Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt - Episode 821

(video title; 3/17/1994; 1990; NR; 97m)

a.k.a. TANGENTS (original)

Ad: "The Ultimate Time Transport must be Destroyed to Save the Future..."

Video Ad: "His mission is to save the future. But time waits for no man..."

Plot: A community college prof invents a time-travel computer program, but trouble ensues when a big corporation misuses it.

Prod: Peter Beckwith (also actor; Moving Targets)
Prod: Peggy O'Neil
Assoc Prod: Joseph Giancola and Barbara A. Giancola
Assoc Prod: Peter L. Beckwith Sr. and Barbara A. Beckwith
Assoc Prod: Judith Allard
Dir/Scr/Sto: David Giancola*
Cin: Mark Sasahara
Ed: Ace Giancola; and Andrew Wilson (Moving Targets)
SFX: Jim Walton, Anne Chamberlain
SFX: Ron Marcus, Jim McPhee, Craig Buzzell
Cos: Carolyn Palmer
M/U: Stacy Dyer
PMgr: Stacy Dyer and Ruthellen Weston
Score: Alice Damon Kinzie and Bill Kinzie
M/L: Peter Beckwith and Alice Damon Kinzie
Song: Fantasy

Nick Miller / Matthew Bruch (Hot Stuff)
Lisa Henson / Bonnie Pritchard
Matthew Paul / Peter J. Harrington (Diamond Run)
J.K. Robertson / George Woodard (Ethan Frome; August Roads)
cabbie / Michael J. Valentine (Diamond Run; Last Rites)
Richter / Jim Rohn
Gris / Ted Pendleton
Becks / Becky Fenton
Mick / Jack McGinnis
Marty / Martin Guigui
Scalper / Peter Beckwith (also prod)
newspaper editor / Ilene Blackman
Nicky / Daniel Nelson
Lis / Emily Nelson
Nicky's Mom / Margaret Schenck
Nicky's Dad / Gary Thompson
Gilda Heintz / Roberta Strauss
ground controller / Perry Tuttle
hangar guard / Terry Travers
gate guard / Shawn O'Neil
Gen Corp. security / Paul Clifford
plane crash investigator / Thaddeus Lorentz
sheriff / Lee D. Jones
fishermen / Brian Pendleton and Bruce Nelson
guy with car / Mike Reczek
hologram preacher / Alex Dunn
worshipful one / Vicky A. Bourn*
50's waitress / Carolyn Palmer
50's housewife / Bette Fredette
Gen Corp. executive / Bill Owens
Gen Corp. executive / Sharry Underwood
Gen Corp. executive / S. Lue McWilliams
Gen Corp. executive / Lori Brown
crash site firefighter / Bob Emerick
crash site firefighter / Nancee Barney
crash site firefighter / Ralph Minard
airport rescue driver / Duff Grey
limo driver / Paul Vitagliano
Banner journalists / Paula Wallace and William Wallace
destroyed future inhabitant / Joseph J. O'Rourke
destroyed future inhabitant / Harley Squire
destroyed future inhabitant / Ruth Dana
destroyed future inhabitant / Jan Chapados
destroyed future inhabitant / Jill Jedrzejewski
destroyed future inhabitant / Johnny Jedrzejewski
destroyed future inhabitant / Christine Olson
destroyed future inhabitant / Crystal Bean
destroyed future inhabitant / Adam Ross
destroyed future inhabitant / Bill April
destroyed future inhabitant / Kevin Callahan
destroyed future inhabitant / Patricia Dana
destroyed future inhabitant / Tyler Dana
destroyed future inhabitant / Janna Jedrzejewski
destroyed future inhabitant / Wade Altman
destroyed future inhabitant / Diana April
destroyed future inhabitant / Laura Bean
destroyed future inhabitant / Rachel Prozeller
future inhabitant / Tim Ahonen
future inhabitant / William Campbell
future inhabitant / Jason Smiley
future inhabitant / Erin Darby
future inhabitant / Colleen Greer
future inhabitant / Matthew Greer
future inhabitant / Jeff Haig (prod/Moving Targets)
future inhabitant / Darlene Hubacher
future inhabitant / Douglas Jaffe
future inhabitant / Charlotte Laird
future inhabitant / Scott E. Cote
future inhabitant / Eleanor Rodgers
future inhabitant / Cyrus Rodgers
future inhabitant / Laurie Corbin
future inhabitant / Matthew Dishman
future inhabitant / Geremiah Greer
future inhabitant / Zachary Greer
future inhabitant / Sean Harper
future inhabitant / Jessica Hubacher
future inhabitant / Aaron Reil
future inhabitant / Ken Nicholson
future inhabitant / Rachel Prozeller
Revolutionary War soldier / Hilton H. Dyer III
Revolutionary War soldier / Richard Fisher
Revolutionary War soldier / Charles Correll
Revolutionary War soldier / Douglas Patraw
Revolutionary War soldier / Richard Church
Revolutionary War soldier / Darrell English
Revolutionary War soldier / John Didio
Revolutionary War soldier / John Rondeau
Revolutionary War soldier / John Rice
Revolutionary War soldier / Nancy Church
Gen Corp. guard / Roger Hamel
Gen Corp. guard / Nick Spanos
Gen Corp. guard / Chris Mayka
Gen Corp. guard / Ralph Minard
Gen Corp. guard / Robert Reiber
Gen Corp. guard / Gregory Tulolen
Gen Corp. guard / Teague Hunziker
Gen Corp. guard / Tor Loney
Gen Corp. guard / Morgan McGee
Gen Corp. guard / Jeff Quesnel
Gen Corp. guard / Dennis Smith
Gen Corp. guard / Bob Welch
Gen Corp. guard / Robert Barrett

Classic Line: "Whoa! Minutemen! Correction...PISSED Minutemen!"
Classic Line: "Matt, it's time for you to decide if you're going to be one of my team players or not."

Trivia: TIME CHASERS has the honor of being the MSTed movie with the most credited performers...104!.

Even though TIME CHASERS can be painful to watch at times, when you consider the circumstances under which this film was made, it's not so bad after all. (It's a helluva lot better than the $100M disaster Starship Troopers, which this Drive-In Dirt author considers to be one of the worst movies of all).

Director DAVID GIANCOLA has been generous to us MSTies and shares with us directly the information here. Giancola, who was only 20 years old at the time, filmed scenes for TANGENTS a.k.a. TIME CHASERS on weekends in the summer 1990 and on a miniscule budget of $150,000. Location shots were done in and around Rutland, Vermont: downtown; the Rutland State Airport; the Rutland Mall (scenes of the future); the delapidated Howe-Richardson scale factory (scenes of the destroyed future); and the Opera House (Gen Corp. CEO's office). Post-production was not completed until 1993, and the film premiered in March 1994. TANGENTS even won a Gold Award at the Houston WorldFest Film Festival. (You can imagine what the other entries were like).

The sale of the broadcast rights for TIME CHASERS to the Sci-Fi Channel/MST3000 made film finally break even. Giancola heads his movie company, Edgewood Motion Picture and Video, in Rutland, where he continues to use location sites for his movies and commercials. Giancola films hundreds of commercials yearly in Vermont and New York.

Each time he makes a movie, it has a bigger budget and more familiar cast. 19??'s PRESSURE POINT starred Steve Railsback and Larry Linville (from TV's M.A.S.H.). 19??'s DIAMOND RUN featured Richard Lynch (from 904-WEREWOLF). (Both were screened at the Cannes Film Festival!) 1998's MOVING TARGETS stars Miles O'Keeffe (Ator in 301-CAVE DWELLERS) and Burt Ward, who played Robin in the mid-1960's camp TV series Batman.

Want more? You can visit Giancola's website, Edgewood Studios.

Contrary to the claims of a few other websites, Lisa Kudrow does not play the so-called "woman at fountain." That's VICKY A. BOURN, who got the part--billed as "worshipful one" in the credits--due to a time-honored moviemaking tradition...she was dating the producer.

Last Updated: 6/3/2003

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