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Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett reflect on MST3K's final broadcast.

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Episode guide: 807- Terror from the Year 5000

Movie: (1958) A scientist builds a time machine, allowing a scary woman from the future to appear.

First shown: 3/15/97 Opening: Tom “comfort rates” everything Intro: The Observers make Pearl and Bobo fight, but the M&TB aren’t getting the message Host segment 1: The Observers offer their superior food Host segment 2: […]

Weekend Discussion Thread – Episode Guide, First Draft: 1109- Yongary Monster From the Deep

Movie: (1967) Earthquakes in Korea turn out to be the work of Yongary, a prehistoric fire-breathing reptile who’s headed for Seoul.

Opening: J&tB are having their weekly dream journal meeting Invention exchange: J&tB demonstrate their tiny desks; The Mads have Hitler Coffee Segment 1: J&tB discuss astronauts and the music they like […]

Episode guide: 806- The Undead

Movie: (1956) A “psychical researcher” hypnotizes a prostitute, causing her to regress to a previous life as a woman accused of witchcraft.

First shown: 3/8/97 Opening: Trying to fill in the viewers, Mike seethes about past injustices Intro: The Observers test everybody and Servo tests well Host segment 1: Servo becomes […]

Weekend Discussion Thread – Episode Guide, First Draft: 1108- The Loves of Hercules

Movie: (1960) Herc gets involved in palace intrigue in the nation of Ecalia.

Opening: J&tB are binge-watching “Wings” Invention exchange: Tom Servo has the fried turkey dunk tank; The Mads have the Mexican jumping bean beanbag chair Segment 1: Jonah, tied to a wall, endures People’s Throwing Court Segment 2: J&tB discuss […]

Episode guide: 805- The Thing that Couldn’t Die

Movie: (1958) A traysure-hunting family at a dude ranch digs up a severed head with evil powers.

First shown: 3/1/97 Opening: Artiste Tom creates negative images of patron Crow Intro: We meet The Observers, super-intelligent beings who carry their brains around with them. Pearl and Bobo are their guests Host segment […]