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<PaulChaplin> test

<BridgetJones> test one two

<Moderator> That's good, Paul.

<PaulChaplin> Are we in? I think we are!!

<Moderator> Good. Cool!

<BridgetJones> ok

<PaulChaplin> Let's chat!!

<BridgetJones> Were on our way!!1

<PaulChaplin> 1?

<Moderator> OK, do you have any opening remarks?

<PaulChaplin> I'm glad to be here, and I'm glad to be here still.

<BridgetJones> let's go!

<Moderator> OK, here we go.

<Moderator> <Sampo> to <Moderator>: Have any of the movies been chosen for episodes 814 on up?

<PaulChaplin> No, but a bunch we've looked at. They're not very good movies.

<Moderator> <Epicharmus> to <Moderator>: This is for Bridget: Did you get any special satisfaction from being able to slap Mike silly as Adrienne Barbeau in ep. 805?

<PaulChaplin> I got special satisfaction from it.

<BridgetJones> Yes it wasn't as fun as at home but yiu make do

<Moderator> <igor> to <Moderator>: Paul or Bridget, can you give us a hint where the SOL will travel to next and who they will encounter?

<BridgetJones> I want it to go to a planet of sorority girls

<PaulChaplin> A planet of guys who wear no make-up and hang around the studio.

<PaulChaplin> We don;t know, actually.

<Moderator> <DataJoe> to <Moderator>: Paul, Bridget...who was your favorite character to play and why? And as a follow up, what one show do each of you watch week after week without fail?

<BridgetJones> I watch the essence of Emeril but he bugs me

<PaulChaplin> I played Hamlet in the fourth grade, but seriously I think Pitch. I like the laugh.

<BridgetJones> My favorite charecter was the Amazon mom

<PaulChaplin> I watch a local show called "simply fishin'"

<BridgetJones> With you paul it's all simple

<PaulChaplin> Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

<BridgetJones> Zing

<PaulChaplin> ring a ding ding

<Moderator> <Kodiak> to <Moderator>: Paul, any animosity for having to go through all that makeup, and having yet to survive a planetary disintegration?

<PaulChaplin> Remember, that was a character.

<BridgetJones> Paul goes through ytubes and tubes of charels of the ritz

<PaulChaplin> We all hated that ape make-uip - pretty hard to put up with for a whole day

<PaulChaplin> What is charels of the ritz?

<BridgetJones> You poor soul

<PaulChaplin> I know

<PaulChaplin> Oh, "charles"

<BridgetJones> Paul why don't you just come to my office and we'll talk

<PaulChaplin> You come to my office

<BridgetJones> no

<PaulChaplin> you don;t have an office

<BridgetJones> thanks

<PaulChaplin> Yeah

<PaulChaplin> (zing)

<BridgetJones> i have a special chair

<Moderator> <Shellback> to <Moderator>: If Pearl keeps gaining sidekicks, is she going to have to get a bigger van?

<PaulChaplin> Remember she already owns a "big rig"

<BridgetJones> Yes and it's going to be a town and country with juice box holders

<PaulChaplin> we think of it as a sort if outer space Outlaw Josey Wales

<Moderator> <CitizenNancy> to <Moderator>: Paul and Bridget, is there a way for us fans to recommend bad movies for you to use?

<BridgetJones> Yes, tell Barb

<PaulChaplin> And then Barb will decide what we do

<BridgetJones> bring on the?????

<Moderator> <Bookworm> to <Moderator>: Now that you've reached the third-of-the-way point, do you think the show is going the direction you want it to? Is it evolving the way you envisioned it?

<BridgetJones> we4ll Charels Nelson Riely hasnt been shipwreckrd yet

<PaulChaplin> We rarely think more than about a day ahead, if that

<PaulChaplin> We're having fun, so that's a good thing

<BridgetJones> Can someone be hired to help me spell and type?

<PaulChaplin> That's me, right?

<BridgetJones> oh yrrj,dh

<PaulChaplin> Ythrn

<BridgetJones> sdfjilksdgf;hkiadklu

<PaulChaplin> FGHf!!!!!

<Moderator> <MrListOfLists> to <Moderator>: Will we get to see some films in color?

<PaulChaplin> Yes, if you have a color TV

<BridgetJones> YES lots we've been asking for them by name

<PaulChaplin> After about half way through the 13, they start popping up

<PaulChaplin> We're doing another of those werid Russian movies - that's in color

<BridgetJones> I got that girl in color

<Moderator> <CountZero> to <Moderator>: do you plan on using anymore of the old short clips from the schhol films and such at the beginning of your episodes?

<BridgetJones> We don't know and they would never tell paul and i anyway

<PaulChaplin> We don;t know, hard to say at this point. My Kevin advises me no comment

<Moderator> <Cynic-Guy> to <Moderator>: How about some 3D movies?

<BridgetJones> okay

<PaulChaplin> Sure.

<BridgetJones> Is this a date

<PaulChaplin> How about dinner and a 3-d movie

<BridgetJones> No your cookin with crisco

<BridgetJones> I ment now

<Moderator> <Q> to <Moderator>: Paul - if there were a real wrestling match between you and Kevin Murphy, who would win?

<PaulChaplin> Is this the same guy asking all these questions? WE could just call him

<BridgetJones> I put my money on Paul

<PaulChaplin> I would fight so dirty that he would not know what hit him

<BridgetJones> Kevin uses oil

<PaulChaplin> Was that Don King?

<Moderator> <ETI> to <Moderator>: What's your favorite part of the shows to write: the mstings, or the host segments?

<PaulChaplin> It's fun when it's fun

<BridgetJones> I like the second run through of the movie

<PaulChaplin> The host segments are in some way the biggest challenge.

<BridgetJones> The second time around we usually start writing things out of desperation and it makes us laugh

<PaulChaplin> A lot of staring that day

<PaulChaplin> I stare at Kevin, usually

<BridgetJones> Yes and drooling

<BridgetJones> You always stare at kevin

<Moderator> <tomservo> to <Moderator>: Both: has there ever been a movie so bad you thought it might be even too bad?

<PaulChaplin> Yes, every week we go through that stretch

<BridgetJones> Yes MANOS i haaaaaate that movie

<BridgetJones> Manos made me think the devil was coming

<PaulChaplin> And he was, but we threw him out

<BridgetJones> He moved in and you know it

<PaulChaplin> Was he who took my forst office?

<PaulChaplin> I mean first

<BridgetJones> What?

<PaulChaplin> Huh?

<BridgetJones> Ohb.

<PaulChaplin> jhikhdf;s

<PaulChaplin> Hello?

<Moderator> <agentj> to <Moderator>: Paul: I heard how you were spotted by Best Brains as a writer was an interesting story. Could you tell us about it?

<PaulChaplin> I was running naked thorugh the bush and Mike saw my talent

<BridgetJones> I was with mike and urged him on

<PaulChaplin> Seriously - they saw me at an open stage and admired my perseverance as I attempted to host a real sad open stage

<PaulChaplin> By "they" I mean some guys from here

<BridgetJones> Paul you were very funny selling those dots

<PaulChaplin> They were Jujyfruits

<BridgetJones> Dots

<PaulChaplin> No. Jujyfruits

<BridgetJones> horse mule horse...

<PaulChaplin> I know, you're right. Dots

<Moderator> <ETI> to <Moderator>: Would you say fans of MST3k are in general more sane than trekkies?

<BridgetJones> Yes!

<PaulChaplin> Well, it hasn't been 35 years yet so yes.

<BridgetJones> I'd say they are better dressers

<PaulChaplin> Plus I don't know of any weird psycho-sexual touches at our conventions

<BridgetJones> And most peoples t shirts go over their guts

<Moderator> <Josh> to <Moderator>: both:will rhino release manos on video?

<PaulChaplin> I don't know - hopefully.

<BridgetJones> Paul?

<PaulChaplin> Yeah?

<BridgetJones> oops

<PaulChaplin> You okay?

<BridgetJones> my tummy hurts

<PaulChaplin> Bridget had a bad hot dog earlier

<BridgetJones> at target

<PaulChaplin> So she can always return it

<BridgetJones> It doesnt look right with the shoes

<PaulChaplin> or on the shoes, yeah!

<Moderator> <WabitTwax> to <Moderator>: When are they going to make MST3K Action Figures! (Wit not included)?

<BridgetJones> Soon I hope because I've got great Ideas for MaryJo

<PaulChaplin> I can;t think of anything to say! I don;t know

<Moderator> <Stav> to <Moderator>: Outside of MST, do you think you guys are 'normal'?

<BridgetJones> Oh cripes yeah

<PaulChaplin> Yeah, why? Who have you been tlaking to? I mean I think it's a little subjective what normal is, but i think a coupla regular guys like us can agree that we're both pretty regular

<PaulChaplin> I fish, that's normal

<BridgetJones> I work at my church and stuff

<Moderator> <lando5> to <Moderator>: Can we settle once and for all what Mary Jo said that got bleeped out of ep 807?

<PaulChaplin> She swore at me so bad.

<BridgetJones> I work at my church and stuff

<PaulChaplin> It was "shmuck" apparently, and it means something bad in Yiddish.

<BridgetJones> I'm not sure I think communicatio is breaking down

<PaulChaplin> It's all fine, you're coming through clear and fine, it's good to be fine,

<Moderator> <PinkBoy> to <Moderator>: Has there been any talk (general mumblings, screams in the night) about a third con?

<BridgetJones> Why Pink Boy?

<PaulChaplin> It's always a possibility, but you'd probably know before we do.

<BridgetJones> Really Why is your name Pink boy?

<PaulChaplin> He's pink. Sad really.

<PaulChaplin> We'd have to hire the Astrodome,

<PaulChaplin> Hello?

<Moderator> <Stav> to <Moderator>: If there were a movie that you could do which would either of you pick to MST?

<BridgetJones> I would choose the Bodygaurd

<PaulChaplin> I would love to do a good movie, meaning no disrespect. Or maybe meaning disrespect. Like a Bergman movie. Or "lifeboat"

<BridgetJones> IIIIIIIIIIIwill always love that movie

<PaulChaplin> I'm sure you would choose the bodyguard, rowll

<BridgetJones> Paul did you know i love life boat/

<PaulChaplin> I knew you love Lifebuoy

<BridgetJones> less scum

<PaulChaplin> More flavor

<BridgetJones> and my active life requires that

<PaulChaplin> I'd love to do any of the Ganera movies, you ever see them?

<Moderator> <JaneMolly> to <Moderator>: what's the weirdest thing a fan has ever sent you? Has anyone ever knitted you or the bots something?

<PaulChaplin> We have been knitted sweaters, very nice sweates. A guy sent us toenails once, but they were the wrong size.

<BridgetJones> Y3es this really nice lady knit every single one of us these great sweaters

<PaulChaplin> See? I wasn't lying.

<BridgetJones> Pauls is asassy cardigan

<PaulChaplin> I'm not lying about the toenails.

<PaulChaplin> Everything about me is sassy.

<BridgetJones> Short and Sassy

<PaulChaplin> Hey - what do you mean short?

<BridgetJones> Long and silky short and sassy

<PaulChaplin> Okay then. That's what i think about you too.

<Moderator> <ETI> to <Moderator>: Do you ever MST things in theaters and get yelled at by people nearby?

<BridgetJones> Yes during the bodygaurd

<PaulChaplin> We all went to see Waterworld together and did it, the day it opened, but other than that it's not a nice thing to do.

<BridgetJones> Maryjo and I and about 6other people

<Moderator> <iggymac> to <Moderator>: A little off the subject of MST3K but...where did you and Mike meet? And, is there an interesting anecdote? I hope that's not too personal.

<PaulChaplin> Well, we met at a comedy club, and I could tell right away that there was just something - oh, you mean Bridget

<BridgetJones> It was during the war in paris my husband Victor... no wait

<BridgetJones> i walked in to his Gin Joint

<PaulChaplin> I mnet a guy once, you want to hear about that?

<BridgetJones> Actually we met at an open stage

<PaulChaplin> Hello?

<Moderator> <larrylt> to <Moderator>: Bridget, as CEO of AOL's Bridget Brigade, I have to ask...would you consider playing a major character on MST?

<BridgetJones> Oh HI...

<BridgetJones> Yes i'd do it if i could work out the homefront

<PaulChaplin> And her massive pay requirements

<BridgetJones> And trailer

<PaulChaplin> And all the blue M and M's

<PaulChaplin> And bodygards

<BridgetJones> I would love to be an arch enemy of MJ

<PaulChaplin> Who wouldn't

<BridgetJones> But thats not what i used to do

<Moderator> <Reaper> to <Moderator>: What did you do before mst??

<PaulChaplin> I was a caddy.

<BridgetJones> I used to sell Banana boat skin Care products

<PaulChaplin> Hey so did I!!

<BridgetJones> Thats how we met

<PaulChaplin> And became bitter rivals

<BridgetJones> your always so much tanner then me

<PaulChaplin> There;s simply not enough Banana Boat territory to go around

<BridgetJones> Damn you for selling the northeast

<PaulChaplin> It's mine - mine!!!

<Moderator> <Mike> to <Moderator>: I have an idea for the show. How would I go about sending it to you?

<BridgetJones> Mike.. my husband mike?

<PaulChaplin> Is that you MIke?

<BridgetJones> Honey your tghe head writer relax

<PaulChaplin> Actually, e're not supposed to read ideas, sorry

<Moderator> <MULDER> to <Moderator>: What is the meaning of life?

<BridgetJones> Live love laugh

<PaulChaplin> To make others happy.

<BridgetJones> Stuffing

<PaulChaplin> Potatoes

<BridgetJones> STUFFING

<PaulChaplin> Yes, you're right.

<Moderator> <GEORGIANA> to <Moderator>: Question for both: How did you become involved with BBI, and has acting/showbiz been something you've always wanted to do, or was it something you "fell into"??

<Moderator> Newcomers: just /msg Moderator with your questions.

<PaulChaplin> Some giys from here saw ne at an open stage (op cit)

<BridgetJones> Hi georianna thats a great question that gets to the heart of the matter

<PaulChaplin> I'd like to say this about that

<BridgetJones> I always thought i'd be adancer but i was bad

<BridgetJones> so i went in to typing

<PaulChaplin> Atually I wanted to be a mountain climber, then a composer after I saw David Macallum as Beethoven.

<PaulChaplin> God that was beautiful.

<PaulChaplin> Freude schone Gotterfunken, etc.

<Moderator> <tomservo> to <Moderator>: is the real mike anything like the mike on the show?

<PaulChaplin> Sure, we use a standard mike that amplifies sound like any mike

<PaulChaplin> Get it?

<BridgetJones> Well he alway wears a jumper if that's what you mean

<PaulChaplin> He is a sweet guy and one of my favorite people in show business

<BridgetJones> Actually he is very fun to live with as long as you don't touch his speakers

<PaulChaplin> Oops.

<BridgetJones> Paul did...once

<PaulChaplin> And he has speakers covering eery inch of the house

<PaulChaplin> he is speaker mad.

<BridgetJones> And i hate them, but don't tell

<PaulChaplin> I won't... hey MIKE!!!!

<Moderator> <Sampo> to <Moderator>: Bridget, what kind of dad is Mike?

<BridgetJones> a tall one

<PaulChaplin> Their kids are being raised in boxes.

<BridgetJones> PAUL!

<PaulChaplin> Well they are.

<BridgetJones> Speaker boxes

<Moderator> <Erhardt> to <Moderator>: For Paul: It surprised a few fans when Bill was made the last remaining Observer instead of you. Why did the part go to him?

<BridgetJones> Paul was in the potty

<PaulChaplin> We wretled, and i let him win.

<PaulChaplin> wrestled I mean.

<PaulChaplin> I'm gathering behind the scenes power like you wouldn't believe,

<BridgetJones> Are we doing ok

<BridgetJones> I fear were not fast enough

<PaulChaplin> or smart enough.

<Moderator> You're doing fine.

<BridgetJones> thanks

<Moderator> <Q> to <Moderator>: Is there some sort of "hazing" a new writer has to go through at BBI before they can join, i.e. Bill Corbett?

<BridgetJones> I made him do all my Bio labs

<PaulChaplin> We jam old sketches into his chest as hard as we can.

<BridgetJones> Actually it was to busy... but we love him

<BridgetJones> Too

<PaulChaplin> Just be great from the get-go, that's the on'y expectation.

<Moderator> <Q> to <Moderator>: Who's the marx brothers fan at BBI? I've noticed a lot of references lately.

<BridgetJones> ALL of US

<PaulChaplin> All of us. It's a requirement for membership in the human race.

<BridgetJones> Can't you see what i'm trying to say i love you

<PaulChaplin> Go, and never darken my towels again!

<PaulChaplin> We must defend this woman's honor which is more than she ever did

<BridgetJones> okay okay

<Moderator> <gmark> to <Moderator>: Who is Dale? And why are you making a reference to her hands on EVERY show?

<BridgetJones> A commercial for soap in the 70's...

<BridgetJones> Dale Evans

<PaulChaplin> It's an old commercial - OLD - a guy mistakes a girls' mom for the girl, the girl being Dale. It's actually pretty intricate.

<BridgetJones> Her hand were so youg looking

<BridgetJones> Hope you think it's funny it cracks us up

<PaulChaplin> Cuz her hands are real nice, see, like the clearly younger Dale. The implications are pretty frightening, and we're left to wonder what happens between this young fellow and the odler woman.

<PaulChaplin> So that's the Dale thing.

<Moderator> <T0RG0> to <Moderator>: Why did you stop doing the end of credits "Stingers"? I love them!

<PaulChaplin> They'll be bakc, don't worry.

<PaulChaplin> You gotta let us mess aoround once in a while.

<Moderator> <GailPolly> to <Moderator>: question to Paul: why haven't we seen you on screen more in past years. I think you've got a great comic deadpan look!

<BridgetJones> Paul let others talk honey

<PaulChaplin> (I'm giving that look now.)

<PaulChaplin> Is it also sly and sexy?

<BridgetJones> notice the silence/

<Moderator> <Kodiak> to <Moderator>: Paul or Bridget: What do you think about Mike's ONION comment about there being a small number of Internetters who basically have the loudest voice of the fans?

<BridgetJones> I think he has his own mind

<PaulChaplin> Well, considering that we have roughly 45 million fan club members, the Internet group is a relatively small number.

<BridgetJones> but dedicated, don't go!

<PaulChaplin> What do you think about Mike's opinion that John Tower would have nade a good sec of defense>

<PaulChaplin> We love all our fans unconditionally.

<Moderator> <JaneMolly> to <Moderator>: This might seem off topic, but it's really important to me. What's your favorite kind of pickles? Gherkin, dill, Vilasic, or what?

<PaulChaplin> Off the topic? No.

<BridgetJones> Sandwich slices

<PaulChaplin> I'm just not sure I feel comfortable answering.

<PaulChaplin> I like PIckles, Morey Amsterdam's wife on Dick Van Dyke.

<Moderator> OK: Last five minutes everyone!

<PaulChaplin> last call!

<Moderator> <DataJoe> to <Moderator>: Can each of you remember your first riff? What was it?

<PaulChaplin> Mine was a fart.

<BridgetJones> Yes it was chocolate rebel with out a cause...6years old

<Moderator> <Josh> to <Moderator>: will leters ever be read again?

<PaulChaplin> I'd guess yes.

<PaulChaplin> By someone somewhere.

<BridgetJones> we don;t get them any more

<PaulChaplin> That's not true, we get letters from banks and stuff.

<Moderator> <JaneMolly> to <Moderator>: this is for Bridget: does Mike wear boxers or briefs?

<PaulChaplin> is this cyberpsace> Are we cybertyping?

<BridgetJones> ummmmgee well golly

<PaulChaplin> What does that have to do with the price of potatoes?

<BridgetJones> I'm not saying

<Moderator> <MULDER> to <Moderator>: Is there even a remote possibility that Joel, Frank, or Dr. F. will return?

<PaulChaplin> Define "remote"

<BridgetJones> That would be so cool..

<BridgetJones> but they all have a lot of stuff on their own now

<BridgetJones> Maybe guest spots?

<Moderator> <ETI> to <Moderator>: Do you like answering people's questions live, or like this?

<BridgetJones> LIVE

<PaulChaplin> I love it both ways, but this does get a bit weird.

<BridgetJones> I'm not to smart and this is hard

<PaulChaplin> Speaking of spots, Bridget, I've git this rash...

<BridgetJones> oh Paul

<PaulChaplin> Yeah yeah yeah

<Moderator> And on that note...

<Moderator> Thank you both for spending time here with us tonight.

<BridgetJones> I hope this was fun for folks it eas for me

<PaulChaplin> Thank you and goodbye. Say helloto Mrs. Moderator.

<BridgetJones> I ment was

<PaulChaplin> We know,

<Moderator> we're going to switch over to unmoderated mode, so everybody be nice...

<BridgetJones> Thanks... Paul....Beer?

Reprinted with permission of The Sci-Fi Channel.