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Finale Chat with Bill and Mike

**** BillCorbett has joined channel #mst3k2
*** Mode change [:+v BillCorbett] on channel #mst3k2 by shred

<shred> Well, we've finally got Bill here.

<BillCorbett> hello?
<BillCorbett> Cripes!
<BillCorbett> What a drag.

<shred> It's our little cul-de-sac on the Infobahn.
<shred> If you've got a question for Mr. C, tell me.

<BillCorbett> Hi everyone, sorry you had to wait
<BillCorbett> Kevin's off chatting somewhere else

<shred> I'll probably give you voice so you can ask it yourself, and then withdraw voice, and so on.

<BillCorbett> yeah, what he says!

<shred> if someone wants to go tell #mst3k that we're here, that would be great.

<BillCorbett> #mst3k, what a great guy
<BillCorbett> hope he makes it

<shred> go ahead, invincor

<BillCorbett> Invincor!

<invincor> Hi Bill. No problem on the wait (shows how popular you really still are). What's everyone doing now that the show's over (for real)?

<BillCorbett> Sorter of our props!

<invincor> oh gosh, thanks

<BillCorbett> I'm making Hopi jewelry

<invincor> I didn't even see you there that day yet he knows my nick

<BillCorbett> Oh, for real?
<BillCorbett> hmm, that's harder

<invincor> thanks again for the Darth Vader head from the SOL

<BillCorbett> np, invic
<BillCorbett> Well...

<invincor> it sits under my TV set just the way it used to sit under the hexfield, and now I'll be quiet and let you answer. :)

<BillCorbett> Kevin did a bunch of travelling, as did Mary Jo

<shred> MST3Claye, go ahead

<BillCorbett> Paul's saving baseball in Minnesota

<MST3Claye> There are a lot of wrestling references in the show.. past episodes.. Who is the wrestling fan?

<BillCorbett> Actualy Kevin and Mike and I got a small office and are just starting to think of some new stuff
<BillCorbett> The wrestling fan? Tim Johnson, our accountant

<MST3Claye> Ah.. Thanks for answering! We'll miss the show alot!

<BillCorbett> I 'm trying to convince Kevin to become a pro wrestler

<shred> CJS3, ask a question...
<BillCorbett> Thanks Claye, we'll miss doing it

<BillCorbett> >sniff!<
<BillCorbett> CJ?

<CJS3> Dear Mr. Corbett: Thanks for so many laughs. And I want to ask you a simple question. How long did the observer costume take to prepare?

<BillCorbett> we got it down to a quick and nasty science by the end
<BillCorbett> Our make-up perosn, Andrea Ducane, refined it to a military precision

<shred> BTW, this isn't being transcripted by SCi Fi -- if anyone is getting this, e-mail it to

<BillCorbett> Do what the mans says!
<BillCorbett> man(s)?

<shred> Roddy, fire away.

<BillCorbett> I'm listening to DIABOLIK in the b.g., here
<BillCorbett> What were we thinking???

<shred> If you want to ask a question, /msg me and I'll add you to the queue

<BillCorbett> Lots o mode changin

<shred> Roddy, are you there?

<BillCorbett> Rowdy Roddy?

<Roddy> Hold on. I spilled something on the floor. LOL

<shred> palpatine, can you fill in for Roddy?

<palpatine> Do you guys hate the Sci-Fi channel now? I mean, should we be boycotting the channel and stuff?

<BillCorbett> (Guess I just betrayed who was the real wrestling fan)

<Roddy> No, I am not Rowdy Roddy

<palpatine> TO ALL YOU LOSERS AT THE SCI-FI CHANNEL WATCHING THIS CHAT: Let's see if enough fans show up to crash your IRC servers when you cancel Sliders.

<shred> remember, if you want to ask, send the QUESTION to me, so I can determine if you're illiterate or a total loon or something.

<BillCorbett> We're not as fond of the Sci-Fi channel as we once were, before the management was turned over to SATAN

<Roddy> Anyway, don't you think Beavis and Butthead is similar to MST3K somehow? One makes fun of movies and the other one makes fun of videos?

<BillCorbett> However - IMPORTANT - MST3K predates those little buggers
<BillCorbett> you dill weed
<BillCorbett> ha ha ha ha ha
<BillCorbett> etc.

<shred> Glyphic, go for it.

<BillCorbett> Can I have my dogs answer the next question?

<Glyphic> Hey, Bill. I live in Eden Prairie, and I'm wondering where you guys frequent.

<BillCorbett> Eden Prairie? Howdy neighbor
<BillCorbett> Unfortunately none of us frequent Eden Prairie anymore
<BillCorbett> That's where the office was, but nonew of us lived there
<BillCorbett> What's left of BBI has moved to another burb
<BillCorbett> We did like Elliots sandwich shop though

<shred> AJServo, you're up.

<BillCorbett> 'What's left of BBI = Jim, Barb, and Tim Johnson

<shred> AJServo?

<AJServo> Yep.

<shred> got question?

<BillCorbett> Anthony Jeremiah Servo, speak up!

<AJServo> I was wondering what's gonna happen to the rest of BBI?

<BillCorbett> We're burnin pixels, baby

<AJServo> Like where's it going as a company?

<BillCorbett> It's jail for us, son

<AJServo> Co-ool.

<BillCorbett> Do you mean the people or the props, etc.?

<AJServo> Watch out for dropped soap.
<AJServo> People.
<AJServo> I know about the props.

<BillCorbett> Well, a lot of that is to be decided
<BillCorbett> A few of us are just starting to hook up again, after a summer of irresponsible drinking

<AJServo> I know unemployment is kinda tough for the entertainment biz.

<shred> Erhadrt, dive in at will.

<BillCorbett> Kinda commonplace, really! :)
<BillCorbett> Hello Brian
<BillCorbett> Yes, Hel-lo, Bri-an

<Erhardt> Hiya, Bill. I was just wondering: If Sci-Fi or some other channel suddenly asked for an eleventh season, would you guys be willing to do it?

<BillCorbett> It's so nice to...
<BillCorbett> Ahhh fuhget it
<BillCorbett> I think it would bear a little discussion
<BillCorbett> But that would have to include things like, well, we'll have to rebuild the whole dang thing

<shred> Well, you've still got the shadowrama puppets, right? That's the core of the show, no?

<BillCorbett> Nothing was really taken apart after the comedy Central boot
<BillCorbett> Yes, true
<BillCorbett> I think I'd be pretty eager
<BillCorbett> But my colleaguesd who've done ten + years?

<shred> jfelix, ask away.

<BillCorbett> maybe a tougher decision

<JFelix> I'd first like to say that today's LA TIMES calander section had an article on tony
Zarandast. the guy who did werewolf. he's worth 2.3 billion! he's trying to get distribution on his new film which includes necrophillia. My question is, will the MST3K Movie ever come in a special edition with the cut scenes including the first ending?

<BillCorbett> wow, big ass question!
<BillCorbett> I'll be back in five minutes, once I've read it
<BillCorbett> that would be a question for Jim Mallon, bud

<JFelix> d'oh...

<BillCorbett> sorry, JOscar
<BillCorbett> Jfelix!

<JFelix> did you read the TV Guide article? that was pretty inaccurate...

<BillCorbett> i'm always charmed by any question which includes the word "necrophilia",

<shred> pangoat, you've been waiting patiently.

<pangoat> The final episode was great - hated to see it end. Question:Will your brain be up for grabs on Ebay?

<BillCorbett> Mike's article, you mean?

<shred> to the 100 people who just showed up:

<BillCorbett> I'm afriad all sales-related questions are more for Jim Mallon, he IS Best Brains at this point

<shred> send your question to me, and if it's ok I'll give you voice to ask it yourself, if we can get to it
<shred> EvilCow -- let's hear it.

<BillCorbett> Personally I think the Brain should be donated to the Smithsonian
<BillCorbett> As anb ashtry or somethin'

<EvilCow> <shred> to the 100 people who just showed up:
<EvilCow> <BillCorbett> I'm afriad all sales-related questions are more for Jim Mallon, he IS Best Brains at this point
<EvilCow> <shred> send your question to me, and if it's ok I'll give you voice to ask it yourself, if we can get to it
<EvilCow> *** shred sets mode: +v EvilCow
<EvilCow> <shred> EvilCow -- let's hear it.
<EvilCow> whoops!!!
<EvilCow> Any chance that mst3k will show up in syndication?

<BillCorbett> Wow, a hundred people just WALKED IN!

<shred> 120,actually

<BillCorbett> scared
<BillCorbett> mommy

<shred> you're scared -- suddenly I've got a 120 questions at once!

<BillCorbett> hello?
<BillCorbett> this thing on? (Tap, tap)

<shred> EvilCow, did you ask?

<EvilCow> Any chance that mst3k will show up in syndication with reruns?

<shred> they announced it?
<shred> uh oh, I'm not set up for REAL moderation.

<BillCorbett> Again, I think i'm the wrong person to ask business related question, my friends
<BillCorbett> so sorry
<BillCorbett> I'd just be guessing
<BillCorbett> I am but a humble pupeteer

<shred> SaucyJack, you're up

<BillCorbett> and occasional drag queen
<BillCorbett> Saucy!

<SaucyJack> How will we be able to make contact with you and the former brains now?

<BillCorbett> Oh, we got each others' phone #'s and all :)
<BillCorbett> Oh, how will YOU!
<BillCorbett> Sorry, misunderstood
<BillCorbett> god question
<BillCorbett> good, too
<BillCorbett> Can't tell you yet

<shred> IronF, play nice now...

<BillCorbett> sorry, i'm a fount of no information tonight!

<Ironf> What celebs have you wanted to riff on, but never got the opportunity?

<BillCorbett> Tom Poston
<BillCorbett> That f***ing HACK!
<BillCorbett> no...
<BillCorbett> I've always wanted to smack Dick Cavett around

<shred> MaxField, give it a tumble

<BillCorbett> Um, dare I say Adam Sandler?
<BillCorbett> It's almost too obvious at thiis point though :)
<BillCorbett> That creep Hume Cronyn would be a nice target

<shred> Max?

<BillCorbett> k/j

<shred> ok, next

<BillCorbett> Max? Do you have your little makeshift antlers on?
<BillCorbett> kidding/just

<shred> a1a?

<BillCorbett> Allah?

<shred> Amy had a nice puppet question. Amy?

<BillCorbett> Anyone? Any other questions I can't answer for you?
<BillCorbett> I know nothing about nice puppets

<shred> hey, gang, please pay attention -- no faiir sending me a question then dozing off when your name is called!

<BillCorbett> yeah! zzzzzzzzzzzzz.... what?

<shred> Mew, how 'bout you?

*** mikenelson has joined channel #mst3k2

<Mew> Bill, thanks a lot. I met my husband through the show.

<BillCorbett> Really? How?
<BillCorbett> Convention?

<Mew> We met in the internet chat room.

<BillCorbett> Kewl

<Mew> Got together 2 years kater.

<BillCorbett> I...think
<BillCorbett> :)

<TribGuru> Bill, is THIS your Mike Nelson?

<BillCorbett> Congrats

<Mew> hehe

<BillCorbett> Que?

<mikenelson> This is me. I'm real, I can Identify all of Bill's moles.

<PumaMan> How long did it take to get into the Observer make up?

<shred> PuMAman?

<mikenelson> Bill, I'm here.

<BillCorbett> OMG!

<PumaMan> PUMA MAN!

<BillCorbett> TV"s Mike Nelson!

<mikenelson> Help me, man, throw me a rope!

<TribGuru> shred is our moderator; I am your local diety.

<maxfield> it'd be nice to have a voice =)

<BillCorbett> Want some blue corn chips, Mike?

<shred> wowee, we're keeping everyone up past their bedtime.

<mikenelson> The server whipped my ass like a mule.

<TribGuru> Ask shred all the questions for Mike and Bill, please.

<BillCorbett> It completely bitch slapped me before I got on here

<TribGuru> Your mule is showing, Mike.

<shred> maxfield, I believe you DO have voice.

<BillCorbett> Shh, don't tell him!

<maxfield> sorry guys, maxfield is a female =)

<BillCorbett> Maxfield? Majoring in medicine?

<maxfield> nope. Fan of Maxfield Parrish, the painter.

<shred> Everyone PLEASE slow down.

<BillCorbett> Mike, some Soba juice?

<Nashville> Bill - Best Brains have any plans to set up a freestanding website where we could keep tabs on what's up? I'd hate to think of MST3K reviving on UPN, for example, and not hearing about it.

<mikenelson> No, some sobe noodles, though please.

<BillCorbett> No plans, Nashville with aTan

<shred> hey, either of you guys hear from MJ or Paul?

<mikenelson> As a matter of fact, Moesha and Mst are teaming up for a new show.

<BillCorbett> Btu who knows what's gonna happen

<BillCorbett> The Satellite of Moesha

<shred> they were having trouble connecting too.

<mikenelson> Frank, Trace and Joel can, and often do, buy and sell my ass.
<mikenelson> When are we gonna talk about tennis?

<shred> MaTTo, go.

<MaTTo> ike, do you have any other show ideas for a television series?

<BillCorbett> It's been bought and sold so often, Mike! Tch!
<BillCorbett> Shame
<BillCorbett> Answer the question, Ike!

<mikenelson> This question is for Ike, but he's been dead many years now. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
<mikenelson> Actually, I was serious about Moesha. Is it now sell-able?

<BillCorbett> (Homer voice:) Lousy abuser of Tina Turner...

<mikenelson> Now should be "not"
<mikenelson> I'msorry

<shred> AlienJ, you're on.

<mikenelson> I have a question for Bill. Bill, when can we expect to see a great tasting low fat muffin?
<mikenelson> Bill, don't dodge the question.

<BillCorbett> Mike, want a big fistful of wasabi?

<AlienJ> Mike, are you gonna keep writing for Home Theater? I read your stuff first thing every issue... I love it!

<mikenelson> Bill....come on.

<shred> AlienJ?

<BillCorbett> next Tuesday, at aprox. 2:47 PM, Mike

<mikenelson> Do you have anything more pungent and Japenesy?

<BillCorbett> I only get to Mike's column every I've read EVERY capsule review of EVERY SINGLE SPEAKER in existence
<BillCorbett> the word every? In my belabored joke?
<BillCorbett> should be "after"
<BillCorbett> I fall on my mouse and die in shame

<mikenelson> Thanks, AlienJ. I plan on writing for them for awhile, then I'm over to The
Movement and Storage...
<mikenelson> of vicous liquids.

<BillCorbett> Liquids ARe vicious, aren't they?

<Fragraham> Are there any hard feelings about the cancelation of mst3k?

<BillCorbett> God, what they said about me last night!
<BillCorbett> Rrrrroowwrrr!

<shred> Fragraham, go

<BillCorbett> Feelings, in general, are hard

<Fragraham> so you are mad

<BillCorbett> What's this? Moisture coming from my eyes?

<mikenelson> Oh, there are hard feelings. They'll never a get another puppet/movie/show out of me again!

<Fragraham> I would be too

<mikenelson> Bill, that moisture's from you ears.

<Fragraham> in fact I am mad and so are allot of fans

<BillCorbett> The cancellation was always a real possibility

<mikenelson> you know, from "you" ears?

<BillCorbett> so that in itself doesn't make me furious
<BillCorbett> But could they have been more graceful and honest about it?

<mikenelson> I just realized I ate four pounds of ham a couple of hours ago! What the hell was I doing?

<shred> I hear we're so popular, Kevin's coming here.

<BillCorbett> Jah
<BillCorbett> Oh no!
<BillCorbett> You hear that, Mike?

<mikenelson> Yahh, Kevin! (what an idiot)

<TribGuru> shhh. He'll hear you.

<shred> I hope he brings an actual moderator with him.

<BillCorbett> Tcha!

<TribGuru> I hope he brings more booze. We're out, dammit.

<BillCorbett> Big guy with small puppet, what a waste!

<mikenelson> Yeah, I hear. Great. No really, i'm so happy.
<mikenelson> I hope he brings beer with him.

<BillCorbett> Smaller guy with big puppet = much more respectable

<mikenelson> Does any one have a cold doppelbock?

<shred> Tsunami-D, ask away

<BillCorbett> I hope he brings single malt scotch and some Tofutti

<mikenelson> Or a warm weissbier?

<Tsunami-D> Will there be a new Amazing Collosal Episode Guide to cover seasons 7-10?

<BillCorbett> I'd like a cranberry lambic, please

<mikenelson> Or just a sticky pool of dried red white and blue?

<BillCorbett> I think it's what you see in the MST3K site, the episode guides

<mikenelson> There are no plans for another episode guide, all though I understand there's going to be one for...
<mikenelson> San Pedro Beach Bums.

<BillCorbett> Don't know if someone (Jim ) will compile it and sell it

<mikenelson> I'm excited about the new "We got It Maid" episode guide.

<shred> Qbus, go for it

<Qbus> did you like the comdey central or the scifi (i liked the old ones better).........they should make a spin off with Torgo from the old shows...would you like to have a ben and jerry ice cream flavor and what whould it be?
<Qbus> that all i have to say

<BillCorbett> Me, i'm saliviating thinking about the "Blossom" ep guide coming up!

<PumaMan> Hey Mike and Bill, my friends and I were thinking of creating our own MST3K, only to Adult Films, do you think it would work?
<PumaMan> <PumaMan> I think it would help you 2 feel better if you both joined me in yelling PUMA MAN!!!

<BillCorbett> I liked the old CC ones better, the Sci-Fi Crow is intolerable

<mikenelson> I preferred the "comdey" central episodes because of the strange spelling..ha ha ha ha ha ha

<BillCorbett> Please refer all Adult Film questions to Kevin when he comes in

<mikenelson> Puma Man, you frighten me. Please put the gun and the porn down and get some therapy.

<shred> napalm, bust a move

<napalm> woo! two questions, first, is that Stud comng? and..
<napalm> Will there be another complete bot auctioned on ebay? What are you guys doing with the cash?

<mikenelson> Like we see a penny from the sale of merchandise!!! What, you think I had an agent??!!

<BillCorbett> I'm doing nothing with the cash, as I'm not getting any of it
<BillCorbett> I was an employee of BBI, not an owner

<mikenelson> I'm basically more screwed than the guys from Gilligan's Island.

<BillCorbett> BBI = Jim

<mikenelson> I was less than an employee. I was being done a favor working there.

<shred> Georgiana, go

<BillCorbett> At least you don't have alan Hale Jr. constantly assaulting you with his hat, Mike

<GEORGIANA> mike: do you still play DOOM (or any other good FPS games for that matter) and what would it take to get a little 1vs1 goin? ;]

<mikenelson> The last scene of the show was taped in a little corner of the writing room, right by a mustard stain.

<BillCorbett> I was less thna that! I had to hide the whole time i was there

<BillCorbett> I miss our mustard stains

<mikenelson> I do now play Doom anymore as it warped my soul and now I'm a hollow killing machine.

<BillCorbett> Mike = Death

<mikenelson> "now" should read "not". Thank you for your patience.

<shred> Akana?

<BillCorbett> Drop dead, Mike!
<BillCorbett> Oh...patience....yes, you're welcome

<mikenelson> from not on now will be not and not will be now from not on.

<shred> Akane, even?
<shred> By the way, guys, if we can get 5 bucks a head from the almost 300 people in this room for you guys to come here and make fun of movies on TV every Sunday, we could be making some serious money

<BillCorbett> Want some brisket and Texas toast, Mike?
<BillCorbett> Mike, your last sentence was SO Gertrude Stein

<Akane> Anything you two want to go on record with concerning your coworkers?

<shred> If you want your question asked, pray to the diety of your choice that I happen to
notice your name from amongst the 100s of comments passing by my screen.

<BillCorbett> OK, FINALLY! The DISH:
<BillCorbett> Mary Jo is made of fiberglass
<BillCorbett> Paul eats metal things
<BillCorbett> There are actually 15 Kevins

<mikenelson> What about Courier's back hand, vulnerable to a flatter server, or what?
<mikenelson> She's way manlier than I, Bill.
<mikenelson> My coworkers? They would have had to have worked to be my coworkers! those piece of @#$^^@#$%!!!
<mikenelson> )(*^^)(*^%%_* son of a )()66P*((%*%)(*^0 foul rotten )(^Y)()(*&)

<Akane> Anything you two want to go on record with concerning your coworkers?

<shred> deity, even

<mikenelson> Bill stores helium in his basement and sells it a premium to foreigners.

<TribGuru> If you want your question asked, ask me because I just have lots of boxes to sort.

<shred> ok, NOT an invitation to spamtor, honest.
<shred> spam moderator

<BillCorbett> Mike is a network of super-intelligent worms, who painted themselves very
<BillCorbett> hee hee, ca-ching!!!

<mikenelson> Paul wear rubber gloves when he working with alkalines.

<TribGuru> Don't ask shred. Shred angry. Shred turns green and goes into syndication.

<BillCorbett> Patrick is really Shecky Greene

<mikenelson> I steal peoples pocket lint and shape it into busts of Boyd Gaines head.

<shred> Derek, ask away

<BillCorbett> (Pretty good ones, too...)

<mikenelson> Mary Jo uses a balloon whisk to eat soup with.

<Derek> Mike do you still keep in contact with Trace?

<BillCorbett> I tend to fall in love with beach chairs

<mikenelson> Actually, it's been a while since I've talked to him, but I hear of his comings and goings through Josh or frank

<shred> Derek?

<mikenelson> I'm really just too lazy to call him.

<mikenelson> I do talk to Tracy Chapman on a regular basis. She's got a FAST car! Man.

<shred> JimL2, you're up

<BillCorbett> You still keep in contact with Tim Conway, Mike?

<JimL2> Is writing for...oh, let's say "America's Funniest Videos" beneath you?

<mikenelson> I'm more in touch with Harvey. But he keeps laughing at me.

<BillCorbett> I talk almost EVERY DAY to Bobby Sherman

<BillCorbett> Oh sacred Guru of the Tributaties!

<mikenelson> Jim, if they asked me to do it AFHV for $300 a week, I'd be there so fast. Unless American Gladiators...
<mikenelson> called first.

<BillCorbett> Tributaries?
<BillCorbett> there

<shred> and don't just wave your hand asking for voice, I gotta see a question to know if you've got the goods.

<BillCorbett> AFHV = WAY above me

<shred> bobs, go

<BillCorbett> You packin' a question, or what?

<mikenelson> Studs 2: I'm all over it.

<BillCorbett> Mike, you talk to Hans Conreid lately?

<bobs> What's next for BBI? Any ideas or taking suggestion
<bobs> s

<mikenelson> Bobs, honey?
<mikenelson> Bobs, sweetie.

<BillCorbett> BBI does not exist!
<BillCorbett> Except as a company that sells MST stuff now
<BillCorbett> We're no longer employed there
<BillCorbett> I heard the siren song of KFC

<mikenelson> I plan on drinking a quart and a half of Old Cabinstill every day, until my back brace is old and very....
<mikenelson> very, yellow.

<BillCorbett> "X-tra Krunchy...X-tra Crnuchy..."

<Moocow1> Mike, which of all the impressions you did was your favorite? (I loved your PBS and pianist impressions myself)

<shred> Mr Happy, you're up.

<mikenelson> Actually, If we get our crap together, we should be pitching new shows anytime now.

<MrHappy> What summer movie would you have wished you could tear into had you the
chance to do another Summer Blockbuster Review?
<MrHappy> Also, Bill, would you have really liked to been able to tear into Airport with
George Kennedy like you mentioned in your GIST chat?

<mikenelson> Moocowl, I think my favorite impression was jack Perkins, 'cause I actually got to meet him. He was a ...
<mikenelson> great guy. And very tall. I like that in a man.

<Moocow1> and such a good sport!

<shred> I see the George Kennedy fans are out in force. ;)

<BillCorbett> For Summer Blockbuster: NOTTING HILL

<mikenelson> I think my favorite impression was MY NEW BOOK COMING OUT NEXT MAY!
<mikenelson> sorry, lost control there.

<Moocow1> You guys did a great job, and thanks for your decade of great comedy!

<mikenelson> Bill, could you pass me the Thuringer?

<Moocow1> what's its title?

<mikenelson> And some of that honey mustard sauce?
<mikenelson> Thanks. Don't be shy with that jello salad either.

*** KevinMurphy has joined channel #mst3k2

<BillCorbett> i NEVER said that about George Kennedy, Mr, Happy! That man os a GOD to me.

<shred> Jess6, fire at will.

<BillCorbett> And did I really do something called a GIST chat? Ewwww...

<mikenelson> working title only: Mike Nelson's Movie Megacheese.

<BillCorbett> Title of Mike's book: COLE SLAW FOR DUMMIES

<mikenelson> Bill, can I have some of those marinated mushrooms? thanks.

<BillCorbett> Sure!
<BillCorbett> Pickled watermelon rind , to wash 'em down?

<shred> Glitzi's got a question, but he/she HAS to abide by your answer.

<mikenelson> Other possible title: Cash IN You Sad Bastard.

<Glitzi> Heyhey! I love you guys, really.. Since ya won't marry me- will you at least give me a name for my new dog?! :D Pretty please?
<Glitzi> (Thanks Shred!)

<shred> that's the rule. ask away.

<mikenelson> Other possible title: Whipping A Dead Horse.
<mikenelson> The name for you new dog, glitzi, is Frederick Eatshispoop

<BillCorbett> Alternate title for Mike's book: COLE SLAW FOR STUPID,
<BillCorbett> Dog: John Agar II

<mikenelson> Dog: Kick Me When you Feel Bad.

<shred> Kevin's here, so you gotta stop talking about him.

<BillCorbett> And who said I wouldn't marry you?

<mikenelson> Dog to Glitzi, "Can you not hit me, like once? Thanks.

<KevinMurphy> Who's talking about me? i'll kill 'em!

<mikenelson> I'm married to George Kennedy.

<BillCorbett> wow, I sense a presence...

<mikenelson> Kevin, can you get me some of your refigerator jelly. Thanks.

<BillCorbett> A LARGE presence...

<KevinMurphy> right on that, mike

<mikenelson> Kevin, do you have any cream? thanks, dear.

<BillCorbett> That man who stood to my left for so many years!

<KevinMurphy> can I have a sandwich
<KevinMurphy> O

<shred> the REAL Kevin Murphy?

<BillCorbett> We only have tongue left, Kevin

<mikenelson> Kevin, honey, you've got toilet paper on your shoe.

<KevinMurphy> I'm not the real Kevin Murphy, but I love you Mike!
<KevinMurphy> No, I tricked you
<KevinMurphy> I'm sorry, forgive me
<KevinMurphy> but I love you Mike!!
<KevinMurphy> You rule

<shred> well, ask a question then. :)

<KevinMurphy> and Bill you rule too
<KevinMurphy> can I keep tlaking?

<BillCorbett> Kevin, there's a Newman's Sockerooni stain on your shirt

<mikenelson> It's not funny. there are 3 kevin murphys stalking me.

<KevinMurphy> I can pretend to be Kevin, I do a good impression of him
<KevinMurphy> He said he would marry me, too, even though I'm a minor
<KevinMurphy> Can I make it 4?

<shred> Ok, fess up -- you're not the real Mike or Bill either, are you?

<KevinMurphy> I enjoy your hair, Mike
<KevinMurphy> it's nice

<mikenelson> Kevin, can you see me through my window right now?

<BillCorbett> Thank you for your interest in my ruling. If you have a question...

<mikenelson> I'm the Real Sex 5, actually.

<shred> Phish, ask away.

<mikenelson> Kevin, stop enjoying anything about me.

<Phish> What was your fav. episode you made? and will MST return? what will you all do now?

<BillCorbett> Is it the real Kevin?

<TribGuru> Depends. Bill, does Kevin use Bell Atlantic as his ISP?

<BillCorbett> Or a Keviwannabe?
<BillCorbett> NO

<shred> It may be A Kevin Murphy, but it wasn't THE Kevin Murphy.

<BillCorbett> Next Kevin!

*** TribGuru has kicked KevinMurphy from channel #mst3k2 [TribGuru]

<TribGuru> On your ass, boy.

<shred> He didn't konw the secret handshake.

<Phish> What was your fav. episode you made? and will MST return? what will you all do now?

<TribGuru> Next wannabe: Backstreet Boys.

<BillCorbett> Which doesn't even involve hands
<BillCorbett> There was a question?

<mikenelson> I don't have a favorite episode. Maybe the one where I got paid. I don't know...

<BillCorbett> One of my fave: GIANT SPIDER INVASION

<Erhardt> What was your first episode, Bill?

<BillCorbett> And even though I sucked as Crow back then...

<Erhardt> Never mind.

<BillCorbett> (OK, sucked MORE)
<BillCorbett> I still have a fondness for LEECH WOMAN

<mikenelson> Bridget tells me she liked Girl's Town best.

<BillCorbett> My first was RETURN OF THE CREATURE

<Erhardt> Bill, sorry. I meant as writer.

<shred> Orange-Bomb, go

<BillCorbett> (Black Lagoon)
<BillCorbett> My first as a writer was in season six
<BillCorbett> ANGEL's REVENGE

<Orange-Bomb> Where is Bridget? And is Mike Livin La Vida Loca?

<mikenelson> Bill, do you have any more cotto salami over there?

<BillCorbett> I just sat in the corner and said filthy things, they seemed to like that
<BillCorbett> Just genoa, Mike
<BillCorbett> Pepperocini?

<mikenelson> Mr. or Mrs. Orange Bomb, I'm not living La Vida Loca, but I do Be-lieve in Life After Love.
<mikenelson> (after love...after love...after love....)

<BillCorbett> I'm Livin La Vida Achy and Tired

<mikenelson> I think we kicked the real Kevin off BTW.

<BillCorbett> really?
<BillCorbett> ooops

<mikenelson> I'm living La Vida foot odor and bad back.

<shred> Thayer, go.

<thayer> Mr. Corbett, Mr. Nelson, I read on a newsgroup that people are trying to get "MST" as in "to MST a movie" into the dictionary? Are these people nuts?
<thayer> and what do you think of scientology?

<BillCorbett> Yesterday i was Livin La Vida Urpy for a while
<BillCorbett> The answer:
<BillCorbett> YES

<mikenelson> These people are not nuts. They are, in fact, Batshit insane. It's a distinct

<BillCorbett> Oh cripes, who am I to criticize? What do i do with my time?
<BillCorbett> Hang around the DQ trading Pokemon cards

<mikenelson> I'm afraid my flannel footy pajamas await me. I can stay for one more question. Britt Hume?

<BillCorbett> Obsessively arranging my bottle cap collection

<thayer> and as for scientology?

<BillCorbett> Making gravies an droues that no one will ever eat...

<shred> arden, ask now

<BillCorbett> and roues... heh heh
<BillCorbett> I disturst any religion in which John Travolta is a saint

<arden> cool.. i would like to know if you guys have any advice for us misties now that the
show is gone.. this being our last fix and all.. its so addicting
<arden> and scientoligsts are batshit by the way.

<BillCorbett> Red room heroin, lad!
<BillCorbett> rum
<BillCorbett> d'oh!

*** Signoff: mikenelson has left IRC [(signed off)]

<BillCorbett> Switch immediately to watching FELICITY, Arden, you won't even be able to tell the difference

<thayer> if you ever feel like riffing movies for fun again, just head over to #mst-homegame
some night, on the scifi server.

<shred> ok, everyone who has been asking questions for the last few minutes, stop. your
questions are no good here.
<shred> I need new questions. But slowly.

<BillCorbett> Gently, lovingly...

<shred> Watcher2

<BillCorbett> Mike, you still there?

<Erhardt> Mike snuck out.

<BillCorbett> Want some pickled okra before bed?
<BillCorbett> Ahhh, i'm alone!

<jasoNic> i asked this to kevin, so i want to see your response too...
<jasoNic> did anyone cry after filming 1013?

<BillCorbett> sure
<BillCorbett> I wept with quiet dignity

<Brimley> Bill, any new plays in the works? Maybe some for the MST cast to perform?

<BillCorbett> Kevin blubbered and got everyone wet

<ice-nine> Ok

<BillCorbett> I have in the works called "LOVE'S SATELLITE"

<TribGuru> I just dropped all the questions from another IRC net on accident. Whomever
msged me with that stuff, please msg again. Very sorry.

<ice-nine> Bill, do you think Bonnie Hammer is mentally challenged or just overly businees

<BillCorbett> Actually, only new plays are in pretty embryonic form

<TribGuru> Carry on, mischief and mayhem.

<BillCorbett> I just know when i met her I said "Please Hammer don't hurt us"
<BillCorbett> But she did.
<BillCorbett> you're welcome ice-nine
<BillCorbett> About five more minutes? I gotta walk my dogs

<shred> Bill, we're getting a lot of questions about BBI. For those who missed the earlier part, would you clarify the whole BBI thing?

<BillCorbett> They make me pay when I don't
<BillCorbett> OK
<BillCorbett> In a nutshell:
<BillCorbett> We were always called the Brains, and I think we referred to ourselves as that at times
<BillCorbett> But some of us were owners, some not
<BillCorbett> Really, by far the main owner of BBI is Jim Mallon
<BillCorbett> Joel has / had a piece of it too
<BillCorbett> The rest of us were employees
<BillCorbett> I think Kevin and Mike had some minor part, but
<BillCorbett> for the most part, it's a company owned by Jim

<shred> That should clear up a lot of post-MST3K confusion. Thanks.
<shred> Cornjob, you had a question.

<BillCorbett> whew!

<Cornjob> hehe yah, a silly one... Bill did you get to keep a Crow for yourself to play with?

<shred> We've only got time for a couple more, alas.

<BillCorbett> I would have like d to, but no

<Cornjob> and thanks for all your hard work... it's really helped many of us out when we were down.

<BillCorbett> I miss him... >sob!<
<BillCorbett> aw shucks, it was an absolute pleasure

<shred> Gare?

<Gare> Bill... thanks for everything. We all love you.
<Gare> And Bonnie Hammer bites me.

<BillCorbett> Oh, gosh (blsuhing...embarrassed...)

<Gare> Bye BBI!

<shred> hey now -- wasn't there a question in there ?

<Gare> Oh yeah...what's next for you guys??

<BillCorbett> I want to thank you all for your devotion to the show over the years
<BillCorbett> No definite plans yet, except Kevin and Miek and I have just started to put our heards together
<BillCorbett> umm, heads
<BillCorbett> Also, personally -thanks for all the nice feedback / encouragement when I took over Crow from Trace

<shred> MSTAnon?

<MSTAnon> What kind of props specifically did you or the other Brains swipe before leaving?
<MSTAnon> Oh, and GO PACKERS!!!
<MSTAnon> Sorry, couldn't help myself. ;)

<BillCorbett> Trace is a bona fide comic genius, so i was a bit nervous, but your messages helped, thank you!
<BillCorbett> I stole a # 2 pencil
<BillCorbett> Brand new! Hee hee!
<BillCorbett> Patrick gave me the Crow model from the Gumby short sketch, I appreciated that

<shred> It's getting kind of late, even in the Central time zone.

<BillCorbett> Yeah
<BillCorbett> Gotta close down

<shred> Is there a place fans can go -- online or elsewhere -- to get news about you or the
<BillCorbett> we'll make sure there is
<BillCorbett> Probably best bet for now is Satellite News

<Erhardt> Thank you, Bill.

<BillCorbett> (Thank you, Chris & Brian)
<BillCorbett> It was great spending this time with you, everyone

<shred> And thanks, Bill (and Mike, wherever you are now) for putting up with our worst
Internet nightmare.

<Erhardt> That's at for those who don't know.

<TribGuru> Thanks for your time, Bill.

<BillCorbett> I can't thank you enough

<shred> Please pass my apologies on to Paul and Mary Jo when you see them tomorrow
morning at the Unemployment Office.

<BillCorbett> yes!
<BillCorbett> Good bye, friends, bless you all!

<shred> Any final words before parting?

<BillCorbett> Hi-Keeba?
<BillCorbett> Before my time, I guess

<shred> Hi-Keeba!

<BillCorbett> :)

<TribGuru> Hari kari!
<TribGuru> erm.
<TribGuru> Shoot.

<shred> We're gonna go unmoderated, which will probably crash everything all to pieces again.

<BillCorbett> Keep the MST spirit alive - don't take life too seriously!

<TribGuru> Unmoderated chat can be found in #auditorium, folks.

<BillCorbett> That's about as philisopical as I get :)
<BillCorbett> BYE!

<TribGuru> Feel free to pile on into #auditorium to keep this going all night long.
<TribGuru> The disco ball is spinning and the love is flowing.

<Erhardt> Thanks, Bill, shred and TribGuru!

<TribGuru> Good night, Bill!

<shred> thanks to all of you for putting up with our server troubles, and my apologies too to anyone I snapped at. this wasn't how I planned my Sunday. :)

<BillCorbett> Good night, you're very welcome, my pleasure
<BillCorbett> Nice spending time with you all on this last-show night
<BillCorbett> Bye friends
<BillCorbett> ;)

*** Signoff: BillCorbett has left IRC [(signed off)]

*** Mode change [:-m] on channel #mst3k2 by shred

Reprinted with permission of The Sci-Fi Channel.