Want to know more about the movies, serials, and shorts shown on MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000? Sure, we all do! Hopefully here you will find the answers to all your questions, plus some stuff that you didn't need or want to know. Here's what you get for each one:


Exp# - TITLE (Title Type; Date Released; Year Made (if different) / Country-if not USA / MPAA Rating / Original Running Time)

(Translation / Country / Type / Year /etc.)
Title of any paired movie (MST and otherwise)
Titles of any Prequel or Sequel

Shown with: Movie or Short (if applicable)

Short Type: Educational, Industrial, Newsreel, Serial or TV series

Quotes from the actual ADs taken from the original movie poster (where available).

A one-sentence synopsis of the PLOT, no matter how vague.


Exec=Executive Producer
Assoc=Associate Producer
Asst Dir=Assistant Director
Pl=Planners (Japanese movies only; seldom bring enough buns)
Sto=Story Author
SFX=Special Effects People
SFX M/U=Special Effects Make-Up
PDes=Production Design
PMgr=Production Manager
PSup=Production Supervisor
PCoor=Production Co-ordinator
ADir=Art Director
Set=Set Designer
MDir=Musical Director
MDir=Musical Supervision
Score=Score Composer or Arranger
M/L=Music and Lyrics
Song=Songs (duh) and their Performers

A complete list of CHARACTER and CAST information:
Character Name (if known) / Actor

Please note that a question mark by the character name means that it's probable that character was played by that actor, but cannot be confirmed.

After the production crew member or cast member's name, any related MST Experiment (Movie Title given only once), other non-MST movies, and TV series appear in parentheses. If blank, no other performances are known.

Plus there's memorable CLASSIC LINES of actual movie dialogue.

And TRIVIA! There's usually some little tidbit, or big one for that matter, for most of the movies. If an actor appears in three or more MSTed movies, you're likely to read something about him or her in the Trivia Section of one of his/her movies: either the first time he/she appears in the list or in the listing of the movie in which he/she was most prominent. Keep in mind that some of these movies are so obscure that nothing is known about them.

An ASTERISK (*) functions as a FOOTNOTE. If it is right next to a name, more information is available in the Trivia Section at the end of that movie's data. If it is next to an Experiment Number, the information appears in the Trivia Section for that number. Since many people in the cast and production credits are involved in more than one MSTed movie, the info is given only once in a Trivia Section, so you won't have to read the same stuff over again, but can find it easily if you desire. You'll be amazed how frequently these MSTed movie people inbred and crossbred, and this no doubt accounts for the defects in their mutant movie offspring.

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