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<Referee>: Hello

<BridgetJones>: Hi folks

<BillCorbett>: hello? hello? is thios thing on?

<KevinMurphy>: goob. spoon

<mikenelson>: Hello, to all, I say, Hello!

<KevinMurphy>: Hello for now.

<BillCorbett>: this THIONG?...sorry

<PaulChaplin>: Hi I'm here now

<KevinMurphy>: hello with gusto

<BridgetJones>: Where's maryjo?

<mikenelson>: Bill, please don't embarrass us.

<KevinMurphy>: hello con queso

<mikenelson>: Hello Con Brio.

<KevinMurphy>: i am wearing a thong.

<BridgetJones>: Maryjo please show thy self

<BridgetJones>: Kevin wre you in my room?

<KevinMurphy>: hi mary

<MaryJoPehl>: Ola Como Estas

<KevinMurphy>: no bridget

<MaryJoPehl>: Hi Ke

<PaulChaplin>: Nobody should respond to Kevin's thong by the way

<KevinMurphy>: vin

<BillCorbett>: hello con air

<mikenelson>: Does anyone want that last piece of pizza?

<KevinMurphy>: me me me me

<BillCorbett>: nah, snag it mike

<PaulChaplin>: I've forgotten how to type and everything

<mikenelson>: Thanks, Bill.

<KevinMurphy>: Paul is thst your hand?

<PaulChaplin>: Whut

<KevinMurphy>: Paul!

<MaryJoPehl>: I'm very concerned about my flip right now

<BridgetJones>: Maryjo it looks slick

<BillCorbett>: hi mike, it's me, your ex-girlfriend

<KevinMurphy>: your flip is flopped

<mikenelson>: Hi, Ex-Girlfriend, Bill Corbett.

<PaulChaplin>: I'm hot - very hot - I'm going to take my short off

<MaryJoPehl>: Please don't.

<KevinMurphy>: hi bill, it'sme your ex boyfriend

<mikenelson>: PAAAUULLLLL

<PaulChaplin>: I meant shirt

<BillCorbett>: PAUL! Don't you dare take your SHORT off!

<KevinMurphy>: your short?

<MaryJoPehl>: Don't take either off 'kay?

<Referee>: Shall we ask a question?

<mikenelson>: We're all protected from private messages, he he he he!

<BillCorbett>: Keivn, what kind of underwear does Paul wear?

<PaulChaplin>: Oh I knnow you don't mean that

<PaulChaplin>: Same as you I don't

<mikenelson>: He doesn't. I know.

<BridgetJones>: I'm sitting here polietly waiting and you guys are jabbering

<KevinMurphy>: Fur-lined cod pieces

<MaryJoPehl>: They are long 1890s underwear

<PaulChaplin>: Cod-lined fur pieces

<BillCorbett>: Thanks, KEIVN!

<Referee>: <JamesDiGritz> to <Referee>: What movies can we see being totalled in the coming months?

<KevinMurphy>: Attention, bridget is dumb

<BridgetJones>: hey!!!


<BillCorbett>: Ingmar Bergman'sFANNY & ALEXANDER

<KevinMurphy>: Riding with death!

<MaryJoPehl>: Giant Spider is May 31 I think

<PaulChaplin>: Jack Frost - Giant Spuider InvASION -

<mikenelson>: We can see movies such as Jack Frost, Giant Spider Invasion, Riding With Death, and the Wages of Fear.

<BridgetJones>: i don't know

<KevinMurphy>: in french, riding avecmort

<MaryJoPehl>: Agent from HARM.

<mikenelson>: And Liar, Liar.

<PaulChaplin>: Rashomon

<KevinMurphy>: And the Fifth Elephant

<mikenelson>: And Diabolique.

<BillCorbett>: You must understand, Kevin's a big Mickey Rourke fan.

<MaryJoPehl>: Anaconda

<PaulChaplin>: And Z

<KevinMurphy>: It's`mickey's clothes.

<mikenelson>: And Hook, Line and Sinker with Jerry Lewis.

<PaulChaplin>: The Egg and I

<BridgetJones>: Booty call

<KevinMurphy>: Rashamon

<MaryJoPehl>: Seven Samurai

<mikenelson>: Boing, Boing.

<KevinMurphy>: I mean Rastaman

<MaryJoPehl>: Woman in the Dunes

<PaulChaplin>: I already said that Kevin and I spelled it right

<BillCorbett>: Attention, everyone, Paul just said "I am dripping with sweat!"

<Referee>: <pazuzu> to <Referee>: what's going on with that roach that scurries across the floor just as one of the last doors close in the opening countdown?????????????I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!

<KevinMurphy>: Lick me Paul.

<PaulChaplin>: I will

<BridgetJones>: It's mad

<KevinMurphy>: It's a little treat compliments of Jef Maynard.

<BillCorbett>: He really writes all our jokes.

<mikenelson>: That roach is one the only one Paul hasn't smoked.

<KevinMurphy>: WHOOOO!

<MaryJoPehl>: What is it that you need to know? Its a plastic roach. Available at toy stores everywhere. Actually its a real roach that lives at Best Brains

<BillCorbett>: Awright, Mike! Dude!

<PaulChaplin>: Um.... uh......

<KevinMurphy>: Righteous Dude.

<Referee>: <Sampo> to <Referee>: (repeating to make sure you got it) We heard today that the movies you'll be riffing in episodes 814 and 815 are "Riding with Death" and "Agent For H.A.R.M." Can you tell us about them?

<PaulChaplin>: I do not get high and listen to Marshall Tucker

<KevinMurphy>: Hi Chris

<mikenelson>: Riding with Death is the Ted Kennedy story.

<MaryJoPehl>: Riding W/ Death features Ben Murphy and its ridiculous.

<KevinMurphy>: Ben Murphy is very mellow.

<BillCorbett>: They are, respectively, delightful little trips back to the 70s and 60s.

<PaulChaplin>: Turkey!

<BridgetJones>: Agent for harm is not dangerous or cute so it's a big waste

<PaulChaplin>: You know who those turkeys are?

<mikenelson>: Agent from H.A.R.M is the Joe Besser story.

<KevinMurphy>: Ben Murphy is invisible sometimes

<BillCorbett>: But you knew that.

<PaulChaplin>: Like the last 20 years

<KevinMurphy>: ...actually all the time.

<KevinMurphy>: least his career

<PaulChaplin>: Yeah! Take that Ben Murphy!'

<MaryJoPehl>: Ben Murphy is the TV Ryan O'Neal

<BillCorbett>: We've finally taking on the HUGE Ben Murphy lobby.

<KevinMurphy>: Agent for harm is a spy movie slower then My dinner with Andre

<PaulChaplin>: He's from Alias Smithg and Jones

<Referee>: <Tom-Servo> to <Referee>: Are we ever gonna find out what happened to Mike at the edge of the universe?

<mikenelson>: Ben Murphy has cool hair. It's mellow.

<MaryJoPehl>: If you can't afford a Ryan O'Neil get BEn Murphy

<KevinMurphy>: Mike became a man.

<BillCorbett>: Mike became a man there.

<MaryJoPehl>: I don't know. I just rite for the show.

<PaulChaplin>: In his dreams

<BillCorbett>: Ooops.

<mikenelson>: Mike lived a pleasant life, and got a job at TGI Friday's. He ate a lot of Creamed fish.

<KevinMurphy>: ...Then a woman, then back to a man...

<BridgetJones>: Yes it's just amatter of watching really

<PaulChaplin>: That was last year Mike

<MaryJoPehl>: I think he had to move into a plastic bubble

<KevinMurphy>: ...a dog for a while...

<KevinMurphy>: ...then a sandwich...

<mikenelson>: Does that Help?

<PaulChaplin>: He died and returned to save mankind

<BridgetJones>: It helps me

<KevinMurphy>: ...liverwurst, i think.

<BillCorbett>: But failed.

<Referee>: <MegaWeapon> to <Referee>: Exactly how many death threats have you gotten from Joe Don Baker?

<PaulChaplin>: 3.7

<KevinMurphy>: 112

<MaryJoPehl>: One. all good

<mikenelson>: Joe Don LOOOOOSSSSER you mean?

<BillCorbett>: 17.

<KevinMurphy>: Joe DOn Underpants

<BillCorbett>: You out there, Joe Don?

<KevinMurphy>: big baby

<BridgetJones>: We saw him once in L.A and he graweled at me

<BillCorbett>: You want a piece of me, man?

<mikenelson>: Joe Don Baker is a large, smelly, ugly cracker. End of story.

<KevinMurphy>: come get me, baker

<PaulChaplin>: He wold never do that - oh my God he's heeeeeer!!!

<BridgetJones>: He'd never catch us

<Referee>: <CrowFan> to <Referee>: Bill, why do you think there's a Tom Servo fan club but no Crow fan club, and how much does that irk you?


<BillCorbett>: Because people, in general, are wrong.

<KevinMurphy>: Because Tom Is Cool, and Crow is not. Period.

<PaulChaplin>: Why isn't there a Gandhi fan club

<MaryJoPehl>: cuz people are totally mental

<mikenelson>: Crow fan, Bill is crying now.

<BridgetJones>: I have a Ghandi poster

<BillCorbett>: Why don't people like the Beatles?....

<KevinMurphy>: I belong to the Gandhi Fan club

<PaulChaplin>: Bill always cries

<BillCorbett>: ...oh, They do. Right.

<KevinMurphy>: Member number "OM"

<Referee>: <invincor> to <Referee>: Bill, I've noticed lots more breast jokes this season, and I remember many in your play "Hate Mail" - is this increase your influence on the show?

<BillCorbett>: Yes indeed.

<BridgetJones>: BIll?

<KevinMurphy>: Boob Corbett

<BillCorbett>: I LOVE 'EM!

<PaulChaplin>: Bill has rather nice breasts himself

<mikenelson>: Invincor, breast are good. Enjoy them in moderation.

<BillCorbett>: Paul!

<BillCorbett>: You told!

<PaulChaplin>: What

<KevinMurphy>: * hitting paul *

<PaulChaplin>: You can't keep them to yourself

<Referee>: <Annakie> to <Referee>: Out of all the characters you all have played over the years in many shows, which is each of your favoite?

<BridgetJones>: I liked playing the girl from deep 12

<KevinMurphy>: Sandy, hands down. Paul's triumph

<MaryJoPehl>: Fer me, prolly Jan in the Pan.

<PaulChaplin>: I was a clown berated by Mike and that mirrored my life rather well

<mikenelson>: Mine is a young man named Jack Jebediah Perkins.

<KevinMurphy>: The chicago cop for me. close to home

<PaulChaplin>: I played Sandy tough, you didn't

<BridgetJones>: I like you as that Mike

<BillCorbett>: Note: Paul's wearing a rubber nosew RIGHT NOW>

<mikenelson>: Thanks Bridget.

<Referee>: <ShaneD> to <Referee>: Hi, I'm a MiSTie from the UK, and I'm wondering if any of you guys will be coming to any UK cons to promote the show over here in the autumn.

<MaryJoPehl>: Can you send us airfare

<KevinMurphy>: Can you send us birds?

<PaulChaplin>: I heard there was anarchy over there

<MaryJoPehl>: We so desperately want to get out of here. Help.

<mikenelson>: Yes, mate, but we hope we don't knock you up in your lorry with bangers and mash.

<BridgetJones>: That would be so cool i would love it

<PaulChaplin>: As long as you got rid of that ugly prime minister Thatcher

<MaryJoPehl>: Can we stay with you

<BillCorbett>: Yes! We're coming over from some toad-in-the-hole and some bubble and squeak and some kidney and brain pie!

<BridgetJones>: Paul umm dah

<KevinMurphy>: I'll use the lift to your flat, eh?

<PaulChaplin>: Blimey

<Referee>: <ETI> to <Referee>: So just how do they get you all to do these chats, anyway? Any money involved...or death threats/hostages?

<BillCorbett>: I meant, "for".

<MaryJoPehl>: They serve us tap water

<BillCorbett>: All of thew above.

<KevinMurphy>: The gave us cola and bananas.

<PaulChaplin>: They threaten to tell

<BridgetJones>: They simply ask and we being from the midwest can't refuse

<KevinMurphy>: They have masseuses on premises

<mikenelson>: They beat the living )(*&^ out of me.

<Referee>: <JoelH> to <Referee>: Will fan letters be read from the SOL ever again?

<KevinMurphy>: * hitting mike *

<PaulChaplin>: And masseurs

<BillCorbett>: No, Mike, that was Bridget.

<mikenelson>: I mean, really kicked my ass.

<MaryJoPehl>: We keep forgetting!!!

<BridgetJones>: Hey!!!!

<KevinMurphy>: * kicking mike's ass *

<PaulChaplin>: No!!!! I mean maybe

<PaulChaplin>: There's a question guys


<mikenelson>: Letters have abruptly stopped coming.

<BridgetJones>: Maryjo do you want to get a pedicure after this?

<Referee>: <IGD> to <Referee>: is Paul eating enough he always looks thin

<BillCorbett>: He's a hard gainer.

<KevinMurphy>: * feeding paul. *

<mikenelson>: Paul is thinner than a bonefish.

<PaulChaplin>: I am always thin. I was fat one day and it just didn't work

<BridgetJones>: We worry about him but all he will it is slim Jims

<PaulChaplin>: Mike is thick like sausage

<KevinMurphy>: Paul, snap into a slim Jim.

<PaulChaplin>: Kevin - fat!!

<mikenelson>: Snap into a cow.

<MaryJoPehl>: SLim Jim, snap into a paul

<BridgetJones>: Ahhh Uhhh

<Referee>: <ronbar> to <Referee>: Is Mike as sexy behind the camera as he is in front of it?


<KevinMurphy>: * kicking Paul's ass *

<BillCorbett>: Next question?

<BillCorbett>: No, it's all done with porsthetics.

<mikenelson>: Mike is as sexy as a bridge abutment.

<MaryJoPehl>: On a scale of 1 to 10, no

<BillCorbett>: prosthetics.

<BridgetJones>: I'm staying so out of this it's not even funny

<KevinMurphy>: Mike is as sexy as toe cheese

<mikenelson>: Mike

<mikenelson>: whoops.

<KevinMurphy>: kevin

<PaulChaplin>: Mike has a sultry demeanor that drives women wild - oh wait that's somebody else

<BillCorbett>: Mike.

<Referee>: <PMSJaneway> to <Referee>: Ok, I'll do it, since no one else will there going to be a season 9?

<BridgetJones>: WE sure hope so

<PaulChaplin>: Of some show I suppose

<mikenelson>: * getting a new season. *

<KevinMurphy>: Hail Barry, Full of Grace

<mikenelson>: * getting paid more. *

<PaulChaplin>: We're jumping right to Season 10

<BillCorbett>: We're skipping that and going right on to season 10.

<KevinMurphy>: * kissing ass *

<PaulChaplin>: You and me Bill

<mikenelson>: * doing heroin. *

<Referee>: <MrFizz> to <Referee>: This question is for Kevin. Kevin, I'm writing the rough draft of my term paper for Kurt Vonnegut (due tomarrow). Is there anything specific you'd like me to quote you as saying

<KevinMurphy>: * kissing mike *

<KevinMurphy>: He 's more smiked than a ham.

<mikenelson>: * staying out of this one so kevin can answer. *

<KevinMurphy>: Smoke all the time, and be funny and brilliant

<BridgetJones>: Mike had lunch with him once in W.I

<PaulChaplin>: Oh they're such good friends

<mikenelson>: * jumping back and kissing myself. *

<Referee>: <Ogrot> to <Referee>: Will Mike visit any planets and NOT blow it up?

<BillCorbett>: bill going down to the bar

<MaryJoPehl>: That remains to be seen. Personally, I'd like him to not blow up my car.

<mikenelson>: As long as there is matter left, I WILL DESTROY IT>

<KevinMurphy>: * watching mike blow up planet after planet *

<BridgetJones>: Well it getting to be touchy Geneva convention and all

<BillCorbett>: The Planet Claire.

<PaulChaplin>: The planet booze

<KevinMurphy>: The Plannit day planner

<PaulChaplin>: Janet Planet

<Referee>: <BartFargo> to <Referee>: I *must * know, does the Sci-Fi channel have anything special planned for Turkey Day, 1997?

<mikenelson>: * not having anything witty to say. *

<BillCorbett>: * mike blowing up New York. *

<PaulChaplin>: * Paul eating a slim jim *

<MaryJoPehl>: They're coming over to my house for turkey

<KevinMurphy>: They will have a nice dinner

<BridgetJones>: Most are going upstate

<BillCorbett>: meat loaf!

<KevinMurphy>: * inviting Sci Fi for pie *

<PaulChaplin>: They might give us the day off

<mikenelson>: I'm having paul's downhome biscuits, pork, pork, and biscuits. and pork.

<BridgetJones>: Actually we don't know yet

<KevinMurphy>: TITOOOOON!

<Referee>: <agentj> to <Referee>: What is the current status (if any) on the CD-ROM project with Voyager?

<PaulChaplin>: What am I having then

<KevinMurphy>: SABUUUUUU!

<KevinMurphy>: That's a very good question, thank you.

<PaulChaplin>: Let me say this about that

<mikenelson>: * calling voyager and asking. *

<KevinMurphy>: * calling mike neslon *

<BillCorbett>: * watching *

<Referee>: <Tom-Servo> to <Referee>: Would you guys ever consider doing a letterboxed film, or is it difficult with the camera angles and all?

<PaulChaplin>: * Voyager not answering *

<KevinMurphy>: * misspelling mike's name *

<KevinMurphy>: If we got a film in our letterbox, yes.

<BillCorbett>: NO WAY! To HELL with letterbox CRAP!

<BridgetJones>: IT's so hard reading in the first place

<MaryJoPehl>: We tried to get Lawrence of Arabia but it was too expensive.

<PaulChaplin>: These questions are hard I'm gonna go purge

<BillCorbett>: Sorry, I had a little spell, there. It's over.

<mikenelson>: Well, mister Letterbox Council, maybe someday we'll honor your selfish requiest, but for now....sorry, got to calm down. must stay cool...

<Referee>: <duggera> to <Referee>: will there ever be action figures?

<BillCorbett>: Only of Paul.

<KevinMurphy>: * calming mike *

<mikenelson>: Lumpmaster Mike.

<KevinMurphy>: Maybe plush toys!

<MaryJoPehl>: Malibu Pearl!

<BillCorbett>: Get 'em! Trade 'e, with your friends!

<mikenelson>: The whiteset man in the universe!!

<BridgetJones>: I;d love to see a BoBo action figure

<PaulChaplin>: Mike will be 225 pounds of pure muscle

<KevinMurphy>: Bobo with real red butt!

<mikenelson>: REal, live muscle. it'll be gross.

<PaulChaplin>: Kevin with a red butt

<BridgetJones>: Kevin!!

<BillCorbett>: Note the odd subtext of Paul's writing re Mike.

<KevinMurphy>: Brain guy with Action Batch!

<mikenelson>: * getting red butt *

<Referee>: <GEORGIANA> to <Referee>: This one is for the writers: How do you come up with all of those great riffs?? I have "MSTied" some bad movies myself, but my jokes are no where near as good as yours! Just what *is* your secret?? B)

<PaulChaplin>: What's so odd

<mikenelson>: Tender junks of juicy crack.

<BridgetJones>: Again Light days with wings

<KevinMurphy>: We shop at Riff World, right here in Midtown Manhattan

<PaulChaplin>: We wake and bake

<MaryJoPehl>: Its in our patented Northstar System.

<BillCorbett>: Vitamin B-12 booster shots every morning.

<Referee>: <DkLt> to <Referee>: How do they eat and breathe (and other science facts like that...)

<PaulChaplin>: Serously how do we do it

<mikenelson>: I don't know Paul, i thought you did it.

<PaulChaplin>: You should really just etc.

<BillCorbett>: Through the magic of MYLAR!

<KevinMurphy>: We eat with our nostrils and breath through microphones.

<BridgetJones>: I wish someone would tell paul so he would actually eat

<MaryJoPehl>: You should really just relaxxxxxxx!

<KevinMurphy>: * force-feeding Paul *

<Referee>: <Jamie> to <Referee>: How likely is it we'll see some shorts in the latter part of Season 8?

<mikenelson>: With the grace of one big man upstairs...Robert Conrad.

<BillCorbett>: * trying to learn how to breathe *

<KevinMurphy>: Maybe briefs.

<MaryJoPehl>: I hope so - specifically Paul's.

<BridgetJones>: If we could get some good Sci Fi ones we would

<KevinMurphy>: not likely. But stay tuned.

<BillCorbett>: 38% probability, by my latest calculations.

<mikenelson>: It's unlikely we'll see any, though it's possible, there won't be any.

<Referee>: <JaneMolly> to <Referee>: I'm a big fan of Jef, the toolmaster. I wanna give a shout out to him and ask him if he has a fan club.

<KevinMurphy>: Jef's computer is made out of wood.

<BridgetJones>: Yes but it has no official name or address

<BillCorbett>: Yes! It's a subset of the Gallagher fan club, so write and ask them.

<PaulChaplin>: He does but there's only one member

<mikenelson>: you're a big fan of the Toolmasters, huh. Well that's just great, HOW DO YOU THINK THAT MAKES ME FEEL?

<KevinMurphy>: I'll let Jef know he has tons of fan.

<Referee>: <NoNikname> to <Referee>: I've noticed that whenever there are changes in the staff, there are shifts in the artistic focus. With the loss of Trace and the addition of Bill, how do you think MST3K is changing artistically, and where do you think it's headed in the future?

<BridgetJones>: Jef is doing well however thanks for asking

<BillCorbett>: * comofrting mike as he weeps. *

<PaulChaplin>: We love Jef

<mikenelson>: Right in the crapper.

<KevinMurphy>: Everyone will now wear rubber

<BillCorbett>: well? guys?

<PaulChaplin>: Is Trace gone?

<BillCorbett>: Time to spill it.

<BridgetJones>: Do you go to graduate school?

<KevinMurphy>: There will be new things, that keeps us fresh for us and you the viewer as well.

<PaulChaplin>: We will all wear our underwear outside our clothes

<MaryJoPehl>: Its going to involve several girls attending prep school and Mrs. Garrett will be their mentor

<mikenelson>: Paul, let your underwear thing die.

<PaulChaplin>: No

<mikenelson>: Yes.

<PaulChaplin>: JNo

<mikenelson>: Yes.

<KevinMurphy>: * taking pauls underwear off his head *

<Referee>: <tomservo> to <Referee>: All: All of you who are cast members replaced someone else who had the same post. How did it feel the first time the show aired, were you nervous about the reaction of the audience, etc. etc.???

<PaulChaplin>: Okay

<mikenelson>: I'm still wetting my pants......and Paul's.

<KevinMurphy>: I was very very very very nervous.

<PaulChaplin>: Oh come on now

<mikenelson>: No.

<mikenelson>: You.

<MaryJoPehl>: I was terrified. I wept. I called my old temp agency to make sure I could still have my job back.

<KevinMurphy>: I got a lot of support from this crew...

<mikenelson>: Make me.

<BillCorbett>: Well, when I replaced Kevin, I thought...wait...i'm confused, he's still here...wait...

<PaulChaplin>: Mary Jo you can by the way

<KevinMurphy>: and from MSTies coast to coast! Thabks you!

<MaryJoPehl>: I can what???

<PaulChaplin>: Thabjs yth

<KevinMurphy>: * hitting paul again and again *

<mikenelson>: Gbbd spbblling.

<Referee>: <Frumpy> to <Referee>: How has the response been from the ever-looming axe known as "Programming" at Sci-Fi. Are the ratings good? Do we need to mass mail pleas to keep you, or can we just sit on our hinders and enjoy?

<PaulChaplin>: The rating is fine

<mikenelson>: WHAT HAVE YOU HEARD????

<KevinMurphy>: They sure seem to like us here.

<BillCorbett>: Please don't say "hinder" again.

<BridgetJones>: Well they are all standinfg behind us so we really can't talk

<KevinMurphy>: They ought us a great lunch today.

<mikenelson>: One guy called and said he like the show. It turned out he meant the Hulk. but still.

<PaulChaplin>: hat could possibly go wrong

<BillCorbett>: The Sci-Fi Channel loves us and give us soft things to touch.

<mikenelson>: show knows.

<BridgetJones>: hat's go wrong a lot my friend

<KevinMurphy>: They are a fine group of folks, and we're having a ball.

<PaulChaplin>: I think we have 39 million regular viewers

<BillCorbett>: What's all this about hats?

<PaulChaplin>: No hats

<KevinMurphy>: mine is the grandest of all,

<mikenelson>: Bill, never shoe.

<Referee>: <Cornjob> to <Referee>: This is for all. Any chance of some camio appearences of any old Cast members like Joel, Frank, Trace etc.?

<MaryJoPehl>: No wait that's 3.9 viewers

<BridgetJones>: I jaunty hat can spice up an outfit

<PaulChaplin>: Sock

<KevinMurphy>: No, but maybe a cameo.

<KevinMurphy>: It sure would be fun to get 'em on the show again, wouldn't it?

<mikenelson>: I think it would be great, but Frank demaned 35 baked potatoes, and that broke the bank.

<BridgetJones>: It would be cool i would love it but i defer to kev

<Referee>: <MissingLink> to <Referee>: I'd like to know if you've been able to go more insane on the SciFi Channel than at Comedy Central

<mikenelson>: Shoe glove worm test, ennui?

<KevinMurphy>: We cry more and hide in corners, if that's what you mean.

<BridgetJones>: I still get schocked weekly

<PaulChaplin>: I try to love mother

<Referee>: <DarkPerv> to <Referee>: What is the possibility of taking MST3K on the road and doing live shows at artsy-fartsy theaters live (signing autographs, etc)?

<KevinMurphy>: our monitor just croaked, please stand by.

<KevinMurphy>: in the meantime enjoy this message.

<mikenelson>: * waiting for ref to crash. *

<MaryJoPehl>: That would be soooo fun. That has been discussed in the past.

<BillCorbett>: I'd love it

<BridgetJones>: from the booze council

<KevinMurphy>: Hi folks. Don Ameche here....

<PaulChaplin>: We'd be sponsored by Budweiser

<BillCorbett>: But I'm scared of people named "Dark Perv".

<KevinMurphy>: You know, the '49 Hudson is the car for you...

<KevinMurphy>: again, our monitor is offline, please stand by...

<Referee>: <BrainGuy> to <Referee>: In the lastest episode, when the aliens are coming onboard the SOL, is it just me or are the sound effects from DOOM?

<KevinMurphy>: He's still there...

<PaulChaplin>: Is that our show?

<BillCorbett>: No, that was just my stomach, I was peckish that day.

<MaryJoPehl>: Are you watching the right MST3K? Do you smoke pot for a living???

<KevinMurphy>: No, but Brad will be proud.

<mikenelson>: No. You heard them in your own private noggin.

<KevinMurphy>: That is doom, turn off your computer.

<PaulChaplin>: If there's any way to work the game DOOM into the show the partners will find it

<Referee>: <MainRoach> to <Referee>: ALL: what do you think of the internet and how it links people together?

<KevinMurphy>: FRUMPYYYY!

<mikenelson>: "the partners," Paul?

<BridgetJones>: Paul are the Partners a splinter group?

<PaulChaplin>: Apparently

<KevinMurphy>: I still like face to face talk the best, but it's not bad.

<KevinMurphy>: * linking to paul *

<BridgetJones>: I think it's more fun to chat on the phone and chat about boys

<BillCorbett>: I have a special name for it. I call it "the information superhighway". I think that might catch on.

<MaryJoPehl>: My typewriter connnects me with people just fine, thank you. I don't need that fancy business. No, sir. My manual typewriter is just fine

<PaulChaplin>: As long as it provides more revenue to Bill Gates I'm all for it

<mikenelson>: I love the Internet, i just wish they would be made Dolphin Safe. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

<KevinMurphy>: * linking paul to mike *

<Referee>: <Njira> to <Referee>: Did you guys have any input as to which shows would be released by Rhino?

<mikenelson>: * being deeply ashamed. *

<mikenelson>: Kevin, produce.

<BillCorbett>: No! Next question, Mor-ton!

<KevinMurphy>: Yes, those shows were hand picked out of the ones we could get the rights to.

<PaulChaplin>: We suggested old Andy Griffiths

<mikenelson>: * processing blood sugars. *

<BillCorbett>: By the way, Mike, wher have all the cowboys gone? They were just here. Where'd they go?

<PaulChaplin>: hello?

<Referee>: <KimCatral> to <Referee>: mike, can i have your phone number?

<KevinMurphy>: * looking for cowboys *

<BillCorbett>: 1-800-BIG-BLOND

<PaulChaplin>: Just check the bars

<mikenelson>: Only if you're really Kim Catrall. Then, no. you can't. My wife's right next to me. She hits. A lot.

<MaryJoPehl>: 1-555-555-5555

<Referee>: <Lagomorph> to <Referee>: Will Tom Servo ever get a "haircut" again? He was looking suave then...

<BridgetJones>: Oh you!!!

<BillCorbett>: Just you wait.

<KevinMurphy>: Why not i say! Yes!

<BillCorbett>: He gets a major do in a show coming up soon...

<mikenelson>: * digesting piece of lettuce. *

<BridgetJones>: We gave him a friends cut but it went out so quickly

<PaulChaplin>: The question is will Kevin ever get a haircut he's got hair like Howard Hughes these days

<Referee>: <duggera> to <Referee>: when is the next MST3k Newsletter coming out?

<BridgetJones>: Have you seen his nails

<mikenelson>: * making a tiny bit of money on his investments. *

<BillCorbett>: "The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies"

<BillCorbett>: It comes out weekly.

<KevinMurphy>: The Satellite News is now Online. The new catalog is in the mail!

<mikenelson>: It comes out weakly. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

<BridgetJones>: As soon as we have time to write one, and when the copier gets fixed

<BillCorbett>: Did you move recently or have you made recent death threats to the cast?

<PaulChaplin>: We're waiting for the return of communism

<Referee>: <Ro-Man> to <Referee>: Okay, I want some opinions here, is taking a little packet of mayonaise into my mouth, swallowing it, and then impersinating Prof Bobo saying mayo-NAISE, really that strange?

<KevinMurphy>: * waiting for the return of Communism *

<mikenelson>: Not if you're Wesley Willis.

<KevinMurphy>: * trhowing up *

<BillCorbett>: No! It's a phase every normal young boy goes through.

<PaulChaplin>: No. not at all. Unless you're actually doing it

<BridgetJones>: No actually it's quite normal and encouraged

<MaryJoPehl>: No, but do it with shampoo and that would be upsetting.

<KevinMurphy>: Can never have too much mayonnaise!

<Referee>: <MainRoach> to <Referee>: would it be possible in the future for mst3k to do blockbuster movies like forrest gump, startrek (Hopefully) ect.?

<mikenelson>: Mayonnaise, the other white meat.

<KevinMurphy>: Try it on cereal

<BridgetJones>: God i hope so

<BillCorbett>: Oh, you mean, Forrest "Life is like a Bowl of Rancid Tuna" Gump.

<MaryJoPehl>: I'd love to do Anaconda, personally. Forrest Gump? Lemme at him, lemme at him!!!

<mikenelson>: Thank you for your interest in us doing movies that were of a block buster nature. No.

<KevinMurphy>: Mike, found those cowboys yet?

<PaulChaplin>: Yes if you have $110 million dollars for us - maybe Pete DuPont could lend us the money

<BridgetJones>: I;d love to do the Body gaurd

<mikenelson>: No, bill, No cowboys.

<Referee>: <JaneMolly> to <Referee>: Last time, I asked Bridget whether Mike wears boxers or briefs. I didn't mean to be rude, so I'd like to apologise. However, now I'll ask Mike directly. Do you wear boxers or briefs?

<PaulChaplin>: We sure do love our movies about dumb guys in this country don't we

<mikenelson>: Hey Bill, show me the money.

<KevinMurphy>: I'd like to to Triumph of the Will.

<BillCorbett>: * finding cowboys, scolding them for going away without asking. *

<BillCorbett>: The Story of Mankind. It's such a crock! That never happened in real life!

<BridgetJones>: Janemolly no offense taken

<PaulChaplin>: By the way is the south going to rise again? I heard it might.

<MaryJoPehl>: Frankly, i'd be grateful if Mike wore ANYTHING to work.

<mikenelson>: Hi, this is Mike Nelson. Thank you for your interest in my undergarments. Usually, I wear a stiff, pasteboard style of underwear popular in turn-of the Century Great Britain.

<Referee>: <Creideiki> to <Referee>: Mike, now be honest, who do you REALLY like better, Crow or Servo?

<BillCorbett>: Mike, "sit on it" and "kiss my grits".

<KevinMurphy>: He likes Tweekie best

<BridgetJones>: Het Rerun

<mikenelson>: Sercrow. No, Crowvo. Ha ha ha. I can't decide.

<BillCorbett>: Oh, and "up your nose with a rubber hose".

<BillCorbett>: Cambot is CLEARLY his favorite.

<mikenelson>: * not deciding. *

<KevinMurphy>: Found the cowboys! they were under my desk.

<PaulChaplin>: Servo is kind of a suck-up

<Referee>: <ducttapegal> to <Referee>: when do we get the new catalog so that I can have a piece of Deep 13 when I buy the movie?

<KevinMurphy>: crow is a knob

<KevinMurphy>: Crow=knob

<BillCorbett>: Decmeber 7, 1941.

<KevinMurphy>: The New catalog is in the Mail!!!

<mikenelson>: Dear Ducttapegal, thanks for your interest in pieces of our discarded sets. I don't know. Ask Kevin.

<BridgetJones>: As soon as Barb gets around to it we make her mow and stuff so she's busy

<Referee>: <PT-109> to <Referee>: Bottom line, fate or exetenstentalism?

<BridgetJones>: God

<MaryJoPehl>: Pants.

<PaulChaplin>: neither, just keep truckin

<mikenelson>: Dear PT-109. I'm sorry for what Kennedy did to you.

<KevinMurphy>: Logical positivism!

<BillCorbett>: Servo=soiciopathic egomaniacal gumball machine.

<KevinMurphy>: Again, Crow=knob.

<mikenelson>: * cleaning my oven. *

<Referee>: <Wolf-Colley> to <Referee>: will gypsey ever go back into the theater?

<KevinMurphy>: * cleaning my bathroom bowl *

<BillCorbett>: Servo=animal offal.

<mikenelson>: Tyne Daley as Gypsy is going back to the theater, yes.

<KevinMurphy>: Boy, she'd love to, but crow is a knob.

<PaulChaplin>: She's too existentual

<BillCorbett>trong>: Once we scrap that other little annoying red puupet, yes.

<Referee>: <MrMSTy> to <Referee>: What did Mary Jo say that was censored on #808 "The She Creature

<mikenelson>: * experiencing panic...calming. he's okay. he's okay. *

<PaulChaplin>: * kevin and Bill wrestling on the floor *

<KevinMurphy>: Crow +animal excrement

<BridgetJones>: She said Bridget rules

<KevinMurphy>: "Schmuck"! Everybody now!

<BridgetJones>: Schmuck

<PaulChaplin>: Mary Jo has Tourette's and sometimes it just goes wild!!

<mikenelson>: She said I love everyone. Joy. Joy!

<BillCorbett>: "She said, "Larry Wilcox, come and rock my worlkd!"\

<MaryJoPehl>: What? What did I say? I'm scared? Did I swear? I am heartily sorry for having offended thees.

<BillCorbett>: Filthy Jo Pehl.

<Referee>: <Proliteriat1> to <Referee>: Did any of you guys watch the Ellen "coming out" episode? Just wonderin'....

<BridgetJones>: Say three hail marys

<KevinMurphy>: She was just looking for cowboys

<mikenelson>: She said, klaatu veratu nictu

<MaryJoPehl>: Scatological Jo Pehl

<KevinMurphy>: Schmucky Jo Pehl

<BillCorbett>: I heard she committed a homophobic hate crime. Ture?

<KevinMurphy>: ZEEEEEFFF!

<PaulChaplin>: Very wonderful and delightful Jo Pehl

<MaryJoPehl>: I said, "Tobelerone! Take me away!"

<KevinMurphy>: HECTAAAATE!

<mikenelson>: As Loudon Wainwright III says, I wish I was lesbian and not a hetero.

<BridgetJones>: Mike?

<mikenelson>: Yes, dear. Sorry dear.

<PaulChaplin>: Still it's true

<BridgetJones>: Honey lets go get an orange julious and talk

<BillCorbett>: Lesbians are IN! Soon the entire cast of MST 3K will come out as delightful LESBIANS!

<Referee>: <Blanetalk> to <Referee>: I saw Mike and a few of the "Brains" last summer at GenCon. Thanks for coming to Milwaukee, folks. Will we see you again sometime, and where can I write for autographs from people who have left the show?

<mikenelson>: yes, we agreed that what you say goes, yes, dear.

<KevinMurphy>: Milwaukee Jo Pehl!

<mikenelson>: Yes, i saw you too.

<BridgetJones>: I loved that con really fun except i had some vampiers mad at me

<PaulChaplin>: Packers!!!!

<mikenelson>: I hope to do more of them, however no one has specifically said. "we want you to do more".

<MaryJoPehl>: Thank YOU! It was fun. I think you could write to their agents but I don't know who their agents are. You are welcome for all the help I've proffered you.

<PaulChaplin>: They all love us though no doubt

<Referee>: <Tarpo> to <Referee>: Why did Blood Hook suck so badly?

<BridgetJones>: We ate at the hearty platter what fun

<mikenelson>: I blame it on the Rotchschilds.

<BridgetJones>: Hey!!!

<mikenelson>: The black helicopters.

<KevinMurphy>: Hey, i was the key grip on that movie!

<MaryJoPehl>: Area 51.

<BillCorbett>: Because of the Queen of England and the bankers.,

<MaryJoPehl>: Roswell

<BridgetJones>: Stagflation

<BillCorbett>: And those damned greys.

<mikenelson>: The illuminati.

<MaryJoPehl>: streaking

<KevinMurphy>: It didn't suck so much as it, um...stank.

<Referee>: <PMSJaneway> to <Referee>: With all the crap about Scully and Mulder hooking up, what are the chances of Gypsy and Crow getting together?

<PaulChaplin>: There were too manmy turkeys onvolved

<BridgetJones>: Jim Stafford

<BillCorbett>: 100%. As Lesibans, of course.

<KevinMurphy>: Gypsy smiles too much to play Scully.

<PaulChaplin>: Crow is not necessarily a male

<mikenelson>: One is Phillips and one is flat head. They're incompatible.

<PaulChaplin>: As neither is Bill

<MaryJoPehl>: They are currently in couples counseling and at this point, its 'progress, not perfection.'

<BridgetJones>: Non Gyypsy is seeing the guy from pacific blue

<KevinMurphy>: Mike is a flat head too.

<BillCorbett>: * checking himself, and wondering. *

<Referee>: <IGD> to <Referee>: Will Torgo make an apperance again?

<mikenelson>: Yes, on "One Life to Live" this week.

<BridgetJones>: With God as my wittness

<PaulChaplin>: Disney owns the rights to Torgo

<KevinMurphy>: Do do do do do do do do...

<KevinMurphy>: Do do do do do do do do...

<KevinMurphy>: Do do do do do do do do...

<KevinMurphy>: Do do do do do do do do...

<KevinMurphy>: Do do do do do do do do...

<KevinMurphy>: Do do do do do do do do...

<KevinMurphy>: Do do do do do do do do...

<KevinMurphy>: Do do do do do do do do...

<KevinMurphy>: Do do do do do do do do...

<KevinMurphy>: Do do do do do do do do...

<KevinMurphy>: Do do do do do do do do...

<BillCorbett>: Not on the show. But check out "TorgoPalooza" touring the US this summer!

<KevinMurphy>: Do do do do do do do do...

<KevinMurphy>: Do do do do do do do do...

<PaulChaplin>: Mike pretty much dresses that way anyway

<KevinMurphy>: Do do do do do do do do...

<KevinMurphy>: Do do do do do do do do...

<KevinMurphy>: Do do do do do do do do...

<KevinMurphy>: Do do do do do do do do...

<mikenelson>: * wiping my mouth, getting up and kicking Kevin's ass. *

<PaulChaplin>: Yes Kevin

<MaryJoPehl>: And smells that way! Whewwwww! Dece!

<Referee>: <FrumpyJones> to <Referee>: To Kevin: Your voice was devine on "When I Held your Brain in My Arms", when shalst thou honor us with another soulful cooing?

<BillCorbett>: Kevin, you're gonna crash us, man!

<PaulChaplin>: No don't ask Kevin to sing!!!

<KevinMurphy>: When they pay me.

<Referee>: <BanjoMan> to <Referee>: Will kevin stop that?

<mikenelson>: You've gone and encouraged him. DAMN YOU.

<BillCorbett>: Please, NO!

<BridgetJones>: Hi frumpy

<PaulChaplin>: He did it's okay i think

<KevinMurphy>: Thank you Paul.

<PaulChaplin>: yes kevin

<mikenelson>: Well....Kevin?

<KevinMurphy>: * handing Paul $20 *

<KevinMurphy>: I'd love to Mike.

<Referee>: <BUJI> to <Referee>: Will anyone from the best brains crew ever think about hosting Saturday night live or Latenight With larry king ala Kermit frog?

<mikenelson>: * turning lead into gold. *

<KevinMurphy>: Larry King is himself a frog.

<BridgetJones>: I asked but they said no

<BillCorbett>: Larry King's face is really a mask.

<PaulChaplin>: Mike is gonna host Sally Jesse

<Referee>: <Ro-Man> to <Referee>: If you guys could pick still-(or not) airing TV shows to MSTify, what would you pick?

<KevinMurphy>: * digesting lunch *

<mikenelson>: That would mean i could get closer to my goal of beating the @#$ out of Mike Meyers.

<KevinMurphy>: The Name of the Game!

<PaulChaplin>: Macneil Lehrer

<BridgetJones>: Blanskies beautys

<mikenelson>: We Got It Maid.

<KevinMurphy>: * kicking Charles grodin's ass *

<PaulChaplin>: Bass fishing right?

<MaryJoPehl>: Sixty minutes. Minneapolis/St. Paul local news.

<BillCorbett>: That piece of crap on Sci-Fi chnnel, where that big blonde cheesehead and those two puppets are always...Oh, wait...

<KevinMurphy>: Mother Angelica

<Referee>: <Daniel> to <Referee>: Can someone please tell me who Dale is..

<mikenelson>: Daniel, are you young?

<BillCorbett>: Sorry everyone, Kevin just got assumerd into Hell.

<KevinMurphy>: * feeling old *

<BridgetJones>: look for more dale refrences in the futre

<KevinMurphy>: Dale is a girl in a dish soap commercial...

<mikenelson>: * healing the sick. *

<MaryJoPehl>: Dale is the daughter of a woman who a guy thought was Dale cuz her hands were so soft in an old TV commercial

<BillCorbett>: I don't know, but I thought I WAS Dale once.

<PaulChaplin>: Old commercialit's an odd fixation of ours

<BridgetJones>: Dale evans

<PaulChaplin>: Dale is a fine girl what a good wife she wouod be

<Referee>: <CrowTR> to <Referee>: have any of you played MST Caption This on your web-site?

<MaryJoPehl>: No, I don't get that on my typewriter.

<BillCorbett>: Yes, but Deep Blue just beat me so I'm bummed.

<KevinMurphy>: I've seen it, it looks like a blast.

<mikenelson>: I have, but I'm really bad at it.

<BridgetJones>: Deep purple beat me

<MaryJoPehl>: Sometimes I think my typewriter is outdated. It doesn't even handle Doom.

<PaulChaplin>: I have no idea, does Bill Gates own it?

<Referee>: <ShaneD> to <Referee>: Did any of you see the MST3K tribute in the new issue of the Simpson's comic (#30), and if so, what did you think?

<KevinMurphy>: * patronizing Mary Jo *

<mikenelson>: Deep Blue something beat me.

<BillCorbett>: Mike, the cowboys just left again. Would you call them?

<KevinMurphy>: Will you send me several copies?

<BridgetJones>: No, but how cool i love that show

<mikenelson>: I just finished bagging that issue, so I can't ever look at it again.

<PaulChaplin>: * paul arranging several cowboys for Bill's room later *

<BillCorbett>: The Simpsons rule.

<Referee>: <THX-1138> to <Referee>: So, among you all, who really would win in a steel cage match?

<MaryJoPehl>: Kevin, I would be surprised if you DIDN'T patronize me.

<BridgetJones>: Me!!!!!!!!

<mikenelson>: * winning steel cage match. *

<MaryJoPehl>: Barb

<mikenelson>: Me, i gues.

<KevinMurphy>: My dog, Humphrey

<BillCorbett>: Our info club poobah, the nefarious and abusive Barb Tebben.

<BridgetJones>: Maryjoi and i wrestle a lot but its just for a work out

<KevinMurphy>: * snapping mike into a Slim Jim *

<PaulChaplin>: Wow, I think Bill would win. he is pure and strong of heart

<Referee>: <PowrSteve> to <Referee>: will there be another Conventioconexpofestarama?

<KevinMurphy>: and bald of head

<BillCorbett>: Mary Jo, honey, do you KNOW what patronizing means? Have you heard that before?

<MaryJoPehl>: Yes, Tuesday at my house.

<BridgetJones>: If our moms let us

<KevinMurphy>: No immideate plans, but who knows.

<BillCorbett>: It should be mentioned that Kevin would have a chance, being FAT OF ASS.

<mikenelson>: * not knowing if there will be one. *

<PaulChaplin>: We will if we get 20 million letters asking us

<KevinMurphy>: * getting out my spell checker *

<Referee>: <ManInBlack> to <Referee>: How does one go about getting a job at Best Brains?

<mikenelson>: * running his names together. *

<KevinMurphy>: Do you have a puppet/

<PaulChaplin>: Mike is that you?

<BridgetJones>: Call maryjo every day for a month

<MaryJoPehl>: We either have to scout you at a temp agency or an Arby's.

<BillCorbett>: Just send Mike some Hostess Ho-ho's and you're IN!

<KevinMurphy>: Are you a friend of mine?

<Referee>: Please send final questions to the Ref...

<PaulChaplin>: It's Civil Service there's a test

<mikenelson>: Get a bale of pot...smoke it. Repeat. Call Paul.

<KevinMurphy>: * watching paul smoke bales of pot *

<Referee>: <JaneMolly> to <Referee>: Do you guys laugh about this after you're done? Or do you go home and regret the typos you've made and the things you've said?

<mikenelson>: * wondering if peace can ever be achieved. *

<BillCorbett>: * getting contact high. *

<PaulChaplin>: * Paul watchin Mike project *

<KevinMurphy>: eroideme ;oifemc ik;e;jnvn ;lfj!

<BridgetJones>: I always regret my typing

<MaryJoPehl>: I try to plan ahead about what I'm going to say. It never really works out.

<PaulChaplin>: Our lives are filled with regret at all times

<KevinMurphy>: That's not typing, it's writing!

<PaulChaplin>: I'm using a new kind of mouse I don't get

<BillCorbett>: I've never regretted anything I've said about the show or about my unabashed love for my sister and the way we...oh god no what have I done...

<BridgetJones>: mostly i yell at everyone for talking over me

<mikenelson>: Jane....Dear sweet Jane..WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE??????? I CAN SPELL, YOU, YOU YOU....GO AWAY!!!

<PaulChaplin>: And the sun is in my eyes

<Referee>: <Tanatoes> to <Referee>: What's the significance of Pearl's license plate "widdowmaker?"

<KevinMurphy>: i am having hard enough time

<BillCorbett>: Just random letters,

<mikenelson>: * about to explain significance *

<BridgetJones>: She makes widowss ha aha ha it's fun

<KevinMurphy>: We wanted to call it the "Spank wagon" but thought the better of it.

<PaulChaplin>: Mary Jo kas killed several people

<MaryJoPehl>: She's mean and she takes on all-comers! They inevitably lose!

<KevinMurphy>: * watching MJ kill Paul *

<mikenelson>: * sweating through his shirt. *

<PaulChaplin>: Right Mary Jo

<BillCorbett>: It was meant to read WINDOW maker. Sorry.

<KevinMurphy>: * thinking of toes for a moment *

<mikenelson>: Go ahead Cleveland.

<PaulChaplin>: No get off the toe thing Kevin!!

<KevinMurphy>: * now thinking of pop bottle shapes *

<Referee>: <invincor> to <Referee>: Will you try to switch the show over to digital TV as soon as possible or will you try to get by with this crummy NTSC stuff forever?

<BillCorbett>: Hey, the cowboys are back! Where did all ofd you guys GO??!!!

<mikenelson>: We're PAL right now.

<KevinMurphy>: we're going back to shortwave, buddy.

<BillCorbett>: I'm HAL, personally.

<MaryJoPehl>: Hey! When did TVs come out?!?! Does everyone have one, I suppose!??!!

<BridgetJones>: that's boring stuff ask me about my grandchildren

<mikenelson>: Right now we're having my head shaped into ones and zeroes.

<BillCorbett>: It's that talking radio thingy.

<BillCorbett>: with pitchers.

<PaulChaplin>: it's all very electric and dangerous'

<KevinMurphy>: * finding a spot of lint on my shirt *

<Referee>: We're gonna wrap up now. Any final comments for our chatters?

<mikenelson>: * diggin way up into his nose. *

<BillCorbett>: * mocking Kevin's horribly linty shirt. *

<KevinMurphy>: This was fun, and thanks for putting up with us, folks!

<mikenelson>: Thank you. Please hold on to your tickets.

<BillCorbett>: you guys rule! And we hope we keep our show MOESHA on the air for a long time!

<KevinMurphy>: remember to use Paul to get rid of messy stains.

<MaryJoPehl>: Thanks, everyone! I'm serving bars and punch in the fellowship hall!

<PaulChaplin>: In the event of a rainouy\

<mikenelson>: I want to bring up LittleFeather now for a few comments.

<BridgetJones>: I remain forever your girl...oh wait thats paula Abdul

<MaryJoPehl>: I'll be sending thank you notes to each and everyone of you.

<KevinMurphy>: ...Paul?

<PaulChaplin>: Whatever

<KevinMurphy>: WE LOOOOOOVE YOU!!!

<Referee>: OK, we're going to go unmoderated now.

<BillCorbett>: * crying with gratitude and tender love. *

<KevinMurphy>: ...well, Like some.


<FlumeJerry>: bridget- Thanks for the flume ride at the con!

<I-Man>: joy

<BridgetJones>: Thanks for joining us

Reprinted with permission of The Sci-Fi Channel.