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Episode guide: 618- High School Big Shot (with short: ‘Out of this World’)

Short: (1954) Industrial film aimed at keeping bread truck drivers on the straight and narrow. Movie: (1959) A high school dweeb agrees to take part in a heist to win the favor of a hot but dumb classmate.

First shown: 12/10/94 Opening: Mike has a headache, and the bots are no […]

Episode guide: 617- The Sword and the Dragon

Movie: (1956) A Russian hero leads the fight against invading Mongols.

First shown: 12/3/94 Opening: Tom leads Mike and Crow in a game Dungeons & Dragons Intro: The Mads get a visit from their new neighbors in Deep 12, and ask M&TB to entertain; they soon regret it Host segment 1: “A […]

Episode guide: 616- Racket Girls (with short: ‘Are You Ready for Marriage?’)

Short: (1950) A pair of high schoolers are planning marriage, until a friendly counselor talks them down. Movie: (1951) A gym owner who manages lady rasslers uses his place as a front for illegal gambling.

First shown: 11/26/94 Opening: Lisa Loeb visits on the Hexfield Intro: As M&tB try to discourage […]

Episode guide: 521- Santa Claus

Movie: (1959) Pitch the devil attempts to hinder Santa on Christmas Eve.

First shown: 12/24/93 Opening: A caroling attempt ends in disaster Intro: Inappropriate gifts are exchanged Host segment 1: On the SOL, the rock band Santa Klaws performs Host segment 2: The bots arrange a Nelson family reunion Host segment 3: […]

Episode guide: 615- Kitten with a Whip

Movie: (1964) A naive senate candidate finds a reform school escapee hiding in his home.

First shown: 11/23/94 Opening: Mike and Tom prepare Crow for a secret mission Intro: Crow’s mission to Deep 13 ends in failure Host segment 1: Mike gives Crow and Tom bionic noises Host segment 2: A kitten […]

Episode guide: 614- San Francisco International

Movie: (1970) Series pilot in which the administrators of a large metropolitan airport must deal with several crises and problems.

First shown: 11/19/94 Opening: Tom and Crow have a political debate on politics Intro: The Mads are construction workers, M&TB do the old board routine Host segment 1: It’s Urkel! Hahahahaha! Host […]

Episode guide: 613- The Sinister Urge (with short: ‘Keeping Clean and Neat’)

Short: (1956) A fifth-grade girl and boy demonstrate how to have obsessive hygiene habits. Movie: (1959) Detectives investigate a murder that they suspect is related to a secret porno operation.

First shown: 11/5/94 Opening: M&tB throw Gypsy a shower Intro: Frank’s missing and Dr. F. begins to worry Host segment 1: […]

Episode guide: 612- The Starfighters

Movie: (1964) An air force pilot is eager to learn to fly the F-104 jet, and that means mid-air refueling.

First shown: 10/29/94 Opening: Crow tries to log onto the information super-highway Intro: The Mads have cranial ports; but M&tB have Cowboy Mike’s barbecue sauce and it’s bold! Host segment 1: […]

Episode guide: 611- Last of the Wild Horses

Movie: (1948) A cowboy finds himself in the middle of a range war between a powerful rancher and his neighbors.

First shown: 10/15/94 Opening: Mike programs Crow and Tom with regional speech patterns Intro: Dr. F.. sends a matter transference device to the SOL during an ion storm. It’s “Mirror, Mirror” time! […]

Episode guide: 610- The Violent Years (with short: ‘Young Man’s Fancy’)

Short: (1952) A family appreciates the modern household appliances electricity makes possible. Movie: (1956) A neglected socialite leads an all-girl gang on a violent crime spree.

First shown: 10/8/94 Opening: Tom Servo has a new head! Intro: The Mads unveil their theme music, “Living in Deep 13,” and demand themes […]