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Episode Guide: 410- Hercules Against the Moon Men

Movie: (1964) Evil Queen Samar is in cahoots with a cult of monstrous moon men. Herc is determined to stop them.

First shown: 8/22/92
Opening: Crow and Tom run away from home (briefly)
Invention exchange: The Mads unveil DEEP HURTING!; J&tB demonstrate their super freak-out kit
Host segment 1: Tom & Crow present the amazing BOOBY trap illusion
Host segment 2: Newly muscular Crow and Tom consider tough guy names
Host segment 3: Song: “Ode to Pants!”
End: J&tB discuss the switch from Steve Reeves to Alan Steele, Joel reads a letter, Crow gets disciplined, Tom reads another letter; In Deep 13, Dr. F is baffled by the outcome of the experiment, while Frank is wistful
Stinger: Old guy gets skewered
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• This is, for me, the funniest of the sword-and-sandal movie episodes, and an all-around great episode. As I said with the last one, these Herc movies are just perfect for MST3K, very watchable and very riffable. Strong riffing, great segments, just lots of fun.
• This episode was included in Rhino’s “The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection, Vol. 7.”
• Joel seems to have let his goatee grow out since last episode. Attention dsman71.
• “Deeeeeeep hurting!” (and, to a lesser extent, “saaaaaannndstoooorrrmmm”) became an immediate catchphrase and it’s still being used by longtime fans. By the way, it’s a reference to a commercial for a nostrum called “Deep Heating Rub.” I don’t think this is the actual commercial they were parodying, but you get the idea.
• Ya gotta love “Wishbone Ash” Frank’s freakout. Traaaaiiills!
• While the title and the dubbing refer to our hero as Hercules, in the original Italian he is Maciste (aka “My cheesesteak”). The strongman character has a long history: he originated in the 1914 Italian movie “Cabiria” and was resurrected when sword-and-sandal epics suddenly became very popular in the late 1950s. Because American audiences were unfamiliar with Maciste, the title character’s name was usually changed to Atlas, Colossus (as in “Colossus and the Headhunters,” although nobody calls him that in the movie), Goliath, Hercules or Samson.
• Obscure riff: “The Mighty Flavog!” That was a character invented for The Muppets’ very brief stint on Saturday Night Live, more than 30 years ago.
• Love the “pizza-pizza” stuff. A reference to popular commercials for the Little Caesars pizza restaurant chain. This should give you an idea of what was going on.
• I always enjoy the bit where some character in the movie has a long speech with odd little pauses and Tom tries to get a word in edgewise, as he does here when the old guy talks.
• During segment one, the walls of the amazing BOOBY trap illusion swing rather freely … Not really very threatening. This is also a “meta” bit, essentially a joke about a joke.
• Callbacks: “Hikeeba.” (Women of the Prehistoric Planet). “Trumpy, you’re angry!” (Pod People). o/` “Hey, it’s the undersea kingdom…” o/` “I’m a Grimault warrior!” (Viking Women). “You told me a fabricated story…” (The Unearthly). “It was after the apocalypse. They had to get to the power station…” (Robot Holocaust).
• Mildly naughty moment: “Guys, I am so homesick right now…”
• The first time I saw this I was floored when they referenced this ancient TV commercial for “Marvel the Mustang” that I had completely forgotten about until that moment. What horse do!
• Although Tom’s body rejected his muscle-man arms in segment 2, Joel has put his old arms back by the time he reenters the theater. He quietly thanks Joel.
• During the brawl on screen, J&tB do a terrific version of the “Star Trek” fight music. Harmony and everything.
• Segment three features one of my favorite MST3K songs: “Pants!” Even Frank gets into it! (This segment also gave us a couple of great poopie moments.)
• When the sandstorm scene finally arrives, it definitely is pretty punishing. In earlier seasons, it’s the sort of thing that might have gotten the movie rejected. What can you riff on when essentially nothing is happening in the movie for several minutes? But the geniuses at MST3K found a way, and it’s a great example of turning a liability into an asset. Instead of ruining the episode, that section is one of the highlights.
• Joel actually uses the term “riffing” several times, something he didn’t do a lot.
• In the discussion of the movie at the end of the episode, J&tB speak of the movie as if it was a direct sequel to the movie they watched a couple of episodes back, but really the two aren’t related at all.
• Somebody mentions Gaines Burgers, which you don’t really see in the stores any more. Since I seem to linking to commercials on youtube a lot this time around, here’s what they’re talking about.
• Cast and crew roundup: Of course we saw Alan Steel in “Hercules Unchained.” Goffredo Unger, who was one of the actors in this movie, was an assistant director for “Devil Fish.”
• CreditsWatch: Host segments directed by Jim. Barb Oswald was “Toolmaster Jr.” one last time. “Pants” was written and arranged by Mike and Frank. Beginning with this episode and for the next seven episodes, the credits misspell “Ammendment” in “the authors of the 1st Ammendment.”
• Fave riff: “Meet Sammy SPEAR and his orchestra!” Honorable mention: “Don’t make me laugh, Woodsy Owl!”

97 Replies to “Episode Guide: 410- Hercules Against the Moon Men”

  1. Bat Masterson says:

    This episode has my favorite stinger of all time.


  2. Dan in WI says:

    Out of sequence host segments: As I was doing my write-up praising Sandstorm/Deep Hurting used as a foreshadow tool the thought occurred to me: Maybe not all of these out of sequence host segments are really out of sequence. Many some of them were intentially placed “early” as a form of foreshadowing. If so I’d say it was rarely effective. But maybe it wasn’t always an accident.

    This would be a qood question to try to pose to the Brains the next time Sampo has their ear.


  3. briizilla says:

    I’m with 51, the stinger is my favorite of all time. I’ve taken to texting the clip to my friends at random times more to my amusement than theirs.


  4. Sharktopus says:

    @#41, dsman71:

    Alan Steel, credited by his real name Sergio Ciani, is in Hercules Unchained somewhere, though I’m not sure who he played. Probably some nameless guard. I was about to call out Sampo’s egregious error, too, but gave him the benefit of the doubt and checked Daddy-O’s Drive-In Dirt first. Truly the Sampo is wise and powerful.

    Has anybody spotted “Alan” in Herc Against The Moon Men?

    Another fun fact: Joel and the Bots sing a snatch of the theme song from The Sons Of Hercules, a series of repackaged minor peplum movies. RiffTrax recently riffed an episode, In The Land Of Darkness, on VOD. What goes around comes around, or something like that.


  5. Big61al says:

    I really enjoy the sword and sandal films they did. Too bad they did not do more. There was always something odd beig spoken or done which means great riffing. :silly:


  6. Pirengle says:

    My favorite is the scene where they’re all together at the conspirator house and Herc and company escape there and J&tB name them all off like celebrities. Marlo Thomas everyone, Marlo Thomas! When I’m riffing movies all on my lonesome, I find myself doing a version of that during large crowd scenes with multiple speakers.


  7. Jbagels` says:

    I liked the constant shouting out of celebrity names that the actors vaguely resemble. Another one of those jokes that is not really funny when done once or twice but after about 8 times it becomes brilliant (call it the Sideshow Bob rake effect). The repetition itself almost becomes the joke.

    Anyway, I have pretty good memories of this one out of all of the Herc movies and DEEEP HUUUURTING is one of the best catchprases the show ever had. And Frank’s “traaaails, beautiful traaaails” didn’t make sense to me until about 8 years later when I went away to college and started to hang out with Phish head stoners.


  8. Lee Harvey Osmond says:

    I’m just going to agree with 43, he said everything I wanted to but said it better than I ever could. I think this is a terrible episode, probably my least favorite of the entire series.

    I give it a 4/10 (or a 2/5), but that’s being generous. I’d rather watch every KTMA episode on an infinite loop then to ever have to watch a second of this one ever again. At least those have a certain charm to them.


  9. Jbagels` says:

    Lee Harvey Osmond: why so much hate towards Hercules against the Moon Men? I mean, it’s not the best episode of the run, but it’s not that offensive. Damn.


  10. Jbagels` says:

    Lee Harvey Osmond is to Hercules movies as Eric J is to Mike episodes? KTMA episodes are pretty rough, this episode is 1000 times better than any KTMA and 90% of season 1 episodes. Is it the Saaaandstorm that did it?


  11. trickymutha says:

    love this one!


  12. NoOneOfConsequence says:

    I still like Hercules Unchained better, but this episode would be a classic for DEEP HURTING alone… everything else is just icing on the cake. (Cream cheese icing, though… yum! :) )

    So I have this friend who kind of considers MST episodes torturous… so naturally I force them on him whenever I get a chance. (I think he secretly enjoys them and just likes to complain.) After a viewing of this episode at his house his daughters (ages 5 & 7 at the time) walked around the house yelling “DEEP HURTING” for weeks. My work is done here. :) (Have I told this story before?)

    PS. I don’t know about the crazy bread, but Little Caesars “pizza” is some of the most horrible “food” on earth, and has been since at least the 80s. I’d rather eat the box. But hey, that’s just my opinion.


  13. Yeah, I love me all these sword and sandal films — they are GREAT for riffing (and this is one of the best).

    As to the Wizard of Oz references — my wife and I actually play a game where we watch MST3K and when the first reference to WoZ hits we relax. So the challenge is to mention an episode where it doesn’t happen. This would be a better topic (trying to find all the instances of where there are references MIGHT be impossible). My own guess is there aren’t more than two or three episodes in the entire catalog that don’t reference Wizard one or more times.

    So there’s the weekend topic — name an episode that doesn’t have at least one WoZ reference (and then folks here can try and prove you wrong). I, for one, can’t think of one offhand (but my wife and I did come across at least one where we never said “THERE it is!”)


  14. My favorite part of the Mighty Favog scenes was whenever someone would ask him for a favor. He’d say in that Sheldon-Leonard-ish voice, “It’ll cost ya!”.

    I haven’t checked, but it seems like there were fewer Wizard of Oz riffs in the later years. I’ll bet there are 5 or 10 episodes without one in the last few seasons.
    Hallelujah!! Another excuse to watch a bunch of episodes! I’ll be back!


  15. rocketnumbernine says:

    I blame the “sandstorm” sequence for changing me from casual observer to full-fledged MSTie. Who knew that one agonizingly long-running cloud of orangey dust spread across a TV screen would be enough to change my life??


  16. theygone says:

    I’ve been reading your site for a long time now and have never posted anything. I would like to take a min and thank you for this wonderful place to get my MST info. There always seems to be good stuff here. So with that my favor line is the he’s a chest of drawers line. It is near the beginning of the film. I don’t know why but this line always make me laugh a lot. Thanks once again for the site


  17. dsman71 says:

    If you want to see a good Hercules movies – Hercules in the Haunted World – this is a good one directed by Mario Bava and has Christopher Lee..
    Alan Steel in Herc Unchained, very interested…
    I love the Pants song ( and in Poopie)
    Such a great fun episode…
    Italy was really cranking out the Herc and other Sword and Sandal films during the 1960s…there are TONS of these films. Joel barely scratched the surface in this genre..but I guess it would have been overkill at some point


  18. gojira7 says:

    “I’m glad I arrived in time.” (Prince Daris with an arrow in him) “That’s a matter of opinion, Herc!”

    My favorite riff!


  19. Mr. B(ob) says:

    Everything I said at #15 above three years ago still holds true, I’ll never get tired of this episode. “It’s the Monsters Of Rock Tour”. “We will, we will, rock you.” And if the Woodsy Owl jokes seemed a little dated when this episode was new they must be positively mystifying to younger viewers just getting into watching these shows on home video. “Guys, I am so homesick right now.”


  20. After having thought some more I’m not sure a topic about lack of WoZ references would be much fun — what good is a negative? But perhaps folks could talk about the more obscure ones (leaving out the so very often used ones like “How about a little fire?”, for example).

    In any case, #69 reminded me of my favorite line — when that line is said I fall on the floor every time (it HAS to be a dubbing issue — otherwise it just doesn’t make any sense).


  21. Mrs. Dick Courrier says:

    One of my faves! Love the whole thing. Found myself radomly humming Pants! at work the other day.

    For some reason it really bothers me when the queen orders a slow death by starvation. If no one else can survive the new world except her why bother?

    fave quotes:
    “Jim Henson’s Exodus babies”, probably my fave of all the Jim Henson ” babies riffs
    “cheeser cheeser” I too remember the commercials
    “guys, I’m go homesick right now”
    “his body makes me feel funny”
    “wanna get stoned?”

    When the sexy queen is gliding over to Herc I crack up every time at the wolf the train noises
    and the precurser to the famous scene in Warrior of the lost World where they’re comparing comparing all the characters to celebs “Paul Sorvino!”

    Also, I know Alan Steel is in the prior Herc movie, but I can’t find him. Does anybody know who he plays?


  22. Luther Strickland says:

    “Pants” is one of the classic moments of the show, to be sure. For me the part that seals it is the cut away to the Mads with Frank singing along. Outstanding. The “cast intros” during the rebel planning (Lee Majors, Paul Sorvino, etc.) are superb.


  23. Carly says:

    Forrester: Push the button, Frank.
    Frank: I AM the button.

    The creature thing attacks Herc.
    Joel: Hey, fur kills, I guess.


  24. 24HourWideAwakeNightmare says:

    Late in the game here but this was the first ep I ever watched, so it has that sentimental attachment, you might say. “Deeeeeeeeep Huuuuurting!!!”


  25. EricJ says:

    I remember playing with an old Doom II fan-sound replacement pack with MST3K sounds, that had one of the monsters chasing you with “Sandstorm…Saaaand-storrrrm….”
    To this day, Frank’s Frank-delivery in the opener has cracked me up silly ever since. :)

    (Of course “Deeeep hurting!”, “Rest in pants?” and “Wanna get stoned? had to be used, too, but the non-sequitir was still funnier.)


  26. 24HourWideAwakeNightmare says:

    I always wanted a bank of MST3K Windows sounds. Put in a bit of time once investigating this, but no dice. You could set them all one at a time, of course. But can’t you just download the like? So your error sound could be…I dunno, “Valery!” For the error sound your computer says “The Master doesn’t believe in such devices!” For shutdown…hmm…”You’re stuck here!”

    Jeez, there’s a whole post you could do here on this topic. Windows and Mac, of course. We could have a platform war ala Tom and Crow while we’re at it, remember that one? “What about System 7?” “It’s coming, OK! It’s coming!”


  27. 24HourWideAwakeNightmare says:

    Ooops, two error sound suggestions. You get the idea, though. One more…incoming email: “Watch out for snakes!” :laugh:


  28. Luther Strickland says:

    In re the “Alan Steel controversy, this is from IMDB:

    “Sergio Ciani

    Actor |Writer

    One of a load of ab-normal muscular men who stood on the Neopolitan pectoral pedestal during the sword-and-sandal craze of the early 1960s, Sergio Ciani was born in Italy and went by the aptly-named stage moniker “Alan Steel” while in the meat of his film career. Playing assorted mythological demigods in cheaply-made but highly popular spectacles of the early 1960s…See full bio »

    September 7, 1935 in Rome, Lazio, Italy”

    Steel/Ciani is in IMDB’s credits for Herc Unchained, but they do not list a name for his character. He’s probably a nameless victim of Herc Reeves or an equally nameless ally of the big guy.


  29. Creepygirl says:

    I thought I’d chime in and say…I LIKED IT VERY MUCH!



  30. Watch-out-for-Snakes says:

    I like this one a lot, maybe not quite as much as HERCULES UNCHAINED, but I still think this is a great episode.  The DEEP HURTING combined with SAAAANDSTOORRRRRM make for a quite a memorable experience, and while not quite as punishing as Rock Climbing in LOST CONTINENT, it’s still a classic bit. 

    All the Host Segments are good, the Pants song being a classic.  Frank’s reply of “rest in pants?” makes me laugh out loud.  Also, I love magic voice’s participation in the joke during HS#1.  Good times..


    During the intro,
    TV’s Frank:  “Trails.  Beautiful trails!”

    Dr.F: “Push the button Frank.”
    TV’s Frank: “I AM the button.”

    Things fall crashing from the sky,
    Joel: “Skylab!”–Remember that thing, everybody?

    Joel: “Jim Henson’s Exodus Babies.”

    Servo: “Hi, I’m a chocolate bar.  Break off bits of me and enjoy me all day.” —–a fan fave!

    About Herc,
    Crow: “His body makes me feel funny.”

    Joel: “Oh no, the smoke alarm again. Every time I heat a glazed doughnut in the microwave.” –as a kid this hit me hard, as I used to love microwave glazed doughnuts.

    Joel: “Pizza, pizza.” –love these jokes, and yeah, Little Caesar pizza is gross, but Crazy Bread is good, despite being sooo bad for you.

    Joel: “Trumpy, you’re angry.”

    Crow: “Super Bob Villa.”

    Servo: “Have fun stormin’ the castle!” —Servo said this same Princess Bride ref in Hercules Unchained.

    rock guys show up,
    Servo: “Wanna get stoned?”
    Crow (Bob Dylan voice): “Everyone must get stoned!”

    Servo: “I’m so sleepy I can barely keep awake.” —another ref to Herc Unchained

    when Herc is fighting,
    Joel: “Pizza, pizza my ass!”

    Joel: “It’s clobberin time!”

    Out of nowhere, during the saaandstoorrm, there is a slam on filmmaker Antonioni by Crow.  Ouch.

    Joel: “Oh jeez, I wish I had my shirt on, my nips are burning.”

    The letter at the end is from Beaverton, OR, a suburb of Portland.  Didn’t catch the kid’s name, the sound warbled on my copy..

    I like these sand, sword, and sandal films, I give this one a hearty 4/5!  


  31. Jbagels says:

    Is segment 1 really out of place? The old dude gets killed by the booby trap as they walk out of the theater.


  32. Green Switch says:

    All the “pizza pizza” riffs made this a personal favorite.

    The host segments were top notch as well.


  33. dad1153 says:

    I’m of two minds about ‘Deep Hurting.’ Seeing the sand storm scenes now with the benefit of hindsight (and all the bad movies on “MST3K”/Rifftrax/Cinematic Titanic” after “Hercules Against The Moon Men” premiered) it’s not really that lengthy or terrible. The stock footage attack in “Invasion of the Neptune Men” or the rock climbing scenes in “Lost Continent” are worse. Heck, the last 10-15 minutes of Cinematic Titanic’s “The Doomsday Machine” are much more painful than ‘Deep Hurting’ and ‘Rock Climbing’ and ‘Stock Footage Attack’ put together. There, I said it and I’ll say it again if I have to. :shout: On the other hand, because the Brains chose to make a big deal out of what still is essentially a 10 minute ‘dead zone’ of nothing happening (and then riff not only on the scene itself but the fact the Mads had made a big deal about ‘Deep Hurting’), they engaged the audience as viewers to participate in something that they were expecting to be boring and terrible that actually is (just not to the degree that they advetised it). Again using “Invasion of the Neptune Men” as an example, if the Brains had foreshadowed or made a big deal that Pearl Forrester had this unpleasant secret surprise/weapon waiting for Mike & the Bots, the arrival of the interminable stock footage attack segment would have been better received and more fun than when it just shows up unannounced and without pity on poor M&TB’s. Here the Brains not only announce that the lengthy/boring/dull sequence is coming but they build host segments and a running gag around it which, when it arrives, even allows Joel and the Bots to riff about their own riffing (which is rare for Joel to refer to what they’re doing as ‘riffing’). It’s meta piled on top of meta, and it makes the ‘Deep Hurting’ sequence/idea shine even though the sand storm scenes aren’t as bad or long as advertised. It’s almost like a warm-up, premise-wise, for “Manos: The Hands of Fate” and the Mads apologizing constantly for delivering fully on the show’s premise. It’s not an accident that, the same way the characters in “Manos” start singing ‘row your boat’ to pass the time, J&TB’s start singing ‘row your boat’ to get through the ‘Deep Hurting’ portion of “HATMM.”

    Now back to our regularly-scheduled experiment. After not being able to get much joy from “Hercules Unchained” a few weeks back I found myself thoroughly enjoying this Herc experiment which I’d seen once before a long time ago. Being really a Maciste flick means crazier, looser plots not directly tied to Greek mythology (not that the proper Herc movies were that respectful of the character’s origins either) plus “Alan Steel” is a decent-enough substitute for Steve Reeves. The horse’s constant Herc remarks shows that animals and small children can’t tell one Herc apart from the other. :bye: J&TB’s do volume business this time, throwing a plethora on non-sequitors (‘Tri-Star Pictures presents,’ ‘Trumpy, you’re angry,’ the whole ‘Dianetics/Tom Cruise’ thing, the ‘Paul Sorvino/Robert Stack/Harvey Korman/Lee Merriwether’ applause gag, etc.) that don’t amount to much outside the ‘Deep Hurting’ stuff, but which fit the moment they’re on and are actually funny. The host segments are classic (and, helped by the behind-the-scenes Poopie reel of screw-ups, nostalgic) and seem to relish their own purile banality (‘BOOBY’ :evilgrin: ). Frank is in particular top-form here not only waving that sand around like a broken vaccuum cleaner but really getting into it (‘I AM THE BUTTON’). Me thinks I have a new favorite episode to add to the rotation of regularly-rewatched episodes.

    FOUR STARS (out of five) for “Hercules Against The Moon Men.” FAVORITE RIFF: ‘Can they have a platonic relationship before Plato?’ 8-)


  34. cvbwe says:

    When they compare the moon man to a Mexican wrestler it reminds me of Konnan’s mask back when he had one down there (not his Max Moon one).


  35. Sitting Duck says:

    Hercules Against the Moon Men passes the Bechdel Test. Samara and Arga talk about the latter’s goings on. Also when Vilus talks to the handmaiden about meeting Samara.

    I’m surprised no one riffed on how the costume Hercules wears looks like something from the B.C. comic strip. Perhaps it doesn’t run in any Minnesota papers.

    Joel sure did manage to reattach Tom’s arms quickly.

    Point of interest. In ancient times, Saturn was the furthest planet to be identified, since Uranus requires a telescope to see.

    The way Samara slipped in the mickey for Herc’s drink wasn’t all that stealthy.

    The Greek historian Herodotus once recounted an incident where a guy named Aristagoras tried to convince the Spartans to go to war with the Persians to drive them out of Ionia. As part of his spiel, he essentially claims that the Persians will be lightweights. From Book 5 Chapter 49 I quote; “They wear trousers when they go into battle, and funny caps on their heads. So you can see how easy they will be to beat!” This implies that, as far as the Greeks were concerned, there were no praises to sing for pants.

    Personally, I don’t get the issue with the sandstorm. It was nowhere near as tedious as the rock climbing of Lost Continent.

    Favorite riffs

    Nike. Just film it.

    War comes to the Land of Dairy Queen.

    You know, the best scenic overlooks are the scenic overlooks that aren’t marked as scenic overlooks.

    Get your hands off me, you damn dirty ape. Or whatever you are.

    Forgive me Father, for all I think about is sinning.

    It’s never as fun as it looks in the brochures.

    So I said, “Why don’t you try pushing the rope?” Okay, I’ll be the slave.

    “But you’re not Vinus.”
    Well you’re not Steve Reeves.

    A piercing problem. Will Hercules escape? Tune in next week, same Herc time, same Herc channel.

    “You have nothing to fear from me.”
    But fear itself.

    “Darax is alive.”
    And well, and living in Paris.

    Meanwhile, in Hef’s Grotto.


  36. A.J. (A Jerk) says:

    Sorry, this episode blows. Everything about it feels completely phoned in and tired (this was the 34th episode out of a total of 72 shows that were ordered all at once I believe, so some fatigue had to show up somewhere), the sketches are bad for the most part (DEEP HURTING and “sandstorm” are maybe the single most annoying things they ever came up with, just the most cringiest stuff I’ve ever come across in a supposed comedy show), and the riffing is some of the weakest of the whole series, not just bad jokes but horrible delivery and timing all around.

    One of the worst episodes of the series. Thumbs DOWN.


  37. Into The Void says:

    Super Freak-Out!!!

    Oh yeah… 8-)


  38. Joseph Klemm says:

    Into The Void: Super Freak-Out!!!

    Oh yeah… Cool



  39. dcmatthews says:

    Favorite riff: “Splash me on in the morning, wear the great scent of me all day!”


  40. Prime Minister Jm J. Bullock says:

    @87 I have the exact opposite feelings about this episode. But the feelings you have towards this episode are the same feelings I have towards Space Mutiny, which, strangely enough, is just one long version of the riff explained in this episode, tough guy names!


  41. thequietman says:

    “GASP! A film crew!”

    This one started off slow, but once the ‘saaaandstorm’ hit it had picked up. It’s sort of a continuation of the frustration at the interminable date scene in last week’s “Indestructible Man”.

    @87 Now that I think about it, perhaps there was a little fatigue. I’m remembering the Poopie moment during the “Super Freak-Out!” sketch where Joel just seems to shut down.

    “Whattsamatter Joel? You’re not freaking out!”


  42. touches no one's life, then leaves says:

    #72: Jim Henson’s Exodus babies”, probably my fave of all the Jim Henson ”babies”

    The great thing about Joel’s “___ Babies” jokes (IMHO) is they get the job (juxtaposing what’s on the screen with something entirely different, something most viewers would never have thought of (the Exodus joke surprised me, anyway)) quickly and easily. He and the Bots could’ve made three or four Exodus riffs without actually using the word “Exodus” and some viewers STILL might not have gotten it. This way, BANG, let’s move on.

    Off-MST3K: Really, when you think about it (“So don’t think about it.”), the Exodus offered a massive demonstration of Bad Parenthood. Okay, you can take your infants on a debilitating near-directionless march through the desert where many of them will probably die or you can stay where they’re guaranteed at least some semblance of three meals a day and a roof over the heads. Shouldn’t that be a no-brainer? Sure, freedom is better than slavery, but do you think a baby understands that? All a baby understands is that it’s hungry and it’s tired and it’s got sand in its eyes and Mommy isn’t FIXING it…


  43. Cornjob says:

    Great episode. I love all the Hercules movies. Right after seeing this episode for the first time a villain appeared in a Spider Man comic book named Sandstorm. You can imagine my amusement.

    As far as pants go, there is a growing crisis in the U.S. regarding alarming numbers of young people who don’t know how to wear a pair of pants. To whom it may concern: “The belt cinches ABOVE the butt cheeks, not BELOW!!!”

    I don’t want to have to say this again, though I probably will. And if you attempt to “pilot swim trunks” you really need to line up the waist of the trunks with your own waist or tragedy will follow. The key line in the Pants Song is “They always cover up my butt”. If your pants fail to do this you have failed to wear your pants the right way. My dad taught me how to wear pants at such a young age I can’t even remember it. Why is there such widespread failure now? They have adult literacy classes for people who didn’t learn to read as kids. We need adult/adolescent classes for pants wearing for all the poor individuals that didn’t learn how to pilot pants at a younger age. Sorry for ranting, but when I was kid visible underwear was something you got made fun for, not something to be proud of.


  44. Into The Void says:

    As far as pants go, there is a growing crisis in the U.S. regarding alarming numbers of young people who don’t know how to wear a pair of pants. To whom it may concern: “The belt cinches ABOVE the butt cheeks, not BELOW!!!”

    Bad Santa: “Pull Your Damn Pants Up!” (Bernie Mac)


  45. Bruce Boxliker says:

    My favorite of the Hercules movies (even if it isn’t a Hercules movie)! It’s just so goofy, and the riffing is fantastic.
    A lot of people here are talking like Little Ceaser’s is gone, but there’s still a ton of them around the Kansas City area. I actually worked at one in the 90’s for a couple months.

    I have just one question about the movie: If the ‘Moon Men’ are all rock-like and/or at least somewhat alien-looking, why does their Queen (that they’re trying to resurrect) look Human?


  46. Cornjob says:

    I’m eating some Little Ceaser’s pizza right now. Pizza! Pizza!


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