioactive waste creates a batch of monsters.

First shown: 9/6/97 Opening: Tom harmonizes his overtones with the fundamental Intro: Servo’s “fundamental” turns out to be pre-recorded; meanwhile “Apearlo” and “Brainguyus” settle in with a delighted Callipygeas and suspicious Flavia Host segment […]

Episode guide: 816- Prince of Space

Movie: (1956) When the chickeney Phantom of Krankor attacks Japan, a slim-hipped hero arrives to save the day.

First shown: 8/16/97 Opening: Crow and Tom’s “Dog and Bear” game gets out of hand Intro: Bobo, then the Widowmaker, then the SOL are dragged into a wormhole Host segment 1: M&tB are unstuck […]

Episode guide: 815- Agent for H.A.R.M.

Movie: (1966) A fey spy is assigned to protect a scientist from foreign agents.

First shown: 8/2/97 Opening: M&tB are into “extreme” things Intro: Mike is put on trial for his crimes against the universe Host segment 1: Pearl and Bobo give their opening statements Host segment 2: The bots give their […]