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A Tom Servo Yarn

Have you ever wanted to crochet your own chibi Tom Servo? Here’s how.

13 Replies to “A Tom Servo Yarn”

  1. BIG61AL says:

    Who new that there were so many people who crochet know who Tom Servo is.


  2. MikeK says:

    I’d rather not sound like an old lady, but that thing is darling.


  3. anti spring extremist says:

    The repipient is going to do backflips over this. I bet he will think this is the best present ever.


  4. anti spring extremist says:

    recipient, D’oh!


  5. AlbuquerqueTurkey says:

    My daughter found this site a couple of years ago and crocheted her own Tom. It is displayed prominently in her college apartment.


  6. Sharktopus says:

    Aww. Doweling. Endowable. Pwecious even.


  7. lancecorbain says:

    Incredible!!! I was afraid the day of afghans(the blankets) was over, forever. My gramma would be proud.


  8. mstgator says:

    #6: Yep. And cute as the widow Buddig.


  9. MageAkyla says:

    I’m glad to see there is still such love for my Tom Servo after almost 2 years :). The big one is still displayed prominently by my brother and the little one has a happy home with a friend. I keep meaning to tackle someone else. Crow has been giving me a problem but maybe I’ll see about Gypsy or Cambot.


  10. Matt D. says:

    Man, I gotta get my mother to do this. She loves to crochet and make blankets and such, and I would so pay for the yarn and labor if that is how it would turn out. Nice job MageAkyla.


  11. dylonius funk says:

    That makes me wish I had some artistic talent. Very nicely done. Do you take commissions?


  12. digital_trucker says:

    #9 Y’know, you might try using normal crochet for Crow’s body, head, and beak….and go more along a lacemaking route for the net. You can stiffen the net with sugar water and dry it over a form. My mom used to make crocheted baskets that way using what appeared to my eyes to be something along the lines of string.


  13. lancecorbain says:

    THAT… adorable!!!! My god. My gramma used to just crochet afghans for beds. I still have and use mine. If only this show had been on during her prime “bored” years. I only mention her because she’s the person who taught me to talk back to the TV.


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