311S - SNOW THRILLS (1950's?; 10m)

Shown with Movie: 311-It Conquered the World

Short Type: Newsreel

Plot: The wide variety of winter sports is shown.

Prod: Eugene W. Castle
(307S-Alphabet Antics; 422S-Here Comes the Circus)
For: The Sport Parade
Ed: Don Hancock

narrator / Clyde Kit??

Classic Line: "Fast becoming one of the most popular of winter sports is shi-ing, and shi-ing is the correct pronunciation they tell us."

Trivia: These winter sports are featured: speed skating, ice dancing, ice yachting, dog-sledding, bob-sledding, skiing, cross country skiing, ski jumping, and ski joring (a car pulls several skiers). Of course, today ski joring has become as popular as side-hacking.

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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