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New Streaming Title from RiffTrax…


Yes, it’s true.

15 Replies to “New Streaming Title from RiffTrax…”

  1. jason says:

    I just go it. I saw this horrible movie when it came out in theaters. I remember being very disappointed with it. I was expecting to be somewhat like the videogame instead it was alien from la without Kathie Ireland.


  2. Terry the Sensitive Knight says:

    Saw the Rifftrax post on FaceBook about Mario Bros. and was like “FINALLY”


  3. Travis says:

    The bonus good thing about this release is that it seems Rifftrax is now able to get a better quality of bad movie for streaming. That is, they might have been stuck at the beginning because they had to do riffs of movies enough people had so they could sync them up, hence the reliance on blockbusters. For example, maybe at this point they would actually be able to stream an “Over the Top” or “Island of Dr Moreau” instead of doing just the commentary tracks. This is a very good thing in terms of options for the future

    Note: This is all just a guess, maybe the rights for the Mario Bros movie aren’t much more than a “Breaker Breaker” or “Ghost House”


  4. BC says:

    I’ll leave the comments about the film itself to others; suffice to say it was not well received and continues to be so. But as for the actual riffing, the movie’s frenetic pace works extremely well with MK&B’s style. A lot of zings come fast and furious, and sometimes you really have to pay attention to get it. Some might think they overdo the jokes on the “this movie isn’t anything like the game” theme, but it all works out okay. There are enough jokes on just about everything here to keep most fans chuckling often and full-on guffawing at relatively short intervals.

    Favorite Riff:
    Kevin: “Man, I’m as disappointed with this as when I went to see that biography of Aaron Copeland. But they made him into a police officer and he was played by Sylvester Stallone.”
    Mike: “Yeah, I think you saw Copland.”


  5. Manny Sanguillen says:

    So no Captain Lou? aww, I wanted Captain Lou Albano to be in this. I guess I’ll get it anyway.


  6. Remmie Barrow says:

    I remember seeing this “film” when it came out the first time…All I got in return was pain and disappointment. Only a handful of films have ever really done that to me….Others that have done that are Robin Williams’ TOYS and Sammuel L Jackson’s THE SPIRIT.


  7. Cameroon Gouda says:

    If they can afford Super Mario Brothers, they can afford Gymkata.

    Bring on Gymkata.


  8. Locusts says:

    @3, they did turn “Red Dawn” and “D-War: Dragon Wars”, which were originally released as MP3’s, in to streaming titles. So they must have gotten the rights to those movies as well. As long as people keep paying for the Trax and not stealing them on torrent sites, they’ll be able to get more well known movies.


  9. millej89 says:

    I would be in Riff-Heaven if they got their hands on the 80s Masters of the Universe movie. That would be amazing.


  10. Manny Sanguillen says:

    I wonder if they can get the rights to do an old episode of McCloud I saw once where McCloud gets his drink spiked with LSD with hilarious results.
    Seriously, this exists. I remember laughing to tears from the silly acting and ridiculous plotline. It was on WGN in syndication back around 1994. I think I even might have taped it on VHS.


  11. JeremyR says:

    It’s actually spelled Aaron Copland, which makes the joke funnier.

    Anyway, my problem with Rifftrax is that I don’t like Hollywood blockbuster type movies, even poorly made ones that bombed at the box office. I like B movies.


  12. GornCaptain says:


    If you get Cozi TV in your area, they show McCloud on weekdays. :)


  13. Gummo says:

    I’ve seen Plan 9. I’ve seen Manos. I’ve seen Birdemic and Birdemic 2.


    We couldn’t even get through it in one sitting, the pain was so great. Only the worst of the worst require multiple sittings just to get thru the movie ONCE. Think ‘The Apple.’ Think “The Room.”

    But I’d take a Tommy Wieseau marathon over this, this THING.

    Congratulations, Mike, Kevin & Bill. Thanks to you, I am now a broken remnant of a man.

    We can only be thankful Dr. Forrester never discovered “Super Mario Brothers.” We’d all be his mindless subjects now!


  14. Eric Fell says:

    As far as rights go, I know we tried to get theatrical screening rights for this movie to riff a few months ago with the Gentlemen Hecklers in Vancouver. Disney has the theatrical distribution rights and said NO (this was only the second time we’ve been refused a movie), so I’m glad to see that Rifftrax was able to get the rights to do this stinker.


  15. Darkknight says:

    This may be too far down on the list of news for anyone to see so I may have to try again on the next VOD announcement, but I was wondering what download manager everyone uses. I was using DAP which I was happy with, except for having speedbit taking over all of my browsers which got a little aggravating. So now I’ve purchased some new VODs with no download manager. Help!


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