K16 - CITY ON FIRE (1978; Canada; R; 104m)

Ad: "A Deadly Inferno Destroys a City of One Million!"

Plot: During a summer drought, an explosion at an oil refinery spreads fire through an already-dry city.

Exec: Harold Greenberg (Terror Train)
Exec: Sandy Howard (Jack of Diamonds)
Prod: Claude Heroux (Gas; Going Berserk)
Assoc Prod: Howard Lipson (Paradise)
Assoc Prod: Larry Nesis (Death Ship)
Dir: Alvin Rakoff (Death Ship)
Asst Dir: Charles Braive (Death Ship)
Scr: Jack Hill (scr/dir/Switchblade Sisters)
Scr: David P. Lewis (Death Ship)
Scr: Celine La Freniere (Foreign Body)
Cin: Rene Verzier (Rabid; Death Ship)
Ed: Jean Pol Passet and Jacques Clairoux
SFX: William Cruse
(cin/Amityville Horror; adir/Volcano)
SFX: Cliff Wenger Jr. (Wanda Nevada)
SFX: Thomas L. Fisher (K20-The Last Chase; Titanic)
SFX: Cliff Wenger Sr., Carol Lynn, Frank Varbel
Cos: Yvon Duhaime
SFX M/U: John Alese (Network)
M/U: Michele Dion (Agency)
M/U: Jocelyne Bellemare (Speed Zone)
M/U: Stephan Dupuis (Poltergeist III)
M/U: Chantal Ethier (The Handyman)
PMgr: Roger Heroux (Popeye Doyle)
PMgr: Kate Morris
PDes: William McCrow (adir/Operation Daybreak; Family Life)
ADir: Claude Marchand (Rabid)
Set: Csaba Andras Kertesz (Agency)
Props: Jean Bourret (Scanners)
Stunt Coor: Grant Page (Mad Max)
Sound FX Ed: Dennis Drummond (K20; Dick Tracy)
Sound FX Ed: Robert Grieve (Dave; Cable Guy)
Sound Mixer: Patrick Rousseau (Snake Eyes)
Sound Rec Mixer: David Appleby (K20; Death Ship)
Dialogue Ed: Martin Ashbee (sound ed/K20; Murder in Space)
Soundtrack: Kenneth Heeley-Ray (sound sup/Porky's; Iron Eagle II)
Score: William McCauley (The Neptune Factor)
Score: Matthew McCauley (Get Back; Middle Age Crazy)

Dr. Frank Whitman / Barry Newman (Pretty Boy Floyd)
Diana Brockhurst-Lautree / Susan Clark (TV's Webster)
Andrea Harper / Shelley Winters*
Mayor William Dudley / Leslie Nielsen (Forbidden Planet)
Jimbo / James Franciscus (401-Space Travelers; Butterfly)
Maggie Grayson / Ava Gardner*
Fire Chief Albert Risley / Henry Fonda*
Herman Stover / Jonathon Welsh (The Surrogate; Second Wind)
Mrs. Adams / Hilary LaBow (The Rocky Horror Picture Show)
Captain Harrison Risley / Richard Donat (The House by the Lake)
John O'Brien / Mavor Moore (Scanners; Dirty Tricks)
Fox / Donald Pilon (The Pyx; The Uncanny)
Terry James / Terry Haig (Gas; One Man; The Pyx)
Councilman Paley / Cecil Linder (Atlantic City; A Touch of Class)
Andrew / Ken James (Blood and Guts; Why Rock the Boat?)
Beezer / Jeff Mappin (Heartaches; Just the Way You Are)
Clark / Earl Pennington (Of Unknown Origin)
Tom / Sonny Forbes (Scanners; They Came From Within)
Sarah Watts / Bronwen Mantel (Of Unknown Origin)
Debbie Watts / Janice Chaikelson
Gerald Watts / Steven Chaikelson
Tony / Lee Murray (Scanners; Dirty Tricks; Bloody Wednesday)
Fireman Waller / Jerome Tiberghien (Rabid; Oh, Heavenly Dog!)
nurse Florence Stoddard / Melody Ryane (Lords of the Deep)
Sam / Tony Sherwood (Terror Train)
Albert / John Friesen (Why Shoot the Teacher)
Mary Stover / Nancy Beatty (Anne of Green Gables)
Attendant Franken / Doug Smith

Trivia: This movie starred three major actors, whose careers were on the decline when it was made.

Born Shirley Schrift in 1922, SHELLEY WINTERS was known for her beauty as well as her acting ability, a rarity in Hollywood. She won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for 1959's The Diary of Anne Frank and 1965's A Patch of Blue, in which she played the abusive mother of a blind girl. She also was Oscar-nominated in the same category for 1972's The Poseidon Adventure in which she (by then over-weight) had a much-parodied swimming scene. Winters was nominated for the Best Actress Oscar (even though her role was really a supporting character) for 1951's A Place in the Sun, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift. Winters has written two excellent autobiographies detailing her film career and interesting love-life.

Father of actors Jane and Peter, grandfather of actress Bridget, HENRY FONDA (1905-1982) was known for his ability to portray the dignity of the "average American man", an ability similar to his contemporaries James Stewart and Gary Cooper and to today's Tom Hanks. Because he had not previously won an Oscar (even though he was nominated for his role 1940's The Grapes of Wrath and for producing 1957's 12 Angry Men), Fonda was given an honorary Oscar in 1980. Then in failing health, he was nominated for 1981's On Golden Pond co-starring Katharine Hepburn and his daughter Jane. He won, and Jane accepted the Best Actor Oscar on his behalf, since he was too ill to attend the ceremony.

Fonda's other numerous major films include: 1937's That Certain Woman starring Bette Davis; 1938's The Mad Miss Manton with Barbara Stanwyck; Jezebel again with Davis; 1939's The Young Mr. Lincoln; 1941's The Lady Eve again with Stanwyck; 1942's The Big Street with Lucille Ball; 1946's My Darling Clementine directed by John Ford; 1947's Daisy Kenyon with Joan Crawford; 1948's Fort Apache with John Wayne; 1955's Mister Roberts with James Cagney; 1956's The Wrong Man directed by Alfred Hitchcock; 1962's Advise and Consent directed by Otto Preminger; 1963's Spencer's Mountain with Maureen O'Hara; 1964's Fail-Safe with Walter Matthau; 1966's A Big Hand for the Little Lady with Joanne Woodward; 1968's Yours, Mine and Ours again with Ball; 1969's Once Upon A Time in the West in a rare role as a murderous villain, directed by Sergio Leone; and 1976's Midway with Charlton Heston.

Her beauty perhaps second only to Sophia Loren's, AVA GARDNER (1922-1990) never won an Oscar, but was nominated for 1953's Mogambo co-starring Clark Gable and Grace Kelly. She was just as famous for her stormy marriages to Frank Sinatra, Mickey Rooney, and bandleader Artie Shaw. Gardner's films include: 1946's The Killers with Burt Lancaster; 1947's The Hucksters also with Gable; 1951's Showboat in which her adequate singing was dubbed by someone else, much to her distress; 1954's The Barefoot Contessa starring Humphrey Bogart; 1959's On the Beach with Gregory Peck and Fred Astaire; 1964's The Night of the Iguana starring Richard Burton and directed by John Huston; 1966's The Bible again by Huston; 1974's Earthquake with Heston; and 1977's The Cassandra Crossing with Lancaster and Loren.

Last Updated: 6/14/1999

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