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Finale Chat with Kevin Murphy

<Host> OK, let's try this again...

*** Host sets mode: +m

<Host> Hopefully this will work now...

*** KevinMurphy has joined #auditorium
*** Host sets mode: +v KevinMurphy

<Host> Kevin, can you hear us?

<KevinMurphy> hoo boy.
<KevinMurphy> yes

<Host> Yeah, I know the feeling...

<KevinMurphy> finally.

<Host> Touch room...

<KevinMurphy> it hurst.
<KevinMurphy> apology accepted.
<KevinMurphy> let's chat, man.

<Host> <zabuni> to <Host>: Can we start asking questions?

<KevinMurphy> God only knows.
<KevinMurphy> why the hell not?

<Host> <Pteryx> to <Host>: It was said that the people at Best Brains didn't read fan MSTs because of potential legal problems if ideas were stolen. Now that MST3K is cancelled, will some of you read a few in your spare time now and then privately?

<Host> <chrismichael> to <Host>: Kevin, What will you do now since
you'll now longer be doing Tom and Bobo?

<KevinMurphy> thank you, we tried, Chibi.
<KevinMurphy> now I am going to fish for walleye.

<Host> <Nanite> to <Host>: Hey what did you and the guys think of the
Phantom Menace?

<KevinMurphy> I loved it. A classic in its own lame style.
<KevinMurphy> ga

<Host> <Fox> to <Host>: (From MFlavin, who's locked out of the server) So, how is the job hunt coming? Or are you all staying at BBI for the moment?

<KevinMurphy> we are tryint to get our calls returned. wish us luck.
<KevinMurphy> ga

<Host> <WikdSushi> to <Host>: What is the future of Best Brains as a company? Are there any plans to syndicate MST3K? Thanks so much for making us laugh for a decade, and terribly sorry about killing the server. Guess the show *does* have a fanbase, eh? ;)

<KevinMurphy> g

<Host> <Cendant> to <Host>: Is there anything the fans can do to bring back the show?

<KevinMurphy> we will try to get MST elected for the highest office in the land.

<Host> <zabuni> to <Host>: Why did you pick dibolique for the last movie?

<KevinMurphy> Jesse Ventura's post.
<KevinMurphy> Diabolik was better than Austin Powers.
<KevinMurphy> ga

<Host> <WonderBread> to <Host>: I'm sure we're all wondering...any of you have any food allergies we should know about, before we send you those going away fruit baskets?

<KevinMurphy> that means "go Ahead", I guess.
<KevinMurphy> I have an allergy to Blowfish, that's about it.

<Host> <Misroi> to <Host>: How can we be updated on Best Brains news and such for future projects?
<Host> <jasoN> to <Host>: did anyone cry after the filming of 1013 ended?

<KevinMurphy> watch that is the best we can do.

<Host> <ab> to <Host>: will there be a MST4K?

<KevinMurphy> that's sorry.
<KevinMurphy> MST4K? BRILLIANT! sign that person up!

* Host apologizes for not moderating well...

<Host> <Pajama> to <Host>: Coogan's Bluff is my favortie Clint Eastwood movie, what is yours??

<KevinMurphy> Eat me. host.
<KevinMurphy> Mine is Paint Youe Wagon.
<KevinMurphy> r
<KevinMurphy> ga

<Host> I think we skipped this one..
<Host> Host > <jasoN> to <Host>: did anyone cry after the filming of
1013 ended?

<KevinMurphy> I did. so did Crow, but he's a wuss.

<Host> <chrismichael> to <Host>: Kevin, If another show does get produced, such as a newer version of MST3K, what would be unique about it, ala ST: The Next Generation?

<KevinMurphy> Ann Jillian cried too.
<KevinMurphy> There will be no other show like MST, quote me on that.

<Host> <Revive> to <Host>: Was it difficult to write/perform the episodes after learning you had been cancelled/ What was it like filming the episodes you KNEW were the last for certain cast members? (Like "Mitchell" for joel)

<KevinMurphy> We have been cancelled many times. It's like flunking fifth grade. You just go on..,
<KevinMurphy> like chicago public schools, they just advance you. GA

<Host> <Revive> to <Host>: How would the cast of MST feel about being immortalized by a ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor?

<KevinMurphy> I'd love to see a "Seurveaux" flavor.
<KevinMurphy> Sort of a butter pecan without butter or pecans.
<KevinMurphy> ga

<Host> <pantera> to <Host>: if you had to choose an episode as a personal foavorite which would it be

<KevinMurphy> ga ga ga.

<Host> <dmaul1> to <Host>: do any of you have a say in what episodes
are released by rhino home video?
<Host> <Revive> to <Host>: What are you doing now?
<Host> <saintsammy> to <Host>: Hey, Servo... I sent in a bunch of those parts to make a few of you guys.. I was pissed off that they got blown up!

<KevinMurphy> I can't they all rollover me like the surf in Hawaii.
<KevinMurphy> Hey Saint. Lick me, okay? it's not my fault.

<Host> <Chibi Track> to <Host>: Is there any animocity felt towards Sci fi at this point?
<Host> (excluding me, I hope...)

<KevinMurphy> I have put out a contract to pie Steven Chow. any takers?
<KevinMurphy> ga

<Host> <MrHappy> to <Host>: Kevin, what did you think about the "Final episode of MST" commercials Sci fi played over and over and over again?

<KevinMurphy> Gabba gabba hey.
<KevinMurphy> They were polished and fine. like the taco dog.

<Host> <LiquidVelcro> to <Host>: Do you have any idea what's going to happen to Caption This?

<KevinMurphy> It will be captioned.
<KevinMurphy> ga

<Host> It will remain!

<KevinMurphy> YAY! i think.

<Host> <syrguy19> to <Host>: i wanna ask kevin, if he plans on recording an album because he has a great vioce!

<KevinMurphy> Thank you. I will do an album of favorite barbershop grunge songs.
<KevinMurphy> it will be aclled "harmonizr with my ass."
<KevinMurphy> e
<KevinMurphy> ga
<KevinMurphy> called
<KevinMurphy> sorry.
<KevinMurphy> spelling.
<KevinMurphy> ga

<Host> <KimCatral> to <Host>: Kevin, how are we supposed to live without MST, now that we've been loving it so long?

<KevinMurphy> I will displace my affection to Brittany Spears.
<KevinMurphy> She is so fine.
<KevinMurphy> for a child.
<KevinMurphy> Am I in trouble now?

<Host> <cjbolland> to <Host>: Will everybody continue to stay here in the twin cities? Or are more people shoving off to LA?

<KevinMurphy> GA
<KevinMurphy> Drool....

<Host> <Pajama> to <Host>: Are you related to Eddie Murphy?

<KevinMurphy> I am shoving off to Debuque. I hear the film scene there is thriving.

<Host> <Terra> to <Host>: All I have to say is that I love you guys at MST3K - all of you. I'll never forget the way you made me laugh. Thank you. ^_^

<KevinMurphy> I am related to eddie Murphy all right. we are bioth black.

<Host> (that goes for everyone here... and many more who are having trouble connecting...)

<KevinMurphy> exceot for me.
<KevinMurphy> p
<KevinMurphy> sorry.
<KevinMurphy> bag fingers, small keyboard.

<Host> <S-Alpha> to <Host>: What's going to happen to the 'bots? Who's holding onto them?

<KevinMurphy> The bots are cryogenically frozenb and waiuting for nostalgia to kick in.
<KevinMurphy> ga

<Host> For those of you joining late, we apologize for the problems we've been having...

<KevinMurphy> Come on, Host,

<Host> <UnkyHerb> to <Host>: i have heard rumors about mst3k on pbs or some other stations, care to clarify them?...i just cant stand seeing the show end, i love it....sorry if this is an annoying question

<KevinMurphy> Be bold. don't apol;ogize.
<KevinMurphy> tell 'em to get bent.

<Host> Hey! I'm under a lot of pressure here...

<KevinMurphy> PBS is too crude for us.
<KevinMurphy> all that history...

<Host> <Fox> to <Host>: (From MFlavin, who's STILL locked out of the server) Is there any chance that the shorts originally produced for the CD-ROM will see the light of day soon?

<KevinMurphy> all thay poop humor...
<KevinMurphy> ga

<Host> <astrocat> to <Host>: please, Kevin, speak to me! That will make my life! (sniff sniff - I will miss you all)

<KevinMurphy> Hi Astocat. I love you...
<KevinMurphy> Poor lame-o.
<KevinMurphy> ga

<Host> <Elroy-L> to <Host>: any unshown eps that may be shown?
<Host> Funny that you ask...
<Host> <Dalek> to <Host>: are you scared by some of the fans?

<KevinMurphy> Show 103 will show in september. not our fault...
<KevinMurphy> and not our best episode.
<KevinMurphy> But it does have Ernest Borgnine.
<KevinMurphy> Boy does he blow.

<Host> <lefty> to <Host>: I was watching the end the first time the last episode was shown, suddenly I caught on it was the last episode. The house was then filled with a loud "noooooooooo".

<KevinMurphy> Tell 'em about the mix-up, host.
<KevinMurphy> Soorry about the last episode stuff. we wanted to make more...
<KevinMurphy> But SCI fi is upgrading to version 2.0...

<Host> Which mix-up? There were so many...

<KevinMurphy> that is like Mac OS 8.
<KevinMurphy> inotherwords, it suck evenb worse.
<KevinMurphy> no "b".
<KevinMurphy> ga

<Host> <Dan> to <Host>: Kevin: any chance the crew will be back for The Blair Witch Project II--starring Lisa Whelchel??

<KevinMurphy> I want it to star Paul Reubens as a lady in peril...
<KevinMurphy> who becomes a witch...
<KevinMurphy> who makes bad home vodeos...
<KevinMurphy> that's "videos"...
<KevinMurphy> and finds Kate Blanchette...

<Host> <Watcher2> to <Host>: Do we direct questions through you, since the Moderator is gone? If so, have any questions been asked about the most up-to-date info on the continuation of episodes, specials, or another movie?

<KevinMurphy> in a feild of wheat.

<Host> Direct questions to me, Host. No guarantees tho... there's a lot of you.

<KevinMurphy> I'll say.

<Host> <JFelix> to <Host>: what was your opinion on "blair witch project"? people either loved it or loathed it.

<KevinMurphy> Blair Witch was the best movie made this month.
<KevinMurphy> or was it last month?
<KevinMurphy> ga

<Host> <threedays> to <Host>: will the mst3k fan club continue now that the show is over?

<KevinMurphy> goo goo ga ga

<Host> <Merlynn> to <Host>: Do you think you throughly explored Bobo
as a character?

<KevinMurphy> yes the MST 3k FAN CLUB will continue, because we are so damn greedy.
<KevinMurphy> Buy buy bu.
<KevinMurphy> y
<KevinMurphy> I did not explore Bobo as a woman . Too bad.

<Host> <pepsi> to <Host>: will this whole interview be downloadable somewhere to people who got disconnected?
<Host> yes.

<KevinMurphy> ga

<Host> <RobertH> to <Host>: Please say my cat's name.

<KevinMurphy> Download it at
<KevinMurphy> Muffy!
<KevinMurphy> tin tin?
<KevinMurphy> pook?
<KevinMurphy> Hell, I dunno.
<KevinMurphy> ga

<Host> <napalm> to <Host>: Could kevin please channel the spirits of Mike and Perl and Bill for a while?
<Host> I think we lost them when we were having tech problems... sorry.
<Host> <Stevenado> to <Host>: Will you release videos of these last 2 seasons?

<KevinMurphy> Oooooh...ohhhhh...
<KevinMurphy> miiiike...
<KevinMurphy> pearrrrrrrrl...
<KevinMurphy> oooooh.
<KevinMurphy> videos....
<KevinMurphy> mmmmm.
<KevinMurphy> Siorry. no can do.
<KevinMurphy> call Psychic friends.

<Host> <Penmaster> to <Host>: All my favourite shows are being cancelled this year: you guys, NewsRadio. What do you like to watch on TV?

<KevinMurphy> ga
<KevinMurphy> I like to watch DVD's. that's about it...
<KevinMurphy> and the TRAVeL CHANEL!
<KevinMurphy> Watch Lonely Planet.

<Host> <David> to <Host>: Kevin, Did you all enjoy the flowers? I will miss you terribly.

<KevinMurphy> ga
<KevinMurphy> We loved the flowers, thank you. who the hell are you?
<KevinMurphy> ga

<Host> <Pajama> to <Host>: There are rumors that you have a boistrous beard, I've tried to grow one but it was ineffective and patchy, could you give me some beard tips (or Q-tips haha)?

<KevinMurphy> One word: Rogaine, my friend.
<KevinMurphy> that and lots of sex.
<KevinMurphy> works wonders.
<KevinMurphy> ga

<Host> <shadow> to <Host>: can we start winnowing the intelligence from the idiocy with the questions please? His favorite TV show??? C'mon....
<Host> You guys are asking the q's... not me.

<KevinMurphy> To shadow: grow a beard and get off the line, fucker.

<Host> <Remo> to <Host>: Any chances of aonther convention or live

<KevinMurphy> zing, huh?
<KevinMurphy> If the fans want to throw a con, we'll come!
<KevinMurphy> I promise.
<KevinMurphy> for lots of $$$$$
<KevinMurphy> ga
<KevinMurphy> pant pant pant...
<KevinMurphy> keep 'em coming

<Host> <MSTManos> to <Host>: Is it true you personally bad-mouthed the (unfairly) popular Comedy Central series, "South Park"?

<KevinMurphy> No I like the opbscene colorforms.

<Host> <chrismichael> to <Host>: How will you be spending the rest of your summer Kevin?

<KevinMurphy> I will fish, and I will find my soul.
<KevinMurphy> ga

<Host> <Merlynn> to <Host>: I don't have a question,I just wanted to give you a quick break.
<Host> <NummyMuffinCocolButter> to <Host>: will we be seeing you or the rest of the crew in any movies/television?

<KevinMurphy> Thak yu Merlynn. you were always a wizard at this stuff.
<KevinMurphy> I will be appearing in the sequel to the Bridges of Madison County...
<KevinMurphy> called the Road Construction around Rockford.
<KevinMurphy> ga

<Host> <MrBNtrl> to <Host>: I absolutely loved the ending of the final episode, were those riffs on The Crawling Eye from that episode or were they new? I could watch 101 again, but I want the answer now :)

<KevinMurphy> Thank you. They were, sort of. but we sucked in episode 101.
<KevinMurphy> ga

<Host> <Acaris> to <Host>: What is Beez doing nowadays???

<KevinMurphy> Beezis working, unlike me.
<KevinMurphy> and quit panting, Acris.
<KevinMurphy> ga

<Host> <crawling> to <Host>: are there any more books about the show in the works?

<KevinMurphy> come on, people, gimme some death!
<KevinMurphy> thre are 3000 books about our show being written.
<KevinMurphy> Oncluding the Oxfor Companion to MST.

<Host> <Elroy-L> to <Host>: kevin, couldn't some of the cast have been killed off?

<KevinMurphy> Insert "d"
<KevinMurphy> I wanted to kill bobo with a handgun, but the timing was bad.
<KevinMurphy> ga

<Host> <Wakoman> to <Host>: What happened to Magic Voice?

<KevinMurphy> Magic voice got a Job on the New Hollywood Squares.
<KevinMurphy> unlike me.

<Host> <ChuckyV> to <Host>: wouldnt the events at the end of terminator 2: judgement day cancel the events in the first film?

<KevinMurphy> ga
<KevinMurphy> Chucky: you need analysis. and yes.
<KevinMurphy> ga

<Host> <bots2> to <Host>: Do you think that you can ever watch a movie without quipping at it?

<KevinMurphy> YES I CAN. and you should too.

<Host> <chrismichael> to <Host>: How will you celebrate the coming of the new millennium Kevin?

<KevinMurphy> When i pay money for a film i shut my mouth.
<KevinMurphy> I will celebrate the millenium by eating sashimi at the stoke of midnight on a flight over the date line.

<Host> <Rain> to <Host>: No question, Kevin. Just thanks.

<KevinMurphy> I love you, Rain.
<KevinMurphy> Rain on me.

<Host> <RobertH> to <Host>: Should we stop watching the Scifi Channel now?

<KevinMurphy> YES STOP WATCHING!! NOW!!!

<Host> I'll take this one... no.

<KevinMurphy> at midnight.

<Host> (damn)

<KevinMurphy> sorry, host.

<Host> <teenMSTie> to <Host>: Hey Kevin. Do you consider it a beautiful, natural thing for a man to spend a lot of time working on his puppet?

<KevinMurphy> I never bring the puppet home. bottom line.
<KevinMurphy> ga

<Host> <PinkyandtheBrainGuy> to <Host>: Great final episode Kevin! MUCH better than Cheers or Seinfeld (not that that's saying much).
<Host> <Yuji> to <Host>: Kevin, what do you use the Internet mainly for?

<KevinMurphy> Thank you, Pinky. we consider it the best episode since gramma stroke came back to the Waltons.
<KevinMurphy> I use the internet strictly for porn.
<KevinMurphy> ga

<Host> <greenbean> to <Host>: Kevin, do you think that sentient gumball machines will undermine civilization and cause it's collapse?

<KevinMurphy> Dear greenbean: get the hell off this feed,now.
<KevinMurphy> ga
<KevinMurphy> (greenbean: meet me at

<Host> <pokey> to <Host>: will there be reruns?
<Host> (yes)
<Host> <Jess6> to <Host>: kevin, first of all, i'd like to thank you for making the 90's worthwhile, and second, why do you say ga all the time in this chat?

<KevinMurphy> yes, as host says.
<KevinMurphy> good host.
<KevinMurphy> here's a bicky.
<KevinMurphy> I say ga because I have Tourettes, any p[roblem, cock?
<KevinMurphy> ga
<KevinMurphy> ga
<KevinMurphy> ga
<KevinMurphy> ga
<KevinMurphy> ga

<Host> <Jackie> to <Host>: First of all, you guys are awesome. How did you get started in comedy?

<KevinMurphy> GA!

<Host> <fwapow> to <Host>: Please, for the benefit of all in this chat room ... sing us a song. Any song will do.

<KevinMurphy> I got beat up by Jimmy Freilich when I was 6 and my dad filmed it. that's how I got started incomedy.
<KevinMurphy> Tibby, oh, Tibby....
<KevinMurphy> reality's hard....

<Host> <pokey> to <Host>: remember when servo fell off the counter???

<KevinMurphy> so tibby, let's play in the yard!...
<KevinMurphy> Yeah, pokey, huh, that was coool. (bong hit)
<KevinMurphy> gaaaaa

<Host> <NummyMuffinCocolButter> to <Host>: how come when your in the theater, toms head isnt transparent?

<KevinMurphy> Because it's TELEVISION< YU TWIT!!!I
<KevinMurphy> o
<KevinMurphy> gagaga

<Host> <thayer> to <Host>: kevin, do you find it annoying that only the really stupid and/or annoying questions are being let through?
<Host> (you should see the ones that *aren't* getting thru....)

<KevinMurphy> Yes, thayer, including yours. now quit being such an elitist and go back to reading Alexander Cockburn.

<Host> <Stevenado> to <Host>: Man this really sucks. Say something to make us feel better.

<KevinMurphy> Stevendabo: I think you are the hottest thing since Milli Vanilli.
<KevinMurphy> gaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

<Host> BTW, I am told that Bill Corbett is actually chatting at, port 6666, if you know how to point your IRC clients there...
<Host> <Ironf> to <Host>: Why no George Kennedy reffs? Do you like him too much?

<KevinMurphy> I think George Kennedy is so hot, with great thighs and a tight ass.
<KevinMurphy> Bill Corbett is usually at port 666, if you know what I mean...
<KevinMurphy> GAAA!
<KevinMurphy> Go Ahead On.
<KevinMurphy> Host?
<KevinMurphy> oh, Ho-ost?

<Host> <Nicholas19> to <Host>: Are you guys Hiring? Where can i send my Resume?

<KevinMurphy> Thin you can take me?
<KevinMurphy> It's your move.
<KevinMurphy> We are hiring people with money to give us.
<KevinMurphy> send no resume, just dollars.
<KevinMurphy> Go ahead on.

<Host> <Orange-Bomb> to <Host>: Would you guys consider doing a straight to video deal?
<Host> Wow. Slow down a bit on the q's folks...
<Host> <Phred> to <Host>: where are the interns going?
<Host> <TheBlackHole> to <Host>: You guys went through 3 major cast swaps, and still pulled it off, it's really a shame to see it end here, but good luck, and we wish you all well.
<Host> Kevin, you there?

<KevinMurphy> Hosty?
<KevinMurphy> host honey?
<KevinMurphy> To earthhhh...
<KevinMurphy> love that song.
<KevinMurphy> So you guys wanna chat about Babylon 5?
<KevinMurphy> so cold, so alone...
<KevinMurphy> Boy, internet is SO much better than radio, isn't it?
<KevinMurphy> where else can you pick your ass for an hour?
<KevinMurphy> HOST!
<KevinMurphy> HELP ME HOST!!!\
<KevinMurphy> We are taking a break so no vids for a while.
<KevinMurphy> T%hank you BlackHole.
<KevinMurphy> Please do not show me your black hole.
<KevinMurphy> GA
<KevinMurphy> I see the audience is leaving in droves.
<KevinMurphy> Yes, host. I am here, are you?

<Host> Over here!
<Host> Over here!!!

<Host> <Timmyling> to <Host>: Kevin, who came up with the ending to 1013? Do you think that it fit the show?

<KevinMurphy> Host?
<KevinMurphy> Ah.
<KevinMurphy> We work as a unit. we a;ll came up with it.

<Host> I'm lagging...

<KevinMurphy> It fit the show like a condom.
<KevinMurphy> snug and exciting.

<Host> <my-crow-soft> to <Host>: Kevin, do you think Busta is dope ?

<KevinMurphy> ga
<KevinMurphy> Poor host.
<KevinMurphy> Say, you catholics...
<KevinMurphy> Busta is the shit,bubba.

<Host> (I just liked that guy's name...)

<KevinMurphy> I have no idea what you are talking about.

<Host> <NummyMuffinCocolButter> to <Host>: hey Kevin, please tell me- Is there any hope for MST3K? and if there is; will we be seeing you again?
<KevinMurphy> MST is full of hope, muffin. It's just CANCELLED! DEAL WITH IT!!!!!
<KevinMurphy> and you will see me again.

<Host> <AidanK> to <Host>: So, Kevin, when you get a job, will you hide behind your desk and make jokes about your co-workers?

<KevinMurphy> we want to do some conventions this year and next.
<KevinMurphy> look for us.
<KevinMurphy> conventions are fun, except when Satan is there.
<KevinMurphy> like at Exoticon. DO NOT go to exoticon.

<Host> <ManosandTorgo4ever> to <Host>: Who should we blame for this outrage of cancellation? The Government, the Illuminati, PBS...whose fault is it?

<KevinMurphy> Always, AidanK.
<KevinMurphy> I am joking about you right now, you dink.
<KevinMurphy> Go ahead on.
<KevinMurphy> I blame AidanK. She is such a cow.
<KevinMurphy> Go ahead on.

<Host> <Kashmira> to <Host>: well, i guess none of my questions r gonna be answered, i love the show though! Great job to the cast! I love u guys!!
<Host> <Q> to <Host>: kevin, if the mst cast were stranded on a desert island and you had to turn on one person and eat them to survive, who would it be?

<KevinMurphy> Dear Kashmira. you did get trough...
<KevinMurphy> we'll be sending yu a huggable Sliders doll.

<Host> <KEN> to <Host>: Is Kevin Murphy supposed to show up after Don Rickles leaves?

<KevinMurphy> Host, send 'em a Sliders Doll.
<KevinMurphy> NOW>
<KevinMurphy> I would eat me, because I am so damn delicious.

<Host> <Q> to <Host>: kevin, your last show was #1013. 1013 is the production company that makes the x-files. mst makes fun of shows like the x-files. COINCIDENCE???

<KevinMurphy> Go ahead on.
<KevinMurphy> Dear Ken: where is your genetalia? Love, Don Rickles.
<KevinMurphy> Go ahead on.
<KevinMurphy> Dear Q: Wow. (Bong hit)

<Host> <Cornjob> to <Host>: hey gang mike and bill are on the other server

<KevinMurphy> Go ahead on.
<KevinMurphy> lay 'em on me host.

<Host> Cornjob tells the truth. They're at, port 6666.
<Host> If you can log on to both simultaneously, God bless ya.

<KevinMurphy> lock the doors we're goin' all night.
<KevinMurphy> What other server?

<Host> <Dan> to <Host>: Kevin, You constantly send messages containing the letters "ga" G.A. are the initials for Gillian Anderson of the X-Files...another coincidence?!?! Explain this.

<KevinMurphy> get their asses over here where the funis.
<KevinMurphy> that's "fun is".
<KevinMurphy> the initials are gor George Armstrong.

<Host> I'll be here as long as you all are...
<Host> It's a love fest... how about a group hug?

<KevinMurphy> I do not know who he is.
<KevinMurphy> Fuck the group hug. I'
<KevinMurphy> Sorry. thay was supposed to be erased.

<Host> <fox-064> to <Host>: I don't care, I wanna chat with Kevin Murphy, let me get something through for crying out loud
<Host> <Q> to <Host>: kevin, if mst were like doctor who and you could all regenerate, who would be playing you (ie bobo and servo) in the next incarnation?
<KevinMurphy> Oops.

<Host> <J> to <Host>: kevin - are you comfortable with servo wearing a skirt (is he a sissybot?)

<KevinMurphy> Bobo would be played by Ewan Mc Gregor.
<KevinMurphy> And Sercvo wuld be played by Lilly Taylor
<KevinMurphy> Servo is comfortable with skirts, not me.
<KevinMurphy> Go ahead on.

<Host> <hoss> to <Host>: Kevin, are there plans on releasing any episodes on DVD?

<KevinMurphy> Dear Host: I am headed to Port 6666. Thak you all for being here. Thaks for watching.

<Host> Wow. You too?

<KevinMurphy> Hoss: LAST QUESTION: I hope there will be more DVD's the MST movie is on DVD and it looks great.
<KevinMurphy> THANKS EVERYONE!!!

<Host> Thank you Kevin!!!
<Host> And thank you all MSTies!

Reprinted with permission of The Sci-Fi Channel.