(2/26/1988; 1987; South Africa/USA; PG; 87m)

a.k.a. ODEON

Plot: California Valley Girl goes to center of the Earth to find her father and discovers Atlantis.

Exec: Avi Lerner
(519-Outlaw; Journey to the Center of the Earth)
Prod: Menahem Golan and (his cousin) Yoram Globus (Deathwish 2 & 3; Superman IV)
Dir/Scr: Albert Pyun
(Mutant; Cyborg; Kingdom of the Spiders)
Scr: Debra Ricci
Scr: Regina Davis (Journey to the Center of the Earth)
Sto: Jules Vernes* (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea)
Cin: Tom Fraser (Journey to the Center of the Earth)
Ed: Daniel Loewenthal (Kickboxer 3; Silver Bullet)
SFX: John Hartigan (Tuff Turf; Jake Speed; The Last Seduction)
Cos: Birgitta Bjerke (Journey to the Center of the Earth)
M/U: Pamela L. Peitzman (Screamers; A Pig's Tale)
PMgr: Michael Games (Kickboxer 5; Tarzan and the Lost City)
PDes: Pamela Warner (asst art dir/405-Being from Another Planet)
SFX/Sound: Gary Cuthbert (Mapantsula)
Sound: Alan Gerhardt (Mapantsula; Kickboxer 5)
Foley: Tommy Goodwin (Gor; Forever Young)
Gaffer: Avraham Leibman (Jesus Christ Superstar)
Stunt Coor: Solly Marx (Joe Versus the Volcano)
Score: James Saad (Kickboxer 2; Commando Squad)
Score: Tony Riparetti (Bloodmatch; Nemesis 3)
Score: Steve LeCassick and Jim Andron
Song by Steve LeCassick: Once Upon A Time
Song by Donna Eve DeLory: State of the Heart

Wanda Saknussemm / Kathy Ireland*
Guten Gus Edway / William R. Moses (Mystic Pizza)
Prof. Arnold Saknussemm* / Richard Haines (An African Dream)
Robbie / Don Michael Paul (Robot Wars; Aloha Summer)
Charmin' / Thom Matthews (Friday the 13th Part 6; Kickboxer 4)
General Rykov & Shank / Janie du Plessis
Consul Triton Crassus & the mailman / Simon Poland (Spitfire)
Auntie Pearl & Freki / Linda Kerridge (Mixed Blood; Surf 2)
Stacy / Kristen Trucksess (Peephole)
Paddy Mahoney & Professor Ovid Galba / Lochner de Kock
Mambino / Deep Roy (Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace)
Mago, maintenance guy, evangelist, Pack Slag Jack / Albert Maritz
Loki / Russel Savadier (519)
anchorman / Denis Smith (The Spots on My Leopard)
Donaldson, wrestling announcer, emcee / James Lithgow
Brick Bardo / Christian Andrews
Belli the Bookie, Belguy the Busybody, maintenance chief / Drummond Marais (Red Scorpion)
Lord Over, diner cook, bartender / Fats Bookholane (Scavengers)
Dr. Madagasi / Paul Jacobs (Return to Campus)
Tole / Jeff Weston (Demonic Toys; Puppet Master 2)
terminating hood / Tony Epper (The Scalphunters)
security officer / Greg Latter (Delta Force 3; The Howling 4)
fat lady / Lynda Marshall (Africa Express)
trooper / Pixley Shabangu
trooper / Solly Ndloyu
trooper / Sonto Ndloyu
trooper / Sydney Radebe
trooper / Don Frost
trooper / Jacques McDuffy
Vina Black / JoHanna Corrander
Hamillicar's waitress / Gillian Hull
Hamillicar's hostess / Lavinia Foltron
Walter Klondike / Terry Norton (American Kickboxer; Emissary)
Bel Lava & Susan / Mary Ireland
troll bag lady / Deborah Chesher (Salsa; The Hero and the Terror)
news vendor / Matthew Rowan
young Wanda / Angela Greenblatt (Back to the Future, Part 2)
Mambino's hood / Tommy Williams
Mambino's hood / Andre Peter Dreyer
Mambino's hood / Gregg Clark
troll wrestler / Richard Shabalala
troll wrestler / Debra Muubu
troll wrestler / Phillip Williams
troll wrestler / Kenneth Lomaure
troll wrestler / Gert van der Merwe
troll wrestler / P.J. Bouwer

Trivia: The character name of Professor Arnold Saknussemm comes from the Jules Verne sci-fi novel Journey to the Center of the Earth (on which this movie was very loosely based), which was successfully adapted for the big screen in 1959 starring James Mason, and which was not-so-successfully done again in 1988 by some of the same above cast and crew. In ALIEN FROM L.A., Kathy Ireland goes to the center of the Earth in search of her father with the same name. Get it? Ha-ha. Just as entertaining as the rest of the movie.

Former super-model and current exercise video host, "actress" KATHY IRELAND also appeared in these films: 1988-Journey to the Center of the Earth; 1990-Side Out; Mr. Destiny; 1991-Necessary Roughness; 1992-Mom and Dad Save the World; Danger Island; The Player; 1993-National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1; Amore; 1994-Beauty and the Bandit; and 1995-Backfire.

Last Updated: 6/25/1999

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