Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt - Episode 907

907 - HOBGOBLINS (1987; 1985; NR?; 89m)

Plot: Horny teens run afoul of alien creatures hiding out in an abandoned movie studio.

Prod/Dir/Scr/Ed/Cin: Rick Sloane*
Assoc Prod: Craig Turkel
Asst Dir: David Teague (dir/Who Stole Santa?)
M/U: Linda Nottestad and Patti Haack
M/U: Kathleen Vandale (Andy Colby's Incredible Adventure)
SFX Creature: Kenneth J. Hall (dir/scr/Evil Spawn)
Pyro FX: Kevin "Boomer" McCarthy (sfx/Psycho Cop Returns)
PMgr: Naomi Monk
Sound Rec: Don Teschner
Stunts Coor: Bob Ivy (Psycho Cop Returns)
Stunts: Paul E. Short (The Relic; Air Force One)
Stunts: Howard St. James
Title Des/Prod Artist: Craig Clark (sound/The Mask)
Score: Alan Der Marderosian
(Vice Academy 1-5; Good Girls Don't)

Kevin / Tom Bartlett
Amy / Paige Sullivan
McCreedy / Jeffrey Culver (Vice Academy 3; The Visitants)
Kyle / Steven Boggs Daphne / Kelly Palmer (The Visitants)
Nick / Billy Frank (Nudity Required; Lady Avenger; Grotesque)
Fantazia / Tami Bakke (Vice Academy; Good Girls Don't)
Roadrash / Duane Whitaker (Vice Academy 2; Pulp Fiction)
Dennis / Kevin Kildow (Second Cousin, Once Removed)
Pixie / Kari French (Vice Academy 3; Danger Zone 3)
Clum Scum M.C. / Daran Norris (Invisible Dad)
Sergeant Parker / James Mayberry (Fried Green Tomatoes)
thug / Ken Abraham (Vice Academy; Creepozoids)
Comstock / Don Barrett (Slaughterhouse)
Lowlife / David Teague (also asst dir)
"The Fontanelles" vocalist / Spit Spingola
"The Fontanelles" guitarist / Pat Bostrom
"The Fontanelles" bass player / Mark Hodson
"The Fontanelles" drummmer / Tony Cisero
"The Fontanelles" guitarist / Cole Coonce
(composer/The Living End; The Last Big Thing)

Classic Line: "It's Nick! I'd recognize that horn anywhere!"

Classic Line: "The donkey mud wrestlers are supposed to use the rear entrance."

Trivia: HOBGOBLINS obviously was a cheap, quickie rip-off of the highly successful Gremlins, which was released a year earlier.

Soft-core porn director RICK SLOANE also did 1988's The Visitants; 1989's Marked for Murder (starring Wings Hauser, Jim Mitchum, and Ross Hagen); 1989's Vice Academy (with Linnea Quigley and Ginger Lynn Allen); 1990's Vice Academy 2; 1991's Vice Academy 3; 1992's Mind, Body and Soul (again with Hauser); 1993's Good Girls Don't; 1994's Vice Academy 4; 1996's Vice Academy 5; and 1996's Babe Watch: Forbidden Parody. He personally submitted HOBGOBLINS to BBI for their consideration as an MST3K episode, and they graciously accepted it. They later came to regret their decision.

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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