Known as Daddy-O to his on-line MSTie pals, STEPHEN F. FINLEY has been a fan of MST3000 since its very first season...no surprise as he was already a fan of old movies, bad movies, rubber monster suits, Hercules, clever writing, wacky impressions, non-sequiturs and, most importantly, hand puppets.

If you have any comments, corrections or additional material for DADDY-O's DRIVE-IN DIRT, or think that Steve would be a great asset to your company (hint, hint), email Stephen at daddyo3k@yahoo.com. Your contributions will be greatly appreciated. While exploring this monster, please be patient and keep in mind that this is an eternal work in progress.


Mike White, Chris Cornell, Paul Edmiston, Michael Daddino, Andy Alvernaz and Matt Morrison for their contributions, inspiration, and patience!

Brian Henry for doing the links, graphics and other technowizardry; for showing me how to do it myself; and for coming up with the great title for this website.

These MSTies for some clueing Daddy-O in on some hep trivia: Alan Adkins, Neil Brock, Liz, Scott Robinson and WereTorgo.

These movie makers and actors who took the time to email or talk with me directly: Dave Eddy (prod/1004), Dave Giancola (dir/821), Sebastian Harrison (grandson of AIP's James Nicholson/prod/309+), Mollie McCart Sommer (actor/522), and Ursula Pearson (prod/actor/404).

Rick Prelinger, who has saved all those shorts and thousands more for posterity.

And most of all...the folks at Best Brains (past and present), without whom I would not have: known about Coleman Francis or Arch Hall Jr.; created this website; or met such wonderful on-line friends!!! Just think, all you guys wanted to do was have fun on a wacky puppet show. See what happens if you're not careful?!


MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 and its characters are copyrighted by BEST BRAINS, INC. This document is for entertainment and informational purposes only. No infringement of any copyrights held by Best Brains Inc. is intended or should be inferred. Information on this website is the sole opinion of its author and is not the opinion of Best Brains Inc., the Sci-Fi Channel, or Satellite News.

"Academy Award" and "Oscar" are trademarks of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS).

All graphics of posters and stills are believed to be in the public domain, and no copyright infringement is intended. Some graphics were obtained from the great website MSTed Movie Gallery.

All the other stuff in DADDY-O's DRIVE-IN DIRT is copyrighted by the author, Stephen F. Finley, so please do not take anything from this website for your own personal use or reproduce and sell it for your own personal gain. If you fail to comply with this, Stephen's cats Glen and Glenda will harm you, and he will give you such a pinch!

And there is no proof that Stephen has had any REALLY close encounters with any of the Best Brains, although the photo below of Steve and Kevin Murphy appears suspicious, if not icky.

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