Welcome to the official Frequently Asked Questions web site for fans of the TV series Mystery Science Theater 3000. Please read this before joining discussions on the newsgroup or other MST3K forums.


  • ABOUT THIS FAQ -- An explanation of the origins of this FAQ, who the authors and contributors are, etc.
  • THE BASICS -- A quick briefing on the whole "MST3K" thing.
  • LYRICS -- The correct lyrics to all six versions of the theme song.
  • COMEDY CENTRAL -- Info about MST3K's former home and why they cancelled the show.
  • THE SCI-FI CHANNEL (and Sci*fi) -- Info about the most recent home of MST3K; also included: info on MST3K's former home in England, Sci*fi.
  • CANCELLATION AND ITS AFTERMATH -- Info about how and why the show got cancelled the final time, and what will and won't happen next.
  • SYNDICATION -- Info about MST3K's one-year run on local TV stations, including an episode list.
  • BEHIND THE SCENES -- Background on the making of MST3K.
  • OTHER MEDIA -- Info about the Amazing Colossal Episode Guide, the Rhino home videos and DVDs, and other Best Brains offerings.
  • MST3K - THE MOVIE -- What it was and why you may have missed it in theaters.
  • CONVENTIONS -- Info about the two official MST3K conventions.
  • MSTIES -- Info on that rare breed of human, the MSTie.
  • MSTIE CYBERSPACE -- Looking to interact with fellow MSTies online? Here's how.
  • JOEL VS. MIKE DISCUSSIONS -- Tastes great! Less filling! The silly debate and why it's silly.
  • LEGALITIES -- The legalities behind the phrase "Keep circulating the tapes" and more.
  • PARTS: THE BOT BUILDING HORROR -- Everything you wanted to know about those robot pals and other props and set pieces.
  • SUBTLETIES -- Answers to some of the more obscure questions about the show.
  • WHERE ARE THEY NOW? -- What are the former cast and crew members up to?

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