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Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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Weekend Discussion Thread – Episode Guide, First Draft: 1114- At the Earth’s Core

Movie: (1976) A Victorian era scientist and his assistant take a test run in their Iron Mole drilling machine and end up in a strange underground world.

Opening: J&tB are having a pre-nuptial heart-to-heart but the Jonah introduces Growler Invention exchange: With nobody coming to her wedding, Kinga turns to the Observer […]

Episode guide: 811- parts: the clonus horror

Movie: (1979) At a remote facility, clones are being bred to serve as a source of replacement organs for the wealthy and powerful.

First shown: 6/7/97 Opening: Mike has a mustache and the bots like it — sort of Intro: Three runaway space children awaken the campers Host segment 1: The […]

Weekend Discussion Thread – Episode Guide, First Draft: 1113- The Christmas that Almost Wasn’t

Movie: (1966) Santa has to get a job — as a department store Santa — to earn money to pay his overdue rent bill.

Opening: Jonah wants to sing a Christmas carol, but picks the one song people don’t know the words to Invention exchange: Kinga still plans to marry Jonah, but […]

Episode guide: 810- The Giant Spider Invasion

Movie: (1975) A meteor crashes in Wisconsin, laden with the eggs of otherworldly spiders. Incompetent local officials try to respond.

First shown: 5/31/97 Opening: Tom shows spirit, but Mike and Crow only offer MRxL Intro: The campers recall their trip, Tom portages and Pearl shares some pod-like “zucchini” Host segment 1: Pod-Gypsy […]

Weekend Discussion Thread – Episode Guide, First Draft: 1112- Carnival Magic

Movie: (1981) A clairvoyant magician and his talking chimp become a carnival sensation.

Opening: Tom is giving a TOM Talk Invention exchange: Kinga announces her wedding; J&tB have Yeasta Pets; The Mads have Flavor Sweat Segment 1: Carnival barker Tom presents Markov & Alexander.” Segment 2: Highway patrol Tom & Crow exchange […]