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Kevin Murphy promotes EtL

*** Moderator has changed the topic on #auditorium to "Chat with MST3K's Kevin Murphy - Nov 2 @ 8pm ET"
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<Kevin> hello

<TServo4> Kevin Murphy?
<TServo4> Mr. Murphy, a pleasure.


<Kevin> thank you.

<PrinceCaspian> Hi Kev!!

<Greidanus> not the real Kevin, I bet!!

<TheNobleOne> ITS KEVIN!

<ThickMcRunFast> lol

<PrinceCaspian> Can I call you Kev?
<PrinceCaspian> :)

<Alex> haha

*** Mode change [+o Kevin] on #auditorium by Kevin


<Cal> It's Kevin.

<TServo4> How are you this fine evening?

<ThickMcRunFast> yup it's kevin

<Sampo> Welcome, Kevin

<Ben-Cohen> I don't do this very often; is it normal for the chat to lock up for about a minute and then spew out all of the backed up messages?

<Greidanus> HI KEVIN!

<MSTieMuppet> Kevim you are my hero

<Alex> Wow, THE Kevin Murphy

<TheNobleOne> How are you felling today sir

<Cal> Miles and miles o'keefe

<MSTieMuppet> kevin*

<Erhardt> Hiya, Kevin!

<Miss-T> Hello Kevin.

<Alex> haha ^_^

<TheNobleOne> Kevin you are my god

<Silvertig> Ben: Sometimes unfortunately.
<Silvertig> Hello Mr. Murphy!

<invincor> ok, there we go.

<ShaniAnne> here we go!

<Carnage1211> wus up Kevin

<Kevin> Wait for it...

<PrinceCaspian> Hiya Professor Bobo

<Alex> Mr. Murphy is probably overloaded with things to say, lol

<TheNobleOne> haha

<Kevin> Wait...

<MSTieMuppet> im only 14, so your work is molding my life...

<TheNobleOne> uh ok

<ThickMcRunFast> we are

<Miles-OKeefe> Must... wait... till... 8:00!

<invincor> your life is clay in Murphy's hands?

<ThickMcRunFast> 5 mins

<TheNobleOne> DAMN YOU CLOCK!!

* MSTieMuppet holding for kevin

<Greidanus> wow.

<Moderator> Hello...we're now switching to moderated mode.

<MSTieMuppet> basically

<Agent-Moldy> Nuh-uh, don' wanna wait!

<TServo4> many fish can you name?

<Sampo> somebody hit the fast forward button on life

<Greidanus> dammit. and the clock dwindles on 7:59!!

<ThickMcRunFast> I can wait 5 mins, I've been waiting my whole for this moment

<Alex> Danger Diabolik'll be sad

<KarlSCIFI> Hey everyone we have Kevin here..

<ShaniAnne> all kids should be raised on good ol' heapin' helpings of MST

<Kevin> Wait...

<Alex> HI!

<Cap> This is the electronic version of an excited mob crowding around him...

<Alex> oh

<KarlSCIFI> I am going to moderate the room now

<Miles-OKeefe> What are the rules for 'moderated mode' ?

<PrinceCaspian> Never saw Danger Diabolik before how bad is it

<Greidanus> that's presumed, Mr. Mod.

*** Mode change [+m] on #auditorium by KarlSCIFI

<Kevin> tick...
<Kevin> tick...
<Kevin> tick...
<Kevin> wait...
<Kevin> patience...

<Moderator> Welcome to our first chat with anyone from MST3K in, gosh, quite a while.

<Kevin> ommmmmm...
<Kevin> ommmmm.

<Moderator> I'm your obstructionary moderator for the evening.
<Moderator> If you have a question for Kevin, please send it to me as a private message.
<Moderator> Mr. Murphy, do you have any opening remarks for the group?

<Kevin> Good morning mr. Phelps.
<Kevin> Let's talk Edward.
<Kevin> How's everybody tonight?
<Kevin> Lemme Hear ya say "Yeah!"

<Moderator> Ah yes, "The Adventures of Edward the Less," found at
<Moderator> <--- shameless plugger.

<Kevin> I'll say.

<Moderator> <Agent-Moldy> to <Moderator>: Just wanted to compliment Kevin on "Edward the Less" and on his beautiful singing voice. It gives me chills, it's so pretty.

<Kevin> Thank you. I stole Mario Lanza's vocal chords.

<Moderator> <Queued> to <Moderator>: In IRC, nobody can hear you scream. Well, except Kevin. Edward the less rocks, but it should be a full blown, animated television show.

<KarlSCIFI> Send any questions you have to the Moderator with /msg Moderator or simply
<KarlSCIFI> double-click on the Moderator's name in the list of names on the right
<KarlSCIFI> side of their screen.

<Kevin> Edward is first a story book...
<Kevin> The art dictates this...
<Kevin> You can't get this kind of lovely art onb Flash...
<Kevin> Everything ends up looking like a Doonsbury cartoon.
<Kevin> We wanted somrthing differentt...
<Kevin> Oops.
<Kevin> So Edward is a hand-made storybook.

<Moderator> <ThickMcRunFast> to <Moderator>: Okay, and Edward the less question. What does Kevin think about being a cartoon charachter?

<Kevin> I am fatter in real life.
<Kevin> I love it.
<Kevin> Thank yyou thick.

<Moderator> <overthegardenwall> to <Moderator>: i wanted to tell kevin that he is a breath of fresh air in the writing community
<Moderator> (I guess that's not technically a question, but flattery is nice too)

<Kevin> Wow. I always thought my breath smelled like old pumpkins.

<Moderator> <TServo4> to <Moderator>: Back in the days at KTMA, you guys did some original comedy like MST3k and the Melon Drops. Were there any other original comedy that was notable?

<Kevin> Yes...
<Kevin> We did a phony news program...
<Kevin> calle d"Team 23"...
<Kevin> It was long before "The Daily SHow"
<Kevin> And Pretty much the same idea.
<Kevin> We had a lot of fun with the local news.

<Moderator> <DaddyO> to <Moderator>: Did you ever consider doing "MST3K: The Cartoon" and making fun of old cartoons (Superfriends, etc.)?

<Kevin> Sure...
<Kevin> Dark HOrse Comics wanted to do a Comic Book...
<Kevin> It never panned out...
<Kevin> I still think an Animated show of the characters...
<Kevin> would be a lot of fun...
<Kevin> But puppets making fun of cartoons...
<Kevin> It dopn't work, man.

<Moderator> <trnoel> to <Moderator>: Have you worked with Rich Larsen before?

<Kevin> Rich Larson did the storyboards for MST the MOvie...
<Kevin> He'sbrilliant.
<Kevin> He's the best illustrator I know.
<Kevin> I know two ilustrators.
<Kevin> sorry about the spelling.

<Moderator> <Miles-OKeefe> to <Moderator>: For Kevin: do you think a time will come that MST3K will become popular enough for a revival of the show? And if so, will you want to take part?

<Kevin> Any revival is entirely up to the audience...
<Kevin> we could push all day and never sell MST again...
<Kevin> So it's up to you, the viewer.

<Moderator> I think if it were entirely up to THIS audience, you'd be holding a puppet over your head right now.

<Kevin> Thennnnk yew.

<Moderator> <ProjectedPaul> to <Moderator>: When you list the worst movies you have seen, what would you say are the main factors, ie. a noncohesive storyline, terrible acting, that makes it worthy of that distinction?

<Kevin> The worst movie I have see tnis year...
<Kevin> is...
<Kevin> ready?
<Kevin> Town and Country.
<Kevin> Why?
<Kevin> Because not only did it suck bricks...
<Kevin> But it cost 90 million dollars.
<Kevin> reprehensible.

<Moderator> <Sampo> to <Moderator>: Hi, Kevin. Can you give us a little sneak preview of your book--maybe tell us about a particularly strange place you saw a movie?

<Kevin> Yes.
<Kevin> Hi CHris.
<Kevin> I was in Finland...
<Kevin> at the midnight sun film fest...
<Kevin> I saw "Intolerance" with a live orchestra.
<Kevin> brilliant.
<Kevin> the films ran all night.
<Kevin> the fest is above the Arctic Circle in Lapland.
<Kevin> Go.

<Moderator> Not to be the last to the party, but can you tell us a little more about this "book" you're writing?

<Kevin> The book is called "A Year At The Movies"...
<Kevin> I am examining the modern movie-going experience...
<Kevin> to that end, I am going to a theater and seeing a movie...
<Kevin> every single day for the entire year.
<Kevin> So far I have seen over four hundred movies...
<Kevin> in over fifty cities...
<Kevin> in ten countries and three continents...
<Kevin> oh. and Lpaland.
<Kevin> Lapland.
<Kevin> There.
<Kevin> Due out Summer '02

<Moderator> <Ben-Cohen> to <Moderator>: How's the book coming along? What's your favorite movie of the year so far?

<Kevin> My favorite movie is hard to say...
<Kevin> I am judging each movie-going experience...
<Kevin> The midnight sun film fest is high on my list...
<Kevin> "Sexy BEast" is brilliant as a film, see it...
<Kevin> And I drove accross the desert on Route 66...
<Kevin> In search of the Great American Drive-In, and I found it.
<Kevin> It's been a ball.
<Kevin> Oh, and Australia has the best theater chain in the entire world.

<Moderator> <Silvertig> to <Moderator>: For Mr. Murphy...what WAS it like to work on your new book? Did you literally see a movie a day or where there times when you just couldn't do it?

<Kevin> I have seen a movie every day, yes, and often more than one...
<Kevin> When I couldn't get to a theater, say in the Mexican desert...
<Kevin> I brought a movie projector and some classic films...
<Kevin> In a small fishing village in Mexico I showed Laurel and Hardy films at the local cantinas.
<Kevin> Beautiful.

<KarlSCIFI> Send any questions you have to the Moderator with /msg Moderator or simply
<KarlSCIFI> double-click on the Moderator's name in the list of names on the right
<KarlSCIFI> side of their screen.

<Moderator> <Queued> to <Moderator>: This bears a little more explanation. If the book is about films, why are you wandering all over the planet?

<Kevin> The book is about the experience of seeing films in public.
<Kevin> That is what cinema is by definition.
<Kevin> Cinema is a public art.
<Kevin> Just ask the producer of Red Zone CUba.

<Moderator> <emma-peel> to <Moderator>: Did you eat alot of popcorn while seeing all those movies?

<Kevin> Hell yes, but I prefer to sneak in my own.
<Kevin> This is how Paul Newman got started, because he felt that theater popcorn sucked, which it does.

<Moderator> Here's a two-fer:
<Moderator> <MSTieMuppet> to <Moderator>: when will you be doing another convention??? I really want to meet you Mr. Murphy, your my hero!
<Moderator> <MSTieMuppet> to <Moderator>: Question for Mr. Murphy - Will you be doing a signing tour for your books release?

<Kevin> Probably "No" on the convention, and a definite "Yes" on the book signing tour.

<Moderator> <Dialam> to <Moderator>: A question for the Great Kevin Murphy... Were you recognized by alot of people when you traveled to the different theatres?

<Kevin> Nobody recognizes the guy who sits under the desk...
<Kevin> Or wears a monkey mask...
<Kevin> And thank God for that.

<Moderator> <PrinceCaspian> to <Moderator>: Question for Kevin: how uncomfortable was it to dress as Professor Bobo?

<Kevin> The mask was very hot...
<Kevin> it gave me my first migraine ever.
<Kevin> and I nearly killed Brad Keely once just bacause the resinous toxins made me insane.

<Moderator> <ThickMcRunFast> to <Moderator>: The only question I have is... What is Kevin's favorite episode now that he looks back on MST3K?

<Kevin> They all blend together...
<Kevin> into one massive Lynchian Hallucinogenic Episode...
<Kevin> But I loved The Girl in the Gold Boots.

<Moderator> <moon> to <Moderator>: For Kevin - Did you keep any mementoes from MSTafter all the props were auctioned off from the show? Also, are their any plans to put out a complete MST Collosal Guide somewhere down the road?

<Kevin> The guys who run, Brian and Chris, have collected more episode guides...

<Kevin> They have a very fun and authoiritative site..
<Kevin> If you haven't been , go.
<Kevin> Also, the Sci-Fi episodes are logged by us on this very website...
<Kevin> by the charming and capable Sean Redlitz.
<Kevin> Visit here as well.

<Moderator> <xaviergc> to <Moderator>: Kevin, being the singing sensation that you are, what segment, or which song are you particularly proud of since the series inception?

<Kevin> I did the whole ball of wax...
<Kevin> on the United Servo Mens Chorus Hymn...
<Kevin> It brings me back to my childhood...
<Kevin> when I would sing barbershop with my Dad and my brothers.
<Kevin> It was the most fun for me.
<Kevin> Did you know we pitched another version of "MST 3K the Movie" to Universal?...
<Kevin> It was all singing and Dancing...
<Kevin> But they shot us down...
<Kevin> The bastards.

<Moderator> <Miles-OKeefe> to <Moderator>: And for Kevin, do you have any regrets leaving the show when you did?

<Kevin> What do you mean? I hung on 'till the bitch was cancelled!
<Kevin> Jesus.
<Kevin> No regets, honey.
<Kevin> add your own "r".

<Moderator> Perhaps the questioner was wondering if you weren't sorry you didn't bail out sooner...?

<Kevin> I didn't bail out sooner because it was the most fun I have ever had...
<Kevin> ...and the funniest, most creative group of people I have ever worked with, or ever will.
<Kevin> Making the show was ten times more fun than watching it, if you can believe that...
<Kevin> It was a gift I'll cherish all my life.

* Kevin tears up a little

<Moderator> <Truent> to <Moderator>: Kevin what do you think about digital distrobution of the so called "lost" mst3k episodes that may never be seen again, do you and the brains still share some notion of "keep circulating the tapes"?

* Kevin take a sip of his martini.

<Kevin> Circulate those buggers. Just don't charge for 'em.
<Kevin> Ideas are free, my friend.

<Moderator> <Kes> to <Moderator>: Would you consider licensing the concept of MST3K? I must be one of a small number of British fans (very few have been shown here) and would love to do a British version.

<Kevin> We actually have a very passionate group of Brit fans, and I think it would be lovely to do the show in, say, Swahili.
<Kevin> Kenyans are friggin' hysterical.

<Moderator> <Mick12> to <Moderator>: Any info on the Sci-Fi episodes of MST3k coming to VHS and DVD?

<Kevin> I have no clue. That's business, and I am in the Liberal Arts.

<Moderator> <Cal> to <Moderator>: Kevin, do you collect DVD's? If so, any DVD's in particular that you like a lot?

<Kevin> "Das Boot" is my favorite. Mike Nelson turned me onto it.
<Kevin> I have the "Lumiere Project" as well...
<Kevin> And I'm building my collection through Netflix.

<Moderator> I've been reminded that info on all upcoming MST3K episodes on home video, you can visit
<Moderator> <ProjectedPaul> to <Moderator>: Have you found that watching a movie with an audience makes it much better than having to watch it alone?

<Kevin> An audience is always better.
<Kevin> It's why we made "MST the MOvie" in the first place...
<Kevin> It's much more fun laughing in a crowd.\

<Moderator> <dre1> to <Moderator>: What do you think about George Lucas' idea to have digital feeds to cinemas?

<Kevin> I have seen the DLP technology, and for animation at least it's absolutely beautiful...
<Kevin> ...and disturbiung at the same time...
<Kevin> ...there are things you can do on the physical medium of celluliod...
<Kevin> ...that you will never be able to do on a computer...
<Kevin> so here's my idea...
<Kevin> let Hollywood have the digital distribution network...
<Kevin> and give all the film to Richard Linklater.

<Moderator> <DaddyO> to <Moderator>: What is the weirdest food or drink that has been served at a theater that you have been to? Did you partake of it?

<Kevin> Good Question...
<Kevin> I had raw peanuts in Mexico...
<Kevin> and they had an oyster bar right outside a theater in Sydney...
<Kevin> I prefer the oysters.
<Kevin> God Bless Sydney!!!!

<Moderator> <Kes> to <Moderator>: Is Kevin excited about the upcoming Lord Of The Rings movie? Or will he just hang around outside theaters waiting for 'Renaissance festival' types to appear so he can brain them with a leather mug?

<Kevin> Thank you.
<Kevin> I love the trilogy, don't get me wrong...
<Kevin> I guess it's all the hool;a surrounding it that gets me going...
<Kevin> Works of fantasy are best e=when the readers mind does ll the imagining...
<Kevin> that's why one single film will never satisfy a whole audience...
<Kevin> and it's dangerous for a commercial enterprise to coin a work of imagination for all time...
<Kevin> Get it, Micheal Eisner. you piece of filth?

<Moderator> <moon> to <Moderator>: Kevin - What was it like working on Timmy Big Hands? Were you disappointed that you had to discontinue the site?

<Kevin> Oohhhhhh.
<Kevin> Timmy was a ton of fun...
<Kevin> But the web is the worst investment opportunity sionce the derigible.
<Kevin> so we packed it in, but I'm proud off all the material we did.
<Kevin> of.

<Moderator> <invincor> to <Moderator>: Was Edward the Less thought up and worked on while you were still running or was this something SciFi asked you to do or did you pitch it to them, etc. etc.

<Kevin> Yes, we cooked up Edward while we were doing Timmy. ...
<Kevin> Sean called us and invited us to pitch ideas...
<Kevin> and Edward stuck to the wall.
<Kevin> they say.

<Moderator> <Ben-Cohen> to <Moderator>: Were you reluctant to produce something for Scifi again?

<Kevin> Hell no.
<Kevin> Sci Fi treated us far better than COmedy Central.
<Kevin> Barry, Tom Vitale and Sean and the rest of the folks still there are the best...
<Kevin> I'm happy to call them friends.
<Kevin> suck up time.

<Moderator> For those who've joined late, "Edward the Less" is an online series created by Kevin and some of his MST3K cohorts. Watch it now at:
<Moderator> <Obi-Won-Cannoli> to <Moderator>: being an audio book was it easier to make "edward" than MST3K and if so, did that leave you more room to be creative with the script?

<Kevin> It was easier physically...
<Kevin> because I didn't have to crouch and hold a puppet.
<Kevin> It was very liberating to do vioces without having to be seen.

*** Moderator has changed the topic on #auditorium to "Chat with Kevin Murphy now...see later!"

<Kevin> We were pretty faithful to the script when we recorded the thing...
<Kevin> Because the script was so damn funny.

<Moderator> <Mistyboy> to <Moderator>: How did it feel to get back with everyone to work on Edward the less? (sorry if I've sent this a jillion times)

<Kevin> That's okay. It was like old home week, like seeing the family members you like once again.

<Moderator> <Erhardt> to <Moderator>: Hiya, Kevin! I see that "Total Movie" magazine is publishing again. Are there any plans for you to resurrect your column for it?

<Kevin> They are?! I better call those freaks.
<Kevin> "Total Film" kept publishing in England, but Hell, they're English, so they didn;t get me.

<Moderator> <Torgotronic> to <Moderator>: Richard Corliss loves MST, but any idea if he's checked out Edward yet?

<Kevin> I got an email the day before it premiered wishing us the best, so Yes I think He saw it...
<Kevin> and like a good critic, he;s waiting to see a few episodes before he makes a judgement.

<Moderator> <Alex> to <Moderator>: What do you think of fans doing their own MST3K-like programs? (My friends and I are making one now)

<Kevin> I say go, girl...
<Kevin> or boy aws the case may be...
<Kevin> do what makes you happy...
<Kevin> just don't violate copyright laws.

<Moderator> <FoxMcCloud> to <Moderator>: I'd like to ask Kevin, what are some movies BBI considered for MST3K, but never selected/got the rights to use?

<Kevin> We dearly wanted to do "Charro," an El;vis Presly Movie...
<Kevin> ...and "Moment by Moment" with Lily Tomlin and John Travolta...
<Kevin> But we lost the rights at the last minute.
<Kevin> Damn.
<Kevin> Rowsdower...

<Moderator> <Israfel> to <Moderator>: Hiya kev, saw you/got your autograph at the NYC panel thing :) I was wondering why none of the rest of the cast came out to give autographs?

<Kevin> Becuase they don't love you like I love you.

<Moderator> <Ben-Cohen> to <Moderator>: I find that there's really nothing worth watching on TV anymore now that MST3K is gone. I thought GvsE was great, but that was cancelled too. My incredibly long-winded question is, do you watch T.V. at all? If so, what do you watch?

<Kevin> I have not watched much TV this year...
<Kevin> But I do watch the occasional Documentary on IFC or SUndance...
<Kevin> But that's where my fun is. I love docs.
<Kevin> And TV Ingeneral has always sucked, hasn't it?

<Moderator> <Mistyboy> to <Moderator>: How did you come up with the name "Soapwort McFuggletoes" for Edward the less? (PS, I'm making an MST3K-type thing, too!)

<Kevin> Truly it came out of thin air.
<Kevin> There was no committee meeting or anything.
<Kevin> When something sounds funny and hasn't ben used before, trust your instincts.

<Moderator> <trnoel> to <Moderator>: Is the creative part of Edward the Less completed now or are you still preparing segments for it?

<Kevin> Mike and I are still doing music...
<Kevin> but the writing and performing are in the can.

<Moderator> <invincor> to <Moderator>: There's a company in the UK called Big Finish who put out lots of audio drama CDs (like BBC licensed new Dr. Who audio dramas). Do you think this is something you and the others could do with Edward the Less? (put it out on CD I mean)

<Kevin> Hey, is this my agent?
<Kevin> Thanks for the tip. Sean, pan for gold.

<Moderator> We're on it.
<Moderator> <Silvertig> to <Moderator>: Can you tell us how many episodes Edward the Less will have? And by the way, it's a shame MST3K never came to Canada. I've had to tape trade for years and most people here have never even heard of it.

<Kevin> Edward is one season of thirteen shows, for now...
<Kevin> it all depends on the AUDIENCE...
<Kevin> and that's you and your friends..
<Kevin> and remember, word of mouth is the best advertising ion the world.

<Moderator> <Unarmed> to <Moderator>: Kevin: Does it bother you that you've attained a cult status, influencing devoted fans to lead their lives around a TV show?

<Kevin> Heck no. I have my own cult now...
<Kevin> and they do my bidding...
<Kevin> and let's put it bluntly, I have tasted human flesh...
<Kevin> and the tyastiest but is the buttocks, without question.

<Moderator> Well, speaking of cults...(awkward segue)...
<Moderator> <Greidanus> to <Moderator>: What do you think about Al Queda and the terrorists and stuff? (also, I'm that psychotic Boston girl at the Gateway convention and the Reunion last June!)

<Kevin> Well, hate is much easier than love...
<Kevin> that's the story of humanity, isn't it?

<Moderator> We've got about 10 more minutes left before Kevin has to go (probably to see another movie) send me your final questions now....
<Moderator> <emma-peel> to <Moderator>: Do you visit Caption This!?

<Kevin> And call in those pledges...
<Kevin> We have plenty of Dr Who mugs left...
<Kevin> I do not visit caption This, sorry...
<Kevin> But I love the fact that it's there and you folks have so much fun doing it.
<Kevin> Go nuts, kids.

<Moderator> <TServo4> to <Moderator>: What's your educational background? Did you major in anything? Has communications been a major impact in your lifestyle?

<Kevin> I have an M.A. in directing for stage and screen, and a B.A. in journalism...
<Kevin> the best thing I did in college was design my own program...
<Kevin> that and take mushrooms and ski.

<Moderator> But "just say no," kids.
<Moderator> <BPierce> to <Moderator>: Was it embarrassing you had to look up Tom's skirt when puppetrating him
<Moderator> ("puppetrate" is now my new favorite verb)

<Kevin> Surely not. Tom is packin' some thangs under that hoverskirt

<Moderator> <ShaniAnne> to <Moderator>: My kids and I would love to know what is your all time favorite song to belt out? Oh yeah, and they think you're cool <g>

<Kevin> Wang Dang Doodle by Howlin' Wolf.

<Moderator> <Queued> to <Moderator>: What's your favorite quote (from anywhere/anybody)?

<Kevin> Walt Whitman: "I celebrate myself and sing myself."
<Kevin> Oh, and Zappa: "If your parents knew how lame you really were, they would murder you in your sleep."

<Moderator> And our final question for the evening (apologies to all the great questions we received but didn't have time to ask):
<Moderator> <trnoel> to <Moderator>: Any words of insight or consolation with the impending end of MST3K on television coming up in a few months?

<Kevin> GET OVER IT.
<Kevin> Live and be wonderful.
<Kevin> Eat less pork, the Buddha died from it.
<Kevin> Oh, and keep circulating those tapes.

<Moderator> Great, thanks for your time tonight.

<Kevin> Goodnight and thanks to Sean and his crew.

<Moderator> Congrats on the Edward series...everyone go watch!

<Kevin> Thanks to ALL OF YOU, YOU ROCK!!!

<Moderator> we are now going unmoderated

<Sampo> Thank you, Kevin!


<Tracker> Thanks Kevin!

<TServo4> Bye Kevin, you are truely a man of mystery.

<Mick12> :'0 KEVIN WE LOVE YOU!

<Greidanus> MY VOICE!

<Leikela4> woo hoo!

<invincor> is the Big Finish web address for anyone interested

<Queued> Ow! My eyes!

<Leikela4> thank you!

<Froggie> thanx kevin :)

<ThickMcRunFast> That was fun

<Mick12> Kevin, pm me for cyber

<NDmaddog> Thanks Kevin.

<Arukenimon> This rocked ^-^

<ProTH> Peace, Kevin.

<Unarmed> haha.

<Greidanus> GAH!

<ThickMcRunFast> Thanls Kev

<chaddangelo> bye!

<TheNobleOne> Thanks Kevin

<TomServo> Kevin's cool.

<Agent-Moldy> Thanks a lot, Kevin. For everything. You rock, too.

<Miss-T> Thank ya Kevin.

<PaulMB> Kevin, you can do magic things!

<Mick12> Kevin: You wanna play 21? I got 22. You wanna play blackjack? Well I got two of those, too.

<Cap> You're da man, Kevin!


<Erhardt> Tanks, Kevin.

<Cheepnis> Thanks Kevin

<invincor> trucks too Kevin

<Leikela4> ok, did anything interesting happen in the first 15 minutes? I forgot about it until 8:15

<Carnage1211> peace out Kevin

<invincor> and APCs

<TomServo> Kevin should be king of all robots.

<MSTieMuppet> Best experience of my life

<TheNobleOne> Kevin you are my God

<Tracker> Why'd you take that one out?

<Mick12> * * * * * U S A * * * * *

* Arukenimon can't wait for the logs to come out

<Joe-Nash> Kevin, are you creaming over the prospects of the current PWNZ project that has everyone talking?

<Froggie> Long Live Kevin :)

<TServo4> How do you make a dead woman float? Root beer and two scoops of dead woman.

<Mick12> Papa Murph: How many Joe Don Baker movies have you seen while researching for your book?

<Greidanus> and for the psychotic bit of the night: I LOVE YOU KEVIN!

<Sampo> Hey, Kevin, how's Humphrey doin'?

<Joe-Nash> * * * * * N Z * * * * *

<The-NukLHed> kevin is da king

<Squeaky> Thanks Kevin! You rock, as always!

<Kevin> What is PWNZ?

* TomServo is hovering into the kitchen to get a drink

<Froggie> And of course Tom Servo - my one true love :)

<dre1> Kevin, was that "Lumiere Project" the one where modern filmmakers used 100-year-old cameras? That was great!


<trnoel> check out

<Miss-T> Kevin is King! :)

<Greidanus> heh

<Squeaky> Huzzah!!!

<ThickMcRunFast> PWNZ?

<trnoel> You may like it.

<TServo4> while you're at it

<invincor> what's Jim Mallon been up to lately?


<TomServo> any1 got questions for me?

<simple> Kevin, do you have 5 bucks?

<The-NukLHed> Huzzah! I am primatine!

<Cheepnis> Kevin, my boss looks like Adam West. Should I tell him?

<MSTieMuppet> Your My Hero Kevin

<Cal> Won't you?

<Mick12> Does Kevin look forward to the eventual PWNZ movie after the actual product becomes a smash hit?

<MuffMaster> thanks mr. murphy

<The-NukLHed> Kevin wanna go to the movies later?

<Silvertig> What PWNZ project now?

<simple> Kevin, do you know where the remote is?

<Squeaky> Kevin, I like toast.

<Erhardt> I guess not that many people are talking about PWNZ, since no one knows what it is.

<TomServo> I thought Kevin left?

<Kevin> What the hell is PWNZ?!?

<DaddyO> Good TV: "Invader ZIM", "Aqua Teen Hungerforce", "Sealab 2021" (all truly demented)

<Crowbie> Yeah, me too.

<Miss-T> Come see a movie at my house Kevin.

<TServo4> How many fish can you name?

<Crowbie> DaddyO: Amen

<Cal> Htom Servoux

<The-NukLHed> im not afraid i like ties you go home

<Unarmed> Kevin: What's your favorite sandwich?

<PaulMB> Should I make stuffing or potatos this Thanksgiving?

<TomServo> Oh! Kevin's still here!

<Leikela4> yes

<trnoel> Kevin. AT this very minute what is your favroite mixed drink?

<Squeaky> Do you like to chew mint gum?

<ThickMcRunFast> bwahahha no one will answer him


<Mick12> Kevin, I love you.

<Greidanus> REALLY...?

<TomServo> I am intensly stupid.

<simple> Kevin, Pale Ale or IPA?

<Crowbie> He is probably staring at the screen as the questions scroll and drooling.

<Kevin> Favorite sandwich: liver sausage and grape jam.

<Joe-Nash> Kevin, heard anything of PWNZ CDs in the pipeline?

<TServo4> Why did you guys make the doorway sequence.

<Leikela4> SyberBob

<TServo4> It doesn't make sense.

<ThickMcRunFast> yum

<Miss-T> Don't ever go away Kevin!

<Greidanus> EEW

<Cal> yum yum

<Kevin> drool...

<invincor> maybe it's a radio station in Poland

<Squeaky> Kevin, do you have any MST tapes at home?

<Kevin> drool...

<PrinceCaspian> Kevin wasn't INTOLERENCE by DW Griffith?

<Mick12> Even though we can't hear it, could you sing a few lyrics from Kim Carnes' hit "Bette Davis Eyes"?

<Silvertig> Kevin probably will just not relpy and sit back in bemusement, so Silv jumps up and down hollering "Servo rocked!"

<Agent-Moldy> Kevin likes Guinness. I have the pictures...

<Silvertig> Eeek! We're still graced by his presence. Sweet.

<Crowbie> Ow.

<The-NukLHed> thas right

<PaulMB> Wacky, isn't it?

<overthegardenwall> kevin, captain beefheart says zappa was a fraud

<The-NukLHed> i dont think hes reading this though

<Miss-T> I'm not worthy!

<Pearly> Kevin, please bring your book tour to Wyoming - you have many fans in Casper!


<Ben-Cohen> Somebody scoop up that'll bring in a lot of cash on E-bay!

<TServo4> Wow...better get the lawyer on the phone, Kev.

<TomServo> Hey, Kevin, who's better? Me or Beeper?

<Cheepnis> Kevin, CAn you get us The Green Slime?

<Squeaky> I have a Tom Servo head sitting right next to me. It says hi.

<Mick12> Bring back The Girl in Gold Boots!

<trnoel> Zappa ruled

<ThickMcRunFast> yes

<Cap> Servo was my favorite 'bot. He was my favorite color.

<Greidanus> I LIKE CHEESE

<Kevin> PWNZ, anyone?

<TheNobleOne> bring the tour to massachusttes

<TServo4> What are vacuflowers?

<Cal> Kevin: Come see a movie @

<simple> Chief?

<Mick12> :'0

<Crowbie> lol, I made a working servo head once. Fun fun

<Kevin> I gots ta know.

<ThickMcRunFast> PWNZ again

<Squeaky> TOAST.

<TheNobleOne> im playing zappa in a school project iom doing

<TomServo> Red's my favorite too!

<Leikela4> Kevin, we love you in Columbus Ohio. You have to come here! I already met Corbett at The Big Slam. Now I have to meet you!

<PrinceCaspian> Taking bets on how long Kevin is going to hang out with us Psycho Fans unmoderated.....

<MSTieMuppet> Kevin you gotta kome to Miami on the book tour!!!!

<PaulMB> My Servo head is filled with M&Ms.

<invincor> Pawna Wamma, New Zealand?

<Carnage1211> What does PWNS mean?

<Cheepnis> Kevin, Thanks for promoting Zappa!

<Crowbie> Kev: PWNZ translates to OWNS, in leetspeek.

<TomServo> Joel originally wanted to paint me blue, but blue is so.......

<Kevin> Pour your sugar on me, babies!!!

<ThickMcRunFast> haha

<Squeaky> My Servo head had M&Ms in it but I ate them all and I was too lazy to replace them.

<Crowbie> I think.

<TServo4> Kevin, is it true you did the voice of cambot at one point?

<Sampo> PWNZ to PWNZ 6, Mr. Spock

* Cal pours sugar on Kevin

<Kevin> therefore...

<Mick12> Trick or treat :'0

<Greidanus> Uh, Plymouth South High School loves you, Mr. Murphy!

<Kevin> are is the correct answer.

<trnoel> Kevin to Michigan and I'll treat you to a movie at my favorite theater

<Erhardt> Prawns, maybe?


<Leikela4> Ohio State University loves you, Mr. Murphy

* Crowbie likes rice.

<Agent-Moldy> *Running off to get bag of sugar from the cabinet*

<Mick12> Kevin, ask Trace about PWNZ

<PrinceCaspian> Kevin where are you located right now?

* Crowbie throws pie.

<Kevin> Go Buckeyes!!!

<TomServo> And why did Cambot never talk? I put tape over his mouth!

<Sampo> Hey, Kevin, how's Humphrey doin'?

<Leikela4> woo hoo! Buckeyes!

<ThickMcRunFast> Oh no

* TheNobleOne is crying because none of his questions were posted

<Crowbie> Beeper is the best MSTbot ever.

<Miss-T> Yay Buckeyes.

<Cal> Lufe is the most wonder full think in the hole world but it can hurt like nothing else. - omega

* Arukenimon got into MST3K like , a month after ScifiUK or whatever it's called abruptly stopped it , that sucked ^_^ .

<Joe-Nash> Kevin, have you heard anything on when NZPWI be re-opening after the server crash due to high traffic the other day?

<Kevin> Humphrey is chasing squirrels as we speak.

<trnoel> WOLVERINES!!!

<TServo4> Beeper is dead.

<Greidanus> um, sorry, but Beeper sucked

<hermes> ford!

<Arukenimon> But I didn't have satellite anyway .

<MSTieMuppet> Noone at Nova High School knows who you are except for me!

<Crowbie> lol.

<TServo4> Long live Servo!

<TomServo> His voice was so annoying! Cambot sounded like Fran Dresher!

<Pearly> Hey, Servo's the best!

<Alex> *yawn*

<Kevin> Beeper did suck, didn't he?

<Squeaky> This Chicago girl thinks you're hillarious, Kevin.

<Silvertig> PWNZ : So what's it stand for and mean anyhow?

<Alex> May I ask a quesssstion?

<Crowbie> He beeped.
<Crowbie> well...
<Crowbie> he whined

<TServo4> Please wash nasty zebras

<ThickMcRunFast> <Kevin> Walt Whitman: "I celebrate myself and sing myself."

<Kevin> Thank you CHicago Girl.

<ThickMcRunFast> <Kevin> Oh, and Zappa: "If your parents knew how lame you really were, they would murder you in your sleep."

<TomServo> Beeper's still around, I have his dead body in my closet!!!!

<Greidanus> S3rV0 r0xX0rZ j00R b0Xx0Rs!

<Alex> I wish I could ask a quesssstion

<PrinceCaspian> Kevin who came up with the Roman name "Calipigan?" I thought "Callipigas" meant "nice back porch"

<Arukenimon> PWS are the inituals of my school ...

<games03> Any chance of doing MST3K-style for Hollywood DVD releases in the subtitle section like they did for the Ghostbusters DVD?

<Erhardt> I HATE TOM SERVO'S NEW VOICE! There, I said it, and I'm glad.

<PaulMB> Beeper's R2D2's long lost cousin twice removed

<ThickMcRunFast> whoops

<Squeaky> I still like toast.

<xaviergc> To Kevin, when you watched a movie the half a dozen times necessary, did you get the jokes on the first run through or did it take a few screenings

<Cap> I never thought I'd see digital rioting... but I think I just have.

<TServo4> Sour grapes, Brian, sour grapes ;)

* Crowbie riots.

<Greidanus> YEAH! WOOOOO

<Alex> Kevin, does Servo sleep in your bed?

* MSTieScott burns a car

<PaulMB> Kevin, would you ever come back to Louisiana for a con or something?

* Mick12 slaps Silvertig around a bit with a large trout

<Kevin> Howdy to Brian and Chris!

<Mick12> Zap Rowsdower is a GOD of film!


* Greidanus goes psycho!

<Erhardt> Howdy back, Kevin!

<TomServo> I wouldn't sleep with Kevin if he were the last man on earth!

<JsicaWabt> Poor trout.


<Sampo> Thanks for the nice words, Mr Murphy, sir. :-)

<Alex> Rowwwwwsdowweeeeeerrrr!

<Mick12> Get The Final Sacrifice on DVD STAT

<Unarmed> Join us at #dapcentral on, Kevin.

<chaddangelo> hi to you too!!!

<Greidanus> I think we're scaring poor Kev

<TServo4> So's life going?

<xaviergc> we might be

<overthegardenwall> kevin, would you like to surpass your MST notoriety and create something personal?

<ThickMcRunFast> I wonder what Mike is doing right now?

<simple> Kevin, do you look over your shoulder constantly to see if Robert Z'Dar or Joe Estevez is following you?

*** Moderator has changed the topic on #auditorium to "Chat with John Shea of Mutant X, Nov 6 @ 9pm ET"

* Arukenimon is finding all of this hilarious . It's fuuun ^=^

<TheNobleOne> Kevin will you be my friend

<TomServo> I sleep with Gypsy.


<Mick12> Kevin, you rock. You and the gang have kept me laughing when times were tough, man. God bless ya.

<Kevin> Bring it on, bitches.

<Alex> I bet Mike is clipping his tonails

<DaddyO> Kevin: keep us informed about what you are doing so we can BUY! BUY! BUY!

<Crowbie> At least they (sort of) fixed the server before he got here. õ_ô

<Cap> Yeah... it takes a special kind of person to not have run away by now.

<Leikela4> Joe Estevez is my new hero

<trnoel> Go ahead on

<Alex> Joe Estevez is...LEAK TAKER

<xaviergc> its your move

<ThickMcRunFast> bwahahha

<Sampo> And my daughter wants to watch Invader Zim while talking to her friends online, so I gotta sign off. Night all, and thanks again, Kevin!

<TServo4> Chief?

<Crowbie> scifi succccckkkkkkkks

<Guest8153> The only person to fear is Joe Don Baker

<Mick12> Yanaglanche 3:16 says I sleep Nose-To-Anus

<Crowbie> but it's home.
<Crowbie> :(

<ThickMcRunFast> Kevin is challenging us

<Leikela4> Eastman! He came out of the east, to fight the amazing... Rando!!

<hermes> ford!!

* Greidanus puts Keving in a half nelson and forces him to move to Plymouth , Mass!!

<Kevin> Rowsdower....

<TServo4> Chief?!


<PrinceCaspian> Kevin do you have any original Servo puppets still

<Unarmed> McCloud!

<trnoel> Zap Rowsdower

* Crowbie McClouds

<Greidanus> oops. damned spelling

<ts> finally

<PrinceCaspian> Chief

<MSTieScott> But at least we didn't have to see him play hacky sack...

<TServo4> w00t!

* Crowbie MacLeods, too

<Miss-T> Hi Keeba!

<Kevin> Servo is in storage.


<invincor> Kevin, what do you think of "Let's Bowl" so far?

<TomServo> Everyone! Shout out your favorite riff!

<hermes> hi/msg[ford=prefect]

<PrinceCaspian> ODGEKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

<ThickMcRunFast> Your Book better be better than Mike Nelsons Book!!!

<trnoel> Boxers or briefs?

<Crowbie> It's kooky......

<TomServo> "Bring on my Fiance!"

<xaviergc> To Kevin, when you watched a movie the half a dozen times necessary, did you create jokes on the first run through, or did you have to watch the movie a few times before they started flowing?

<Alex> I like Mikes!

<MSTieScott> "Paint my muscle car prune color, please."

<TServo4> My favorite line: I'm dyin' in a rush!

<simple> I didn't want to bumble or boggle the Fingal Dopple

<Kevin> Let's Bowl is definitely a show concerning bowling.

<MSTieMuppet> Kevin, do you like the Muppets?

<ProTH> "He learned too late that Coco Wheats CAN'T be beat."

<ThickMcRunFast> how odd


<Ben-Cohen> Mr. Murphy sir, I know that you are, or at least were, a Vonnegut fan. What's your favorite Vonnegut book and why? I've just been getting into his stuff and I found "Cat's Cradle" to be very relevent to the present situation. I heard that those guys that run the nuclear clock are considering moving the minute hand even closer to midnight.

<Agent-Moldy> "Let's Bowl" is great!

<invincor> oh, I don't know... it's about "Let's" as well

<xaviergc> i gotta eat more flavo fibes!

<TheNobleOne> I like my left big toe because it comforts me at night

<TServo4> What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

<PaulMB> Kevin, are you gonna see Monsters Inc?

<PrinceCaspian> Beez is hot

<TomServo> Is Crow really that hard to puppetrate?

<overthegardenwall> im freaking out

<Greidanus> Overwhelmed yet, Kev?

<Arukenimon> Wb Squeaky :D
<Arukenimon> ;D

<Unarmed> Kevin, what does it read on line 3c of your 1040a form from 1978?

<Squeaky> Thanks!!

<Kevin> "Ben, "slaughterhouse Five" is my all-time favorite.

<ShaniAnne> Wally's a Hotty! Whoo hoo.

<PrinceCaspian> Kevin is Beez still single?

<Kevin> "Galapogos" is second...

<hermes> slaughterhouse five was awesome


<Alex> I don't think I can get over MST3k's cancellation

<MSTieMuppet> good question prince

<Alex> It was my liiife! My Liiiiife!

<Mick12> Murph-Murph :'0

<MSTieMuppet> shes a hottie


<Mick12> Papa Murph

<Greidanus> An episode!

<hermes> aw poor alex

<ThickMcRunFast> hahah

<TomServo> I am not in storage! Okay, I am in a cardboard box right now, with a secret computer in my hoverskirt.

<invincor> Beez smokes, you know.

<Greidanus> GRANDPAPPY!

<chaddangelo> Kevin: What's my name???

<TServo4> What the heck are vacuflowers?

<JsicaWabt> This is extremely cool of you, Kevin. You done yer mamma proud.

<Greidanus> Who's yo daddy!?

<Crowbie> I was the one who started the applause when the screen at the NYC panel bluescreened, Microsoft style. >:)
<xaviergc> yes, thank you again

* Crowbie bows.

<TomServo> Was Magic Voice a robot or computer?

<Cal> Who is your daddy and what does he do?

<Greidanus> who the hell knows.

<PrinceCaspian> Wow I really thought Kev would drop by now. We love ya man

<Mick12> Bill Corbett rules!

<Crowbie> Bill is cool.

* TheNobleOne Bows down before Kevin

<simple> Was the Satellite of Love real, or just a TV set?

* TomServo hears Barb Tebben coming down the stairway.

<Crowbie> It was real.

<Agent-Moldy> Kevin, you're certainly a glutton for punishment, sticking around like this! But thanks for being said glutton.

<Leikela4> Bill does rule. I met him in May!

<Kevin> So long folks!

<trnoel> I write the songs that make the whole world sing, but personally I think they all blow

<Crowbie> I live in its basement now.

<Mick12> Bye Kev!

*** KarlSCIFI ( has left #auditorium

<Kevin> Gotta go.

<ThickMcRunFast> See Ya Kev.. You ROCK!!

<TheNobleOne> Bye Kevin

<Mick12> We love you!

<Narcaleptic-Rage> lol, good question simple

<Leikela4> aww

*** Kevin ( has left IRC [(signed off)]

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